Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 25

🔥Arranged Marriage👰‍♀️
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By: worthy stories

Chapter 25

Hailey’s pov 🔥

I was in a designer clothes shop, looking for a gown for the reception party.

We had chosen a theme colour of gold and white, and by we I mean our grandmother’s.

They were the ones who were overly excited about this party, but I didn’t dread it either like I did before.

After hours of looking through different dresses and trying on and modelling many others for my grandmothers- only for them to reject every single one- we were left with three of the best ones which we preferred the most.

I for my part had already set my mind onto which dress I would be purchasing. When my eyes had landed on the second of the three dresses, I knew I had to have it.

It was drop dead gorgeous, elegant and detailed and it was just so me. I loved it for all it was worth and I am not generally someone who swoons over dresses and clothes.

My grandmothers however weren’t so sure on which one of the three dresses to pick for the party.

“Oh dear, you look beautiful in all these dresses,” Nathan’s grandma, Sophia said. “It’s so difficult to choose the right one.”

“It’s true that all these three look beautiful,” grandma chimed in.

“But we need a dress that will make Nathan’s jaw drop when he sees her in it.”

Forget about making Nathan’s jaw drop, but that did make my heart drop.

Nothing I wear would make a difference to Nathan. He would never look at me in that sense.

Sure our relationship was improving, we were getting better with each other. When we saw each other around the house we no longer ignored each other.

We exchanged a couple of words about the weather sometimes or maybe some political opinion or shared a little bit of business insights but we were not what our grandparents presumed us to be.

They thought we were deeply in love with one another, the romantic sorts who couldn’t stand to be apart.

Little did they know that until awhile ago, we were the bane of each others existence. It would hurt them so badly to learn the truth.

“Speaking of Nathan,” Sophia went on. “I’ve sent him Hailey’s pictures in those three dresses. Let’s see which one he prefers the best.”

What?” I exclaimed loudly in surprise, causing both grandmothers to look at me puzzled by my reaction.

“I mean…you should not have disturbed him at work,” I said quickly.

“I told you that I liked the second one, we should just get that.

Nathan’s busy anyway and shouldn’t be troubled with such trivial matters.”

“Nonsense!” Sophia said, almost laughing. “A husband should never be busy when his wife commands his attention.

Wife comes first and everything else next. Never let your husband put anything before you, or he’ll start taking you for granted. You are indispensable and he should know it.”

Who was going to tell her that I am the most dispensable thing to my husband? He could never put me first or I could never command his attention.

We’re not the couple they think we are. We are not in love.

“Sophia speaks truly baby,” my grandma says. “We know that you like the second one but we’re just getting another opinion.

After all everything is supposed to be perfect.”

All I could do was nod. Well at least they were happy even if I was not.

But hey, I wasn’t upset either. I just wish this whole reception thing was happening under different circumstances, where even if my husband didn’t love me, at least I was still his woman and didn’t have to share him with someone else.

And I couldn’t even say sharing because in sharing you get near equal parts, and I didn’t even get that.

All I got was bits of moments with the one that was supposed to be mine only.

“Oh look, I got a message from Nathan!” Sophia squeaked like a teenage girl who got noticed by her crush for the first time, much to my amusement.

“What? What’s that?” She said confused at her screen.


Sophia screamed, sending that voice message back to Nathan after he replied to her first message, saying all the three dresses looked beautiful.

It was all I could do not to laugh when I thought of Nathan in his office, probably in front of his secretary, playing his grandmother’s voice recording only to hear her screaming at him from the other end.

“Oh give him a break Sophia,” grandma scolded. “Maybe he was so busy drooling over his wife that he forgot about the dresses.

I’m sure he meant his wife when he said all the three pictures were beautiful, and not the dresses.”

My face went red when I heard her say that. They both started giggling like school girls. If only they knew!

“The second one, he says now,” Sophia declared as soon as she received another message.

“Finally he managed to tear his eyes away from his wife and look at the dresses.”

“Oh and look, they both like the same dress,” grandma pointed out.

“They know each other so well!” Sophia gushed.

Unable to bear them anymore I walked into the other party of the store in the pretense of looking at some accessories.

Our lie had made them so happy and excited, it made me feel guilty for deceiving them like that. I was playing with their feelings and it was tearing at me.

While I was strolling through the store while my they had the dress packed and bill settled, my eyes fell towards the men section and I found myself walking towards it.

I begin looking at the ties that were displayed there when I spotted a beautiful golden coloured tie that looked really magistic and matched the gold of my dress.

Without a second thought I picked it up and purchased it at the counter. Nathan would be wearing this at the party.


We exited the sore with our heavy bags. My grandmothers too had purchased dresses for themselves for the reception and a few more, by which I meant a lot more.

When we got out, I was surprised to see Nathan standing there waiting for us while leaning on the hood of his sleek black BMW. When he saw us, he walked towards us with a warm smile.

“You women take a long time shopping,” he complained while kissing his grandmother on the cheek and greeting my own grandma.

“You’ll have been in that store for hours I’ve been told.”

“Told? By whom?” I asked still shocked at seeing him here.

“By Nana’s driver ofcourse,” he said. “The poor guys bored to death waiting in the limo.”

“He is accustomed to it by now,” Sophia responded. “But I didn’t know you would be coming.”

“A client cancelled a meeting so I was free and in the area so decided to stop by,” he said as he took the bags from my hands. Wow someone had turned into a gentleman it seems.

“Or you just had to see your gorgeous wife after all those pictures I sent you,” Sophia raised her brows.

Nathan just smirked while saying nothing. My face was threatening to turn red, but that would just be more embarrassing.

“You scoundrel!” Sophia exclaimed excitedly. “I knew you wouldn’t be here if not for your wife.

Afterall, why would you care about your poor old Nana now that you have a wife?”

“Don’t say that Nana,” Nathan whined. “Tell her grandma,” he spoke to my own grandmother, “is it wrong that I want to see my wife?

Afterall it’s just been a few months that we’ve been married.”

That scheming ass, what was he trying to do? Why is he pretending that he’s this loving husband when he doesn’t give a damn? He’s just acting in front of them so that they see him as this true gentleman.

“Let him be Soph,” grandma said. “I’m sure you remember what it’s like to be newly married. All those escaping to be alone, sneaking around, making excuses to see each other, doing naughty little things, let them enjoy it too.”+

This is really embarrassing. They have a really wide and far fetched imagination. There was nothing of the sort going on between us!

“In that case, we must not disturb the two,” Sophia grinned widely. “Aliza and I are having brunch at a friend’s place, you two go ahead and have your fun.”

“Um no,” I said nervously. “I mean I have to go select a cake for the party. Why not Nathan take you two to the brunch?”

“My driver is here for that Hailey love,” Sophia said. “And don’t be shy, go spend quality time with your husband, just don’t be too long at it that you miss your cake appointment.”

With that they waved us goodbye and walked towards the waiting driver while laughing at us among themselves.

Who would have thought that the old generation could have such a dirty mind?

Nathan walked back to his car and placed my bags in the back and opened up the passenger seat for me.

He seemed completely unbothered by our grandmothers comments about us being some lovey-dovey couple.

“You can go back to your work if you like,” I told him not yet getting into the car. “They won’t know. I’ll call my driver to pick me up.”

“Get in the car,” he said not listening. “I’m coming with you.”

I got in his car without arguing again and he closed the door.

Nathan POV

I was in my office going over some contacts when my phone chimed with a message from my Nana(grandma). I picked it up and opened the message.

‘Pick one’ it said and attached along with it was three pictures of my wife.

It seemed like they were dress shopping for the reception party and my grandmother wanted me to pick which dress I liked the best on my wife.

But honestly, I wasn’t even looking at the dresses. All I could do was stare at how God freaking beautiful Hailey looked in those pictures.

In the first picture her face was scrunched like she was annoyed of all the dresses she was being made to try on.

It was funny really how irritated she looked while still managing to look cute like a power puff girl.

In the second picture, she was smiling and comfortable, like she was happy in the dress.

She looked like an angel with that innocent little smile.

Why doesn’t she smile more often? In the third picture, she looked tired again, resembling an impatient child making me chuckle.

I was so caught up looking at my wife that I forgot my Nana’s instructions to pick one dress and sent her a message back saying that Hailey looked beautiful in all three pictures.

What I received back was really frightening. My Nana was yelling at me on the other side of the phone in the voice message, making me jump up in my chair.

Damn Nana could be scary at times. She called me a half wit -excuse me?- and told me to pick a dress.

Again I picked up the phone and this time with an effort I looked at the dresses and not at

my wife. The first and third dresses were pretty but revealing a little too much for my liking and hugged her body firmly showing off her curves.

While the first one had a deep neck, showing off a lot of cleavage it at least had some sleeves, the third one was backless, sleeveless and showed off cleavage and her shapely legs.

Nope, these dresses wouldn’t do. Couldn’t let all the men stare openly at what was mine.

The second dress was also not all that conservative but it was beautiful.

Granted it was sleeveless but it didn’t reveal any area of cleavage or back.

It’s skirt was flowing and did not stick to the body and even though it had a split up the side, it didn’t draw too much attention to the bare leg.

Plus added the smile she was wearing along with the dress convinced me that this was the one.

So I sent back a message to my Nana telling her I liked the second one.

I put my phone down and began thinking of Hailey in that dress.

Wait what was I doing? Why am I thinking about Hailey so much? Why is she on my mind?

I need to stop this. Hailey isn’t my love, I can’t be unfaithful to Hannah by checking out another woman.

This is so wrong. Hailey might be pretty but she’s got nothing on Hannah.

God I’m such a fool for drooling over her.


Hmm I need to beat this married man Head 🤣🤣🤣 with love 😘💕

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