Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 30

?Arranged Marriage?‍♀️
?complete ?

? stranger?‍♀️?

By: worthy stories

Chapter 30

Hailey’s pov ?

The next day Hailey woke up late and in a foul mood.

Getting out of bed and brushing her teeth, she then headed out of her room, but strangely heard some voices coming from the living room.

Inquisitive, she went to check who was here in the morning.

When she entered the living room she was surprised to see Nathan’s grandparents sitting on the couch opposite a really tired and sleepy looking Nathan.

She was silently thanking God that Hannah didn’t stay the night for there was no explanation that could be given to that.

“Grandma, Grandpa,” she said as she entered the living room. “When did you arrive? Why didn’t anyone inform me?”

“Oh pumpkin,” Alex stood up and reached out to hug her. “We arrived just a while back and didn’t want to disturb your sleep. It was obviously a tiring night for you last night.”

She smiled at them. “Did Marie serve you’ll tea? Come join us for breakfast.”

“Oh no darling, we aren’t here for breakfast,” Sophia said jumping. “We forgot to give you your wedding gift last night so we came over today.”

“Grandma, you arranged this marriage for us, that was a beautiful gift in itself,” Nathan said sweetly but only I could hear the undertone in his voice. “What more could we ask?”

“Oh my boy, you two were meant to be. We were just an instrument of destiny,” Sophia said smiling. “But this gift is from us truly.”

“Grandma, you really didn’t have to,” I said. I somehow had a feeling that I was going to dread what was coming next.

“Oh of course we had to,” Sophia was very excited. “Well, remember when we talked about how you two didn’t get to go on a honeymoon?”

No, no, no, no!

“What are you talking about? We did go to London,” Nathan said. “I thought that was our honeymoon.”

“It wasn’t,” Alex said gravely, daring Nathan to speak against him. “But we are remedying that.”

“We have planned a whole week honeymoon for you!” Sophia squeaked.

“A weeks? Isn’t that too….” Nathan’s protests died down when he saw the look on his grandpa’s face. “Great! That’s great. Grandma you’re amazing!”

“Ain’t I?” Sophia seemed oblivious to the fact that Nathan’s enthusiasm was fake and neither of us actually wanted to take this trip.

“So Hailey’s grandma and me sorted it all out,” Sophia went on. “Don’t worry, we’ve arranged it at your workplace so you’ll can be completely stress free.

We initially planned to send you’ll off for a month but due to your respective work commitments we had to settle for a week. I know that seems too less for you lovebirds. I’m really sorry.”

“Not at all grandma,” I quickly chimed in. “Given our work, we’re lucky to even get a week to ourselves.”

Sophia smiled at that. “Don’t worry honey, it’ll be the best week I promise. We’ll make it the most memorable trip.

You’ll be spending the week in Greece and visiting Athens, Santorini and Corfu.”

Hearing that I’ll be going to Greece, the place of my dreams, I forgot all my earlier reluctance and smiled brightly. I always wanted to visit Greece and now I was finally getting a chance, forget that I had some unwanted company.

“You remembered!” I exclaimed happily.

“Of course we did pumpkin,” Alex smiled kindly. “Now we’ll take our leave. The plane leaves from the airport in three hours, so chop chop! Get packing.”

After we bade them goodbye, Nathan stormed out of the room angrily.

Seems like he wasn’t in the mood for a trip. Never mind him, I was excited. I had a quick breakfast and got packing. Since I am a frequent traveller I had everything packed in a couple of hours and got dressed for the trip.

I descended the stairs with my luggage and asked Nathan’s driver to put them in the car for me. As he was loading the luggage in the car while I stood by him, I saw that there already was suitcases in the car that looked like they were enough for two people instead of one. I was confused.

Did Nathan seriously need so much of things? Whatever did he pack in so many suitcases.

As I was thinking about this, from my peripheral vision I saw Nathan coming out of the front door and turned to ask him about the too many suitcases when I realised that he wasn’t alone but his mistress was also following him.

“Is it all done?” He asked his driver and the driver nodded.

“What is she doing here?” I asked him while glaring at Hannah who had a smug look on her face.

“I’m going to the airport with Nathan,” she said as if it was the most obvious answer. “We are going for a romantic getaway for an entire week.”

The hell? What was she talking about. This woman was really getting on my nerves.

I glared at Nathan demanding an explanation but he only looked at me with indifference. Since last night, not only was he back to ignoring me but was also giving me the cold shoulder.

“Well, I am going on a honeymoon as my grandparents wished,” he started. “But not with you, instead with the love of my life. But feel free to tag along.”

“Excuse me?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Nathan, our marriage isn’t a secret anymore.

We just came out to the public, the media attention will be on us now more than ever and you want your mistress to tag along with us?

Aren’t you afraid of anyone finding out? What about your grandparents? This is ridiculous! I’m not going to allow it.”

“Good thing it isn’t exactly your desicion,” Nathan said.

“Hannah is coming with me, I don’t care what you say. It’s not up to you. If you don’t like it, you can stay back. No one needs you there anyway, interfering in our love life.”

Ouch, that hurt. But I’m never going to let him see me hurt. He was a bastard looking for ways to continually hurt me but I wasn’t going to give him a chance. So I decided to call his bluff.

“Actually Nathan, you do need me,” I informed him.

“Because if your grandparents knew that I wasn’t with you on the trip, they’d find out about your affair and then think about why you married me in the first place, when you’re going to lose your inheritance anyway after you’re infidelity is known and your family disowns you.”

Nathan’s eyes darkened and he clenched his jaw and balled his fist in anger.

What did he think, that he could play me according to his whims? Well he’s going to learn just how ruthless Hailey Anderson could be.

“Get in the car,” he gritted out finally. “Hannah is coming with me and that is final. No one will know about this.

We can pretend to be a couple but in reality we are not. Now get in, we’re getting late.”

Not in a mood to argue, and since I really wanted to go to Greece I got in the front seat and let the lovebirds sit together behind.

I was fuming. Even if I wasn’t in love with my husband, this was still our time together, our honeymoon, a memory that would remain with us for the rest of our lives.

And to think that I had to spend it along with my husband’s mistress! Why couldn’t I just have a proper marriage and a normal family?

Every dream that I had of a family life was being trampled on as I watched on without doing anything.

I remember our previous trip to London. I actually enjoyed myself on that one.

I felt that we really bonded but yet it led us nowhere.

I doubt that this trip would be as enjoyable as the last one.


We checked in the hotel in Athens after our plane landed.

The room reservations had already been done by Sophia so we were directly led to the presidential suite upon our arrival.

The suite, luckily for us, had two bedrooms so it was decided that I get my own room while Nathan and Hannah would remain in the same room and for some reason I was upset about it.

But naturally, I didn’t let it show.


The next morning-

I was dressed up and having my morning tea, preparing for my first day in Greece.

Since this was my dream destination, I had a lot I wanted to do and see in Greece. I had basically planned this trip since I was 13.

As I was sipping the green tea, Hannah and Nathan walked out of their room. They too were dressed to go out.

“Good morning Hailey,” Hannah chirped while she sat down opposite me.

She has been acting really nice to me recently, compared to the harsh way she treated me before as this aroused my suspicion.

“Morning,” I answered gloomily, not wanting to indulge her this morning and I looked to see Nathan slide in the seat next to her with an indifferent expression on his face, not sparing me a glance.

What will you be having for breakfast, baby?” Hannah asked him as she put on a show of affection in front of me.

“Scrambled eggs and bacon,” Nathan said in a husky voice.

“I’ll call the room service and order our breakfast. Hailey can I order anything for you?” She asked starting me. Why was she being so nice to me?

“No, I already ordered my breakfast,” I answered in a dismissive tone.

“Are you sure?” She asked again.

“Yes, I’m quite sure,” I said in a cold voice not trusting her act for a second. Her smile faltered and Nathan frowned at my tone.

“Ok I’ll be right back,” and she got up and went to call the restaurant but not before giving Nathan a peck on the lips then leaving him and I alone at the table.

I continued to finish the last of my breakfast, wanting to leave this two alone.

Nathan didn’t care to say anything and ignored me completely.

I didn’t get what was wrong with him. I thought we were fine at the party the day before yesterday, he spoke normally to me and now he was acting as if I didn’t exist. Our relationship was some hot mess.

“Grandpa Alex called last night to see if we reached safely,” I said to initiate conversation.

I was met with complete silence from his side. He didn’t even bother to lift his head and look at me and continued to stare at his phone.

I sighed and put down my tea cup. “We must get some photos together to show them we’re enjoying ourselves,” I tried again.

Still silence. Was he deaf? Couldn’t he hear me talking to me. I was annoyed by his immature behaviour. Just then Hannah strode back in the room.

They said they’ll have breakfast here in five minutes,” she told him.

“Good thing, I’m starving,” Nathan said smiling at her and put an arm around her waist and pulled her into his lap.

“Ah, Nathan stop, that tickles,” Hannah giggled and tried to playfully push him off. “What are you doing Nathan, Hailey’s also here.”

She pretended to be embarassed by how he was peppering her neck with kisses in front of me but I knew too well that she was acting.

As if they hadn’t done this before in front of me. Nathan’s mood flipped completely from the cold air he had just a moment ago to a happy romantic guy in love.

“Let her watch then,” he said uncaring and proceeded to kiss her full on the lips.

Having had enough of this, I got up and got ready to leave. Hannah pulled back from Nathan and turned towards me.

“Where are you going Hailey?” Hannah asked.

“Am I answerable to you?” I countered having had enough of her. Nathan shot me a glare as if warning me to be nice to her.

“I only meant to say that you could join Nathan and I for the day,” she said kindly.

“We could have fun together, and it’s cruel for you to be alone in Greece. Nathan and I won’t mind your company.”

“What are you saying babe?” Nathan said angrily, showing his displeasure at the idea.

“I’m not interested,” I said indifferently and with a cold expression.

After a pause, I added “I think being alone in Greece seems much less cruel than being with you two.”

And with that I left them there at the table and went out.


Athens was a truly beautiful city. I spent the whole morning just roaming around the streets and marvelling at its beauty with a huge smile on my face.

While watching the Changing of the Guard at Syntagma Square, I remembered the time I watched it with Nathan at Buckingham palace in London.

Was he watching this with Hannah right now? The thought made me sad…

I was used to travelling alone,so why did I want someone’s company now?

I soon shrugged it off and resumed enjoying myself.

After visiting the acropolis and the museum it was late in the evening.

I was sitting at a local diner that was relatively unknown with a small crowd and having my dinner all alone.

My phone rang and to my surprise it was Nathan calling. Reluctantly I picked up.

“Send me your current location,” came Nathan’s gruff voice before he hung up on me.

Even after the call ended I was shocked. That was just so sudden. But as soon as I came to my senses I messaged him the address of the diner.

I wondered why he wanted to know my whereabouts. I resumed my dinner.

Since I was sitting near the window, I saw when after ten minutes a black car pulled up in front of the diner and Hannah and Nathan got out. I felt a little uneasy as to why they were here.

Nathan entered the diner and his eyes scanned the place until they landed on me.

With large strides he walked towards me and slid into the seat next to me and without even saying hi he put one arm around my shoulder and turned towards Hannah who was standing opposite us with a camera in hand.

“Smile,” he commanded.

And just as I realised what was happening I heard the click of the camera.

As soon as the pictures were taken, Nathan separated himself from me and stood up.

“Let’s go,” he said to Hannah without even sparing me another glance.

However Hannah had other plans. She slid into the seat opposite me and beckoned Nathan to do the same.

“Baby, we’ve been roaming for a long time now, let’s sit and have dinner,” she said. “And anyway Hailey is having dinner alone, we should join her and keep her company.”

Nathan looked at me but I didn’t say anything. He then sat down next to Hannah and smiled at her.

“So Hailey, how come you’re here?” She asked. “Isn’t it a bit…small and um..local?”

“If it doesn’t suit your elite taste then there’s a five star restaurant down the street somewhere,” I replied. “Feel free to go there.”

“No, no that’s not what I meant,” she quickly defended. “I’m just surprised how did you find this place, it is so secluded and not very famous.”

“I didn’t find it,” I told her. “My… friend Michael visited here a few months back and recommended this place to me.

He said the food here was good and he’s right.”

I watched as a cold expression took over Nathan’s indifferent attitude.

I knew what I was doing. If he could try to ruin my holiday by bringing his mistress than I could very well return the favour.

Hannah sensed the change in his attitude and gave a nervous chuckle.

“So Hailey, how did you spend your first day here?” Hannah asked. But I didn’t answer her again and continued eating.

“Hannah asked you a question,” Nathan spoke to me for the first time.

“And I realised that I am not obligated to answer,” I matched his cold tone. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why he was treating me this way.

“You-” Nathan fumed angrily.

Anyway, Nathan and I had a lot of fun,” Hannah cut him off before he could burst out.

Then she proceeded to tell me of how they spent their day and all the romantic things they did which by the way was more or less shopping and watching sunsets.

“Hmm sounds like fun,” I replied half heartedly. “Though I really thought you would prefer to go to the museum or an art opening.”

Hannah scrunched her nose. “Um no offense Hailey but going to a museum is out dated and art openings are just so lame and boring.”

“Don’t worry Hannah, no offense taken,” I smiled and watched Nathan’s face whose passion was art and who loved history and museums just as much as I.

When we were in London we visited multiple museums and now that we were in the city of history lovers he had done nothing related to history.

“But I thought you’d at least visit the acropolis,” I said. “It’s a huge attraction.”

“Yeah but I’d rather not walk so much,” she muttered. “And anyway it’s just a ruin, nothing great about it anyway.”

I was enjoying the show as Nathan’s face stiffened. He’s girlfriend was basically belittling and disregarding everything he loved.

“Besides we’re here for a romantic trip, right babe?” She asked as Nathan nodded.

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “Pardon me, I know little about honeymoons, just here enjoying the art and culture of the place.

But you do your thing. Athens is also as famous for romance as it is for history, so you’ll enjoy your romance and I’ll enjoy the history.”

“The waiter is here, let’s place our order,” Nathan said eager to change the topic.

“I’ll leave then, you have dinner” I told them.

“Where are you going?” Hannah asked.

“There’s an art opening that I want to visit at night,” I told them. “But I doubt you’ll find it interesting, so I’ll go ahead.”

Then when I was about to leave I remembered something and told their waiter, “Make sure not to add olives in the salad, he doesn’t like them” then turned to go.

“Hailey wait,” Nathan’s voice came from behind. “We’ll all go there together.”

“But babe, I thought we agreed-” Hannah wined but Nathan cut her off.

“We’re going with Hailey now,” he declared. “It’s not right for her to be alone in a foreign city at night.”

“Don’t worry about me Nathan, I’ll be fine, please carry on with your plans,” I told him only to receive a glare.

“Sit back down and wait with us,” he commanded much to Hannah’s displeasure. “We’re going together….


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