Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 33 Finale

CRIPPLED CEO { he’s my husband }

CHAPTER Thrity – Three #FINAL.

Writer pov 💅💅😍🥺🥺🥺♥️🙏🥺♥️🙏♥️

Damon, Ana, Bella and Roseline , along side Eden are sitted in doctor’s Anthony office.

“Doc…how’s she?” Damon asked doctor worriedly

“She’s fine now, just needed some rest”

“Alright, thank you” he signed deeply.

“Your welcome Mr Damon, my pleasure and for the result of the dna text, 99.9 Nicholas’s blood matches with yours , he’s your son” doctor Anthony declared as they were few gasped.

” My brother has a son?!” Bella exclaimed happily as she gave her brother a hug, while Damon nods his head as he wept.

“Woa!!! who will believe the great Damon would cry huh?” Jayden exclaimed, teasing as he stepped into the office along side victor . Ana shot them a surprise stare.

” Jayden I have a son!, My own son!” Damon exclaimed happily as he stood up and threw a punch in the air.

“I never knew Damon is the playful type” victor joked as they all laughed loudly.

” I want to see my son Doctor” Damon said facing doc Anthony with a wide smile.

“As you wish sir” he replied as he stood up.

” Yeah, we all will but first thing First, Damon you need to see this…..” Jayden says he turned towards victor.

“Victor?” He called as victor threw a sly smile and gestures at them towards the door.

” This way guys, I have a surprise.” He says as they all stared confusedly while they all walked out of the office. on seeing a woman in brusies

“Who’s she?” Ana asked.

“Her name is Elena, She’s uh tigress friend, tirgess was Damon’s personal assistant, she was the one who secretly poisoned Nicholas, we found out through the hospital CCTV, she wasn’t too smart” victor chuckled as Damon rushed towards Elena to attack her but jayden and Eden held him back.

“You wretched slut!” Damon cursed as the police was seen walking towards them.

” I called them” Jayden wispered to Damon who stared deadly at Elena as she laid almost lifelessly on the floor.

The police men bowed at Damon, exchanged few talks and took elena away she screamed.

” You’ll all will pay for this!!” She wailed.

” You’d be next if you don’t think twice” Ana wispered coldly at Roseline before wearing a smile on her face.

” What do you mean?” Roseline asked as she looked around to make sure noone is hearing her.

“Nothing!” Ana shrugged as she walked away swaying her butts while Roseline


” So you the lady my brother fell for?” Bella said as she walked towards Wendy’s bed looking around the room.

“And who are you?” Wendy arched her brows as she tried siting up.

” I’m bella, Damon’s kid sister” Bella says as she flashed a smile Wendy who chuckled.

” Damon’s got a sister, oh I see. It’s nice meeting you. I’m Wendy”

” I know, the name Wendy. Your the one who made my brother without a second thought stood to his feet, he strangled me and even……” She trialed off as she tilted her head towards Wendy who frowned.

“Whatever, forget. I’m glad your good now, Nicholas is well now and with his father” bella said a sharp sign.

” Damon’s is with Nicholas ?!” Wendy wide her eyes.

“Yes he is, I must say they are a look alike type” Bella said she rushed towards wendy and give her a hug.

” I’m happy for what’s happening and my brother choosing you, please don’t break his heart” Bella wispered with a sniff as she desengaged. Obviously she was crying.

“I won’t ,I promise” wendy wispered back with a smile.

“Thank you” Bella muttered, caressing Wendy’s palm.


💖💖💖💖💖 ***************😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Three weeks…………………

{ Damon’s mansion……6:50pm }

People could be seen, drinking, chattering and dancing. It’s a party.

“Mummy mummy I want some ice cream” Nicholas feign a whin as he pouted his lips.

“Oh boy, you’ve take so much ice cream huh” wendy pouted her her lips back as she bent low, placing her hand on the wheelchair handle.

Nicholas , having been on coma for a long time. Hasn’t been able to work on his own. Not yet.

” Mummy pleaseeeee” Nicholas whins again.

“Okay okay, nanny!” Wendy called as the nanny left her duty of serving the guest to answer her madam.

” Yes ma’am” she bowed.

“Get Nicholas some ice cream” she ordered as the nanny bowed and left.

” Thank you mummy, I love youuu!!” Nicholas exclaimed happily as he hugged his mother, sighted a little girl and stared at her.

“Nicholas you’ve got to….” Wendy desengaged as. She stopped staring at Nicholas , she turned and caught him staring at a little girl who was also staring at Nicholas with a smile.

“God save me” wendy muttered as she stood up, mouth wide open, she gasped as she felt arms around.her.

” Enjoying the party, milady?” The voice said seductively planting a wet kiss on her neck.

It was Damon.

“Yeah I am” she turned and gave him a deep kiss before she stopped to stare deep into his eyes.

” Let’s” Damon says while Wendy signed.

” Before that, take a look at your son” she said as she moved aside. They both stared at Nicholas as he wheeled his chair towards the girl and waved at her which she also returned.

The nanny gave Nicholas some icecream, which in turned gave it to the girl instead.

“What the…..” He trialed off.

” Whatever, let’s go, like father like son” Wendy says she drew his ear dragging him into the house.

Ana and jayden were seen dancing on the floor, along side victor who was also dancing with Roseline. They’d crack a joke and laugh. Bella and Eden stood at a Conner clapping and laughing at them.


” I love you”

” I love you” Wendy replied more like a wispered as Damon planted a wet kiss on her lips. He trailed his fingers her laps as he roamed his hand freely on them.

” Oh my…” Wendy moaned as she shut her eyes closed. She felt something she hasn’t felt in a very long long time.

Damon claimed her lips as they both kissed vigorously as they unclad their cloth.

Damon took in her right nipples in his mouth as he gave her sweet sensation. He ran his finger freely on her body as Wendy held his hair,.roaming her fingers freely in them.

He caressed her two oranges tenderly as he moved down her lips. He moved his finger to her honey pot and played his fingers on her clitoris. Wendy gasped lowly as she held her hands onto the pillow for support.

Damon was really sitting her on fire.

” Oh fuck! This is heaven!” Wendy screamed out as Damon moved down further and claimed her pussy in his mouth.

” Wh-what ar-you doing to me!!!” She screamed, wiggling as she tried staying put. This feeling is too much for her to take in.

” Time to show you the real man I am, time to claimed you and Mark you as mine” he wispered to her ears while send shiver’s down to Wendy’s spine.

Damon stood up from the bed and Wendy knelt.

” Okay I never saw this before, so big” she muttered frightfully at Damon’s big room. She put it into her mouth as she gave him a sweetful blow job.

” Oh shit! Suck on em like your Lil babies Hun!” He hissed in pleasure as he felt him sef cuming after few minutes. Wendy’s mouth was too good on his dick.

” Not so soon” he mumbled as he stopped wendy and made her laid properly on the bed.

Damon rubbed his dick on her honeypot entrance, teasing her. He felt Wendy’s uneasines.

“Calm down okay, I’m gonna go in easy” he wispered as she nodded. She gave a deep sign and shut her eyes.

He thrust in.

“JESUS!” Wendy exclaimed. She tried pushing Damon off but he held her back

“Calm. Be calm” he wispered as he kissed her tears flowing freely from the Coner of her eyes.

“It hurts” she whined. She knew she has done it before but once. She was even drunk , she never had an ideal sex could be this hurt.

” Sorry baby” Damon petted as he pulled out his dick, few minutes thrusted in again.

“God save me” Wendy said more like a wispered as she gave a pain- pleasure moan.

Damon fucked her so good, her moans filled the room.

“What’s my name?!” Damon yelled, hissing in pleasure as Wendy held the bedboard.

” Damon baby!” She yelled back, eyes shut in pleasure.

“What’s my name?!!”


“I said what’s my name??!” He yelled louder.

“DAMON MY LOVE!” She yelled backa s they both screamed together and finally camed. Damon colasped beside her as he cuddle her into his arms.

” I love you so much Wendy, I love you so much. Please don’t leave me, I might die, my life is nothing without you, I promise to make up for the lost times. I love you wendy” he wispered to her ears but then, Wendy has long gone into the dream Land.

He smiled as he hugged her more tightly and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.


Damon as he promised, make it up to his family, he proposed to Wendy on same day Ana got proposed by jayden.

The wedding was the talk of the whole countries. Different high statutes , presidents, and the rest from different countries graced the occasion….. It was also showed on live TV on all channels. It was a memorable day to remember.

Roseline thought deeply into what Ana told her. She knew she got no chance to have damon, seeing the love begin shared shared between Damon and wendy. Victor asked her out on a date and they are currently dating.

Bella would None stop show Nicholas lots of joy as well, Damon gave Eden a part of company and made his family a wealthy and respected one. A thanks for saving the love of his life. Eden and Bella well, have something going on. And it’s heading.some where.

…..they all lived happily with no trouble after.


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