Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 32

CRIPPLED CEO { he’s my husband } ??

CHAPTER thirty – two


Ana pov ?

“What are you doing here?” I asked victor as I stared away.

“Um.. uh.. my dad works here… You know uh ” he shuttered.

” I know , i get it ” I said almost immediately as I turned to look at him. I felt a pain in my heart when as I stared deep into his dark eyes.

“Ana…” He called trying to touch me.

“Please victor…. Stop” I said as I shoved away from him. I knew what he’s trying to do and I’m not ready for that.

“Ana!” They both heard a familiar voice call.

Authoress pov ?

Wendy ran speedily with Eden behind as they got the hospital, passed through patients, nurses and doctors who stared at them confusedly.

“Ana!” She called with tears in her eyes as she rushed to give her a hug. They both hugged tightly as they disengaged.

“How’s Nicholas’s ?” Wendy asked staring at Ana who bent her head lowly.

“Ana talk to me Please!” Wendy yelled as she panicked. Something is definitely wrong Nicholas. Her eyes drifted off to the door as she saw the write-up.

“ICU?!!” She exclaimed as she made an attempt to run inside but they all held her back.

“Let me go, my son!!!’ she screamed , struggling to break free but couldn’t as Eden and Victor held her back tightly.

“You can’t go in now Wendy, don’t worry the doctors are doing all their best okay” victor assured but Wendy is not buying that.

“Ana tell me what’s wrong? Why is he in the ICU!!” Wendy screamed as she held Ana and shoooked her roughly.

“Wendy please stop, your hurting me” Ana whines, eyes shut as she tried to take in the pain Wendy was inflicting on her.

“I won’t stop until you tell me what’s wrong?!” Wendy yelled in gritted teeth.

“Nicholas was poisoned!!” Ana blunt out.

Wendy stared at her shockly as she let go of her. poison! Poison!! She thoughts as she stargged around.

“Wendy you need to calm down okay” Eden tried to hold her but she pushed him away as she continuesouesly roughened her hair.

“My son was poisoned, how?!! What kind of a hospital are careless with their patients!” She yelled as she turned towards Ana who looked away.

“I also thought you’d look after him! I thought you promised to be by his side, now my son is lying in that ICU room lifeless!!” She cried as she fell to the floor.

Oh my son! My dear… Please forgive your mother… This all my fault. She wept.


They all bent as they all looked up slowly.

“Who was shut?!” Roseline wispered yelled at Bella as they hid behind the cushion.

Bella was dumpfounded and confused as she stared into the space.

“Cou-could it be Damon?” Roseline asked again as Bella stood up speedily at the mention of her brother’s name.

Roseline stood up too as they stared shocked at David who was lying on the floor in his pool of blood.

” Ho-how, I thou-thought Damon was…” Roseline shuttered as they all looked back to see jack with a gun.

“Jack!” Jayden, Roseline and Bella exclaimed as they stared at shivering jack who stood at the door, his face filled with horrifying look.

“I…I…di-didnt mean to sho-shot” Jack shuttered frightfully.

He wasn’t supposed to be there at that moment, he go a text from Jayden to hurry up to the location, bringing Damon’s men along too as they didn’t seem to bring some guys as they were in a hurry.

He was given a gun by one the guys in case anything happens and that was how he ended shooting up David when he saw him trying to arm at his master.

” Damon, wendy has been found! And…” Jayden announced as he was cut shut by Damon immediately.

“Where is she?!”

“At the hospital”

“We leave at once!!” Said that , they all left Lucas behind as he stargged towards his father and knelt.

“I’m sorry father” he said lowly crying.

Authoress pov ?

Doctor Anthony stepped out of the ICU as Wendy stood up speedily and rushed towards him, grabbing his collar.

“How’s my son?! How’s my son Doctor?!” She yells as Ana tried holding her back

“Wendy please stop okay please” Ana pleased but Wendy won’t stop. Eden and Victor held her back while Ana turned to doctor Anthony who adjusted his tie properly.

“Doctor I’m sorry about that okay. Please hows Nicholas now ?” Ana asked worriedly

Doctor Anthony placed his hand on his waist as he signed.

“Well good news we’ve been able to stabilize him back, the posion hasn’t down any damage yet. so he’s safe but…..”he trailed off as they all stared at him.

“What?” Ana quried.

“He lost so much blood, AB, RH negative is he’s blood type and we need to get him one before an hour or else….. I’m sorry wed lost him”

“Don’t you have the blood in your blood bank ?” Eden asked.

“No, not at all. We urgently need someone related to the boy like his father to donate for him”

Hearing that Wendy freed herself from Eden and Victor’s grip as she moved aside. Clearly she doesn’t know or have any ideal who’s Nicholas father.

Ana who noticed the awkward moment truned to the doctor.

” um Doctor Anthony. We’d get back to you please”. Said that, doctor Anthony nods and left towards his office.

” Wendy.. you’ve ” before Ana could finish her sentence.

She saw Jayden along with two brutteees laides a young boy and a young fine man walking towards them.

She stared numbly.

” Um…. Wendy?” She called but Wendy was absentmined. Obviously lost in thoughts.

” Wendy!” Damon exclaimed happily as he rushed towards her and engulfed her into a big hug.

” Damon?” She stared shockly at him as she looked at him from head to toe.

“Damon is not crippled!” Victor muttered, but clearly everyone heard him.

“You-your not crippled at all?!” She shuttered unbelievably.

” No I’m not my love” he said sweetly as she sniffed in.

She felt butterflies in her stomach when Damon called her *love*. They hugged tightly while jayden went to give Ana a hug.

He desengaged and smiled at her before noticing victor who was staring at them expressionlessly.

He glared at him, Ana noticed the looked and wispered at him.

“I know what your thinking. This is where his dad works okay” Ana looked away while Jayden clears his throat.

Eden, Roseline and Bella stood watching the reunion but one could see the detest on Roseline face. Of course, she was annoyed Damon reconciled with his lover.

Ana who looked around, sighted her and scoffed. “Who’s this dimwit!” She said mentally as she quickly put on a smile on her face.

” How are you feeling?” Damon asked lowly while Wendy lowered her eyes.

” I’m fine and not fine. My son….” She trailed off as she sniffed in.

” What did the doctor say?” Damon asked as he wiped her tears away.

“They required a blood for him,blood type AB, RH negative.”

“I’m AB, RH negative!’ Damon exclaimed shockly

” Ho-how possible?!!!”

Wendy fainted as Damon quickly held her from falling.


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