Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 31

CRIPPLED CEO { he’s my husband } 😳🔞

Chapter thirty-one.

Writer pov.

{6: 50pm…… David penthouse }

David could be seen pacing restlessly as he adjusted his tie, he checked his wristwatch again and again before groaning.

“Hi David!” Tigress exclaimed as she rushed towards him. They shooked hands as they both sat on the sofa facing each other

“Your late!” David growled, tigress rolled her eyeball.

“I’m sorry, was caught up in the traffic” she explained as she exhaled quickly

“Whatever!” David muttered but clearly, tigress heard him.

“So why did you send for me?” She asked curiously.

“We are killing damon tonight!” He blurts out.

“Bu-but that wasn’t our plan!” Tigress exclaimed.

” I won’t partake in the killing of damon, I love him, I’m obsessed with him and I’ve got plans with him, we can’t kill him!” A

“And who’s gonna stop me?” David said smirking.

“Me!” Tigress shot him a stare as she stood up and stayed far away from him.

“Youjust useless like my stupid son!” David cursed.

“I won’t tolerate you insulting me okay, I’m not your incompetent son! We planned to get the company, you get 50pecent and I her 50percent while I get damon under my palms! And not kill him”

“Damon is as good as dead already, why defending a crippled man!” David yelled angrily clutching his fist.

“Did you say crippled?!”

They both heard a familiar voice as they snapped their head towards the door. And lo behold was damon, behind him was Bella, rosaline Jayden and moody Lucas who’s eyes had darkeneded.

Their eyes widen as they stared at damon head to toe. He’s wasn’t crippled or were they dreaming?!!

“You set me up you witch!” David yelled as he quickly brought out his gun and corked it at tigress who was still in shock at Damon’s appearance.

“No you did, David! You old pot billed fool!” Tigress cursed with pain as David angrily aimed the gun at her.

“Fuck!” Roseline screamed as she gripped Bella arms.

“Ah!” Tigress yelped in pain as she fell on the floor, dead.

David chuckled as he moved the gun towards damon and the rest of them.

“It’s your turn now goalie, trying to act some hero huh?!” David yelled as his eyes moved towards his son.

“How can you be so stupid?! So it’s you?! You gave me up to the devil after everything I have for you huh?!” David said in a sober tone as his hand-shaken with the gun still in his ha and.

“david’dive you the last chance to surrender now!” Damon growled at he narrowed his eyes at David who crackled.

“Really? Last chance?! Surrender?!! You’ve got to be kidding me you asshole! You son of a bitch!!” David cursed.

“You know I’m glad you’re here, looking for wendy huh?”

Damon’s eyes darken at the mention of Wendy’s name.

” well your stupid girlfriend is a dead a long time, you came too late!” He chuckled evilly as damon clutched his fists taking slowly steppes towards David who took steps back.

Stay right back or I will shoot!” David threatened but damon gave no heed.

” dad just give up please!” Lucas cried out but instead David laughed

” never!” David said as he aimed the gun.



{……….seashore }

” you just recovered, you’ve not healed yet!” Eden, the guy who revived wendy yells as his mother, brother and sister run towards them.

” I don’t care! I’m leaving and no one is stopping me!” Wendy yelled back as she kept walking away.

” no one is stopping you, you’d leave but not now, you’re still unhealthy!”

“I am!” wendy stopped snapping at him with anger.

“My life is complicated right now okay!, my son is lying half-dead in the hospital, I don’t even if he’d survive, I was murdered, thanks to you I’m alive and now you want me to stay here when my son’s life could be in danger!” She wept as the elder woman moved towards her and took her hands in hers.

” I understand my child, I understand cause I’m a mother as well, your free but make sure to come back anytime okay, Eden will accompany you to make sure your safe okay?”

Wendy nods as she hugged the woman, she gave the small girl a small pat on her head as she smiled at Eden’s brother.

She turned and left with Eden behind her.

“So where to now?” Eden asked.

“To the hospital to see my son. His life matters to me right now” Wendy replied.

“Okay, I know the way out this jungle, follow me,” Eden says as they hurried.


Ana pov

“Doc please how’s Nicholas?”

“We are trying our best Ana please” doctor Anthony explained as he rushed into the ICU room while ana paced around.

The doctor explained he was poisoned and they are trying to save his life.

Both mother and son life is in danger, Wendy is nowhere to be found!.

I have called Jayden severally and he’s not picking up! I’m confused and tired.


I heard my name as I turned swiftly

“Victor??!” I exclaimed as I looked away nervously

What’s he doing here?!


God, what’s going on?! 😢😢😢😢

Damon was shot😢

Nicholas, please be safe ooo 🥺🥺🥺

Click on the link for episode 32👇👇👇


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