Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 22

?Arranged Marriage?‍♀️
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By: worthy stories

Chapter 22

Hailey’s pov ?

What happened. Why did you’ll break up?”


When I was at Harvard I was doing a dual degree program, and attending law school and business school together.

That’s where I met Roman, at Harvard business school.

We immediately clicked. We started out as friends, but that only lasted for two months because after that he finally mustered the courage to ask me out.

And as I myself was head over heels for him, I said yes.

We dated while we were in college and anyone who met us, said we were meant for each other.

The way we complimented each other, we knew each other, understood each other… completed each other.

We were in love with each other. And when you’re in love, you are just blind to the others flaws and so was I.

On graduation day, he proposed and I said yes again. My happiness knew no bounds.

He was the man I loved, the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We moved to California, since that was where his father’s company was based.

We were living happily together, or at least that was what I thought. My life was perfect then.

I had graduated top of my class, landed a job as a first year associate for on of the top firms in California, my event management company was taking off, I had a loving man, a beautiful home in one of the best cities in the world.

A little too perfect coming to think of it. I had no worries, knew no trouble, life was stress free and just the way I wanted it to be.

But that just wouldn’t do. When everything is going alright, the universe has to come and knock you down.

And I was no different. Six months after our engagement, I discovered that Roman started becoming more distant.

The late nights at the office begin, more business trips and more time apart. I dismissed it as we were both starting out in our career and we had to put in our everything to achieve our goals.

Moreover, I didn’t want to be a controlling partner who kept nagging their boyfriend.

I wasn’t feeling too well for a couple of weeks and I had missed my periods the month before. At first I had dismissed it as being the result of too much stress, but when they didn’t come in the next month too, I went to see the doctor.

And my suspicions were confirmed. I was two months pregnant! I was going to be a mother! I had never been this happy before, it was by far the most happiest moment of my life.

Roman was on a business trip to San Francisco. The first thing I did was get in my car and from the doctor’s clinic I drove straight from LA to San Francisco.

The whole drive I was picturing his face when I told him the happy news. I was so overwhelmed with emotions.

It was night time when I reached the hotel he was staying in and found out his room number and that he was in his room.

I asked for directions and almost literally ran to his room.

I was so excited when I reached his room. I caressed my two months pregnant belly.

I wasn’t showing yet, but I would soon.
I was so lost in bliss and oblivious to everything else.

If I had been listening, I would have heard the wierd sounds of moans and groans coming out from the room. But I wasn’t listening.

I reached for the door knob and found that the door was not locked, so I opened it and barged in barely containing my joy. But the scene before me, left me shocked.

There lay my fiancee on the hotel bed, completely naked and eyes shut in pleasure as a blonde woman as naked as he, rode him hard and fast.

A gasp escaped my mouth. Roman didn’t appear to have heard me but the woman turned towards me and I received a second shock, as the woman riding him was none other than my best friend Gina Reid!

She looked at me as she continued fucking my fiancee and smirked, showing no remorse whatsoever. It’s like she wanted me to see that.

What was happening? One minute I was over the moon in joy and the second I was crying uncontrollably at the double betrayal by the two most closest people in my life.

The ones I trusted the most, with whom I had beautiful memories, shared my life and experiences, were the ones who has turned around and stabbed me in the back.

I finally pulled myself together and wiped my tears.
“What is this?” I asked loudly and in a firm voice.

Roman’s eyes shot open and found mine. He looked shocked, like a deer caught in the headlights. He quickly moved and got Gina off of him and scurried to find his shorts.

“H..h..H..ailey,” he stammered like a fool. “I didn’t expect to see you here. You should have called.”

“And missed this amazing show?” I asked in a cold voice.

He had pulled up his shorts and was somewhat decent, however Gina was still completely naked with a half smile on her face. She was enjoying this, I realised with a start!

“It’s not what it looks like!” He tried to defend himself.

“No? Then what is it, care to explain?” I spat angrily. He looked away, trying to come up with a believable story I presumed.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked suddenly.

“Five months now,” Gina replied from her place on the bed. She still wore that devilish smile of us that I was dying to rip off. How could I ever have been friends with such a bitch?

“F.. five months?” My voice broke. I had hoped against hope that this was a one time thing, a mistake.

“Look Hailey, it just happened,” Roman pleaded. “I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did!”

“Why?” I asked with tears in my eyes. My whole life was crumbling in front of me as I realised it had all been a big fat lie. I had been deceived.
“Why did you do this?” I yelled at him.

“Don’t yell Hailey!” Gina shouted at me as she stood up. “It happened. We fell in love. Accept it. Roman realised that he loved me and not you. Why can’t you just be happy for us?”

“What did you say, you bitch? Be happy for you? How can you even say that you whore!” I screamed.

“That’s enough!” Roman chimed in. “Hailey, I know you’re upset but that doesn’t give you the right to call Gina all those ugly names. She’s your friend for god’s sake!”

I stared at him in utter disbelief. How could he defend her infront of me after all that had happened?

What happened to the man I loved? These two were equally to be blamed.

A friend doesn’t sleep with her best friend’s man and he should have been faithful and not gone after any woman let alone a woman so close to his fiance.

“Best friend?” I asked incredulously. “You didn’t realise that when you were fucking her?”

“H.. Hailey I-” he started but I cut him off.

“Why did you have to lie? If it was her you wanted, you could have told me so, called off the engagement and spared me this pain instead of going off and betraying me behind my back.”

“Hailey, I didn’t mean for anything to happen,” he said.

“It was one drunken mistake at Lenny’s party, when you had to leave early to check up on some friend who was sick. After that, I just couldn’t stop, it was addicting and-”

“And then we fell in love,” Gina finished with a smile on her face.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Roman said with downcast eyes.

“But you did,” I told him.

“Oh enough with this soap opera!” Gina exclaimed. “Why do you have to be so dramatic Hailey? Just accept that Roman isn’t yours anymore.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him. Roman still couldn’t meet my eyes but did nothing to push her off. It was pathetic seeing them like that.

“You’re right,” I said defeated. Gina’s eyes widened in surprise while Roman’s head snapped towards me.

I had had enough with them, heard enough of this crap. All I wanted was to go somewhere and cry my lungs out. I was hurting like hell. It was too much for a single day. Too many emotions coursed through my body.

I took off my engagement ring and threw it at him.

“I came here to tell you that you were going to be a father,” I said looking at his shocked face. “But I doubt that you care.”

“Wh.. what?” Roman stammered again.

“Goodbye,” I said and stormed out of the room.

“Hailey wait,” Roman screamed from behind me.

But I ran off not stopping for a second. Before he could get to me, I reached the elevator and then drove away from the hotel.+

Instead of going back to the house I shared with him, I drove off to my uncle’s place in San Francisco where my cousin Ethan was living.

There I cried my heart out and tried to deal with all the pain and hurt.

My family was my pillar that was holding me up but even that wasn’t enough. I was hurting really badly, I was broken down.

I was closing myself from the rest of the world. I barely ate and wasn’t even taking care of myself.

I felt myself slipping into depression. All the stress got to me and my body and mind suffered deeply along with my heart.

And in all this, I miscarried. I lost my baby, the one good thing that had come out of this relationship. That pushed me over the edge even more.

For months I lived as a shadow of my former self. A miserable thing I had become, with no life or energy, only pain.

But my family never let go of me. I moved back to New York to live with my grandparents. There my brother and grandparents took great care of me.

They helped me get out of the shell I had buried myself in, helped me to overcome my pain and grief and become a new and stronger person.

It took months of therapy and proper nutrition and counseling and what not but I was finally back on my feet, I was stronger and an entirely new person.

**End of flashback**

Tears streamed down my face as I narrated this whole thing to Nathan. I had never told anyone this before.

The last time I spoke of this was when I opened up to my therapist all those years ago, and even that took a lot of coaxing and many sessions. After that I never spoke to anyone about it.

Even Harry only knew the brief outline which I told him in bits and parts but not all the details. This was the first time I had narrated the whole incident from start to end ,with every detail and all in one go.

I don’t even know why I was telling Nathan this. But somehow I trusted him with this burden. I was feeling lighter after opening up. I don’t know what came over me when I started speaking but now I didn’t regret it.

I hadn’t even realised that we had reached the mansion and the car was parked. Nathan didn’t say a word but was studying me with a wierd expression.

I wiped the tears that stained my cheeks and gathered myself together. I had finally found my peace and would not break down everytime I thought about that fateful day.

Since Nathan wasn’t saying anything, I opened the car door and stepped out. I wonder what he thought about me now. Did he even care after I poured out my heart to him?

Was it stupid of me to be so open with Nathan about my feelings? What if he used that to hurt me again? But somehow, in some twisted, unexplainable way, I had faith in my husband. In my heart I knew that I had done the right thing.

As I reached the front door, I felt him behind me. He reached out and stopped me from opening the door and stepped in front of me. I looked up and saw him staring at me with some wierd emotin in his eyes.

“He is a bastard and was wrong to do that to you,” Nathan said finally.

“I will never let him hurt you again, I promise,” he continued when I didn’t say anything. “I will never let anyone hurt you. It’s the one vow I will always keep.”

I stared at him and realised that he meant what he was saying. All I could do was nod at him. I couldn’t say anything for the words were stuck in my throat.

He continued to stare at me, blocking my way. His hand moved to my face and his fingers began to trace my tear stained cheek.
“Come here,” he said and pulled me into his embrace.

I hugged him back. I really needed this. Hugs and touches of affection were rare to come my way as I always pushed everyone away, but I really was in need of the hug, even if it was from Nathan.

As I buried my head in his chest I felt secure and warm.

There was something in that moment. Something raw and true, I couldn’t understand what it was but it was a moment where I was vulnerable but still felt safe. Where I was weak but still felt strong.

But like all good things, this too had to come to an end, as the front door swung open and a loud shriek caused us to separate from each other and jump apart.

“WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?!” Came the high pitched yell of none other than Hannah Williams.

Not wanting to deal with her added drama, I pushed past her and went up to my room, leaving Nathan to deal with her.


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