Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 21

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By: worthy stories

Chapter 21

Hailey’s pov 🔥

My last few days have been really stressful. Between my newfound weird emotions for my husband, the return of my ex and my husband’s growing paranoia and false accusations, I’m just a step away from bursting out.

My Monday morning was spent in my office going over Roman’s case. He handled his family business of jewelry making and was initially based in California but had moved his headquarters to New York five months ago. The case was of a patent infringement. Another company was making and selling jewellery whose designs were patented by Roman’s company.

Since I didn’t want to be alone in the office with Roman, I asked my associate Claire who was also my second chair to be present during our meeting in my office. Though he did try to get a chance to be alone with me he did not succeed. I managed to successfully evade him.

After lunch I had an appointment with my therapist Dr Sinclair. With everything that was going on, I really needed to sit down and sort it all out before I put myself in harm’s way with all the mental pressure. Trying to dodge problems does nothing but create new problems. Besides she was the one who helped me get over Roman in the first place.

“So how do you plan on dealing with Roman?” Dr Sinclair asked me.

“I don’t,” I replied. “I just ignore he’s presence and treat him like a complete stranger.”

“And what do you think that’ll accomplish?”
“It’ll save me a whole lot of pain?”I asked unsure.

“It may, or it may not,” she said skeptically. “But you still have to work with him.”

“I can be strictly professional,” I told her.

“You can be.” She agreed. “But for how long? One day, you might just crack.”

I sighed. She was right. See, the thing about Dr Sinclair is that she never gave me direct answers. She never solved my problems for me but made me solve them myself. She was a great guide and also a sort of a mother figure.

“What do you think I should do?” I asked her.

“What does he want from you?” She answered my question with a question of her own.

“I don’t know for sure. He said he was sorry and that he wanted to talk. He asked for a second chance to redeem himself, to make it up,” I told her. “He’s words not mine.”

“And what do you think?”
“I think that that chapter is closed for me and I don’t want him to open it again. There’s nothing he can do to ‘make it up to me'”
“Do you think he’s trying to get back with you?” She asked.

“I don’t know. But I’m already married so he’s a bit too late for that,”
“But he doesn’t know that,” she pointed out.

“Before he left from my office today, he asked me for a chance where we could speak over coffee. Said he needed to talk to me,” I confessed.

“Hailey, you said that the chapter was closed for you and I agree that going back to it now will not only be fruitless but also painful.

“However, I think Roman coming back to you after all these years, you should hear what he has to say.”

“You want me to go talk with that man?” I asked in disbelief.

“Maybe, he’s trying to repent, you know. Trying to get your forgiveness maybe not to get back together but because he regrets his mistake and needs to make peace with himself,” she said carefully.

I thought about it. We all make mistakes in our lives. Roman made some really bad ones too that left me hurt and in pain. I don’t think I could ever truly forgive him but if he is sincerely sorry than he deserves a chance to repent and make up for his sins. It’s even in the Bible.

But was I ready for that? To reach out and hear him out? To go over it all over again? To relive everything?
“Its not for he’s sake that I suggest you this, but for your own,” Dr

Sinclair said breaking my chain of thoughts.+

I looked at her questioningly and she continued with her explanation.

“I know you Hailey,” she sighed. “Even if you turn your back on him, your mind will never find peace. You will always wonder what he had to say. Wonder about the road you didn’t take, it will always bother you.

“So my suggestion is you hear him out. You can listen to him but that doesn’t mean you’ll forgive him. And you can also say whatever you have to say to him. Put a seal on the chapter once and for all.”

There was a depth to what she was saying. I stayed silent thinking about it. Minutes passed with none of us saying everything. I pondered over her words.

“Think about it,” she told me and I nodded at her.

“Do you want to discuss Nathan?” She asked.
“No. I’ll deal with one problem at a time,” I told her.


I reached my apartment and parked my car in the parking lot. I had been living here since last Saturday after my fight with Nathan which ended with me slapping him.

As I was walking past the reception, I was shocked to see Roman waiting there. I ignored him and tried to walk past without him noticing me but much to my ill luck he saw me and called out to me.

“Hailey, wait up!”
I ignored him and kept walking towards the elevator with him at my heels.

Getting in the elevator, I swiped my card, entering the security details for my penthouse. Just as the elevator doors was about to close, a foot belonging to Roman stopped it. He got in.

“What are you doing? Get out!” I screamed at him, but it was too late as the elevator doors closed and we begin the ascent.

“Hailey, all I’m asking is for you to hear me out,” he pleaded.

“And why would I do that?” I spat. Yes, I was considering what Dr Sinclair had said but I would do it in my time, not his.

“I just… Hailey, I…I miss you,”
I gave out a humorless laugh.
“Yea, I’m sure you do. Too bad you weren’t thinking of that when you screwed up!” I screamed.

We argued back and forth until the elevator reached my penthouse. I got out and he followed me. I stood outside my door and put the key in to open the door.
“Hailey, please listen to me,” he pleaded.+

“Roman, if you want to continue as my client, you should leave,” I said as the door opened.

“No, I’m not leaving until you hear me out,” he said firmly.

I pushed the door open and got in and tried to slam the door on his face but he caught it and pushed it open.

“Roman, I said leave,” I said firmly.

“No, I’m not leaving Hailey!” He screamed. “Not until you let me talk!”

“I have nothing to say to you!” I yelled back.

“But I have a lot to say! Please listen to me,” he was on the verge of crying.

“No, that’s my final answer,”

“Hailey please, JUST FU…**””CKING LISTEN TO WHAT IM SAYING!” He yelled so loudly, getting angry. Wow that was a quick transition from tears to anger.

“I don’t want to listen,” I told him.

“But-” he started only to be cut off by a familiar voice from behind me.

“I don’t know who you are, but it’s clear that the lady wants you to leave,” the familiar deep voice said.

I turned around and there standing near the arc leading to the living are, casually leaning on the wall with his arms crossed across his chest and dressed in a olive green button down and black jeans was-

“Nathan?” I asked shocked. I hadn’t seen his face since I had slapped it.

“Hey there Hails,” he said casually but I detected the mock in his voice.

“Who is he Hailey?” Roman asked with a dangerous edge to his voice. Wow who gave him that right I wonder.

“That doesn’t concern you,” I snapped at him.

“I’ll meet you at the Starbucks near my office, tomorrow morning at 8. You’ll have exactly thirty minutes. Don’t be late,” and with that I slammed the door on his face.

I turned towards Nathan who was still standing there with a lazy smile on his face.

“How did you enter?” I asked him.

“Your housekeeper let me in,” he told me. “It took a bit of convincing, but a picture of our wedding did the trick.”

“Well, what are you doing here?” I asked again.

“My grandfather invited us over to his place to celebrate your achievement,” this time he didn’t even bother to hide his disapproval. “My guess is your grandparents will also be there.”

“Right,” I remembered the message Alex had left with Kate.
“I thought we had settled that you can’t come and live here as and when you want,” he said angrily. “You have responsibilities as my wife and one of them is to live in my house.”

“You know what I find funny?” I asked him. “That you’re always so quick to point out my responsibilities as your ‘wife’ but have been ignoring your responsibilities as my husband.”

I walked into the living room and took off my shoes and put my bag on the coffee table.

“That’s all your good at, pointing out my responsibilities but ignoring your own,” I spat angrily.

There’s a lot of things I’m good at, and one of them is getting what I want, and when I say you will never leave my house like this ever again for the duration of our marriage, I mean it,” he said sternly.

‘As if’ I said in my mind and headed to my bedroom to change into something appropriate. Nathan was right behind me.

“What?” I turned and asked him.

“Well it’s a nice house you’ve got,” he complimented.

“Are my ears decieving me or did you just say something good to me?” I asked and he just rolled his eyes.

“Now why are you following me to the bedroom? Do you plan on dressing me?”
“Make it quick, I’m not good at waiting” he said and turned away.

After having a quick shower I dressed up in a light pink lace dress.

The car ride was surprisingly quiet with none of us saying anything to each other.
Nathan was right, my grandparents were also there and so was Nathan’s parents. It was my whole big family come together except for Ace, who was the only one absent as he was in India, looking for a new business venture.
The whole night and dinner was wonderful with everyone enjoying each others company and happily spending time as a family. Each one had a story to tell and we were just laughing at each others expense.
My grandparents as well as Nathan’s grandparents and Liam told me how proud they were of my achievement. Evelyn was as per usual, ignoring me and giving me the cold shoulder.

Alex originally wanted to throw a huge party in my honour but my grandfather managed to convince him that it was the last thing I would want and he was right. I’d rather spend my time with the ones I love than a section of snobbish rich people who didn’t give a damn about me.

We were sitting in the living room after dinner and talking about any random topic when Sophia asked me and Nathan a question we didn’t see coming.

“But I thought we had agreed that we would take some time, to know each other before we do anything,” a very nervous looking Nathan said.

“Nathaniel,” Alex said in a stern voice. “It’s been more than four months that you’ve been married. I think you’ve had enough time to know each other.”

“Alex is right children,” my grandfather said. “We need to make the announcement of your marriage to the public.”

“I was thinking we announce the marriage along with the new deal we were planning,” Liam suggested.

“We are definitely having a party,” grandma said. “A huge reception and everyone will be invited.”

“Grandma!” I protested.

“Don’t Grandma me young lady,” grandma scolded. “Anderson and Rodriguez are two really big names in the business world and a party that matches our status is mandator


“You two should start planning,” Sophia said. “The party will be held soon and it should be grand.”

“But seriously guys,” I said. “I don’t think it’s the right time to announce the marriage.”

“Why not, pumpkin?” Alex asked me and suddenly I felt very nervous.

“It’ I..ah..” I stammered with all of them looking at me. “I was thinking of announcing the marriage on Nathan’s birthday.”

I said, lying through my teeth. I had to save myself and that was the first thing that came up. Nathan’s face turned red, and I couldn’t tell if it was of anger, embarassment or something else. But everyone else looked as if they bought it. Evelyn threw me a dirty look.

“Wow, that’s so romantic!” Sophia squeaked.

Oh boy! What have I done?

“Nathan’s birthday is next month, so we’ll need to start all the preparations really soon.” Liam said and everyone nodded excitedly.

Wait. Next month? They can’t be serious! I had no idea he’s birthday was so soon. I might have only escalated the fire instead of putting it out. Oh god!+

When it was time for us to leave, we bade everyone goodnight and I got into the car with Nathan. He was driving us to his mansion.

“So,” he started as soon as the car reached the main road. “Planning to announce our marriage on my birthday, huh?’

“I was only trying to buy us time so we could get them to drop the idea,” I told him.

“Well that went well,” he mocked.

“I had no idea your birthday was next month,” I defended myself. “I thought it was at least three months away.”

“No idea when my birthday is,” he scoffed and then clenched his jaw. “When is Michael’s birthday?”

“13th September,” I replied before I realised what had happened.

“Oh but you know he’s birthday,” he spat.

“Only because he is my client,” I said. “Come now Nathan we’ve been over this,” I reasoned with him.

“Of course,” he gritted out and angrily steered the wheel.

That put an end to our conversation. We drove in silence for a while and just let the anger cool down but there was still an unbearable tension between us. Nathan was no longer angry as he kept sneaking glances at me and clearing his throat. He nervously tapped the steering wheel It was like he was trying to ask me something but wasn’t really saying anything.

I knew what he wanted to know and somehow I thought he deserved to know. Before I could argue and reason with myself, I found myself answering his unasked question.

Roman Hunt,” I said and he turned to face me. “The guy you saw at my penthouse earlier, his name is Roman Hunt.”+

“I didn’t ask,” Nathan said trying to play cool but forgetting I was a lawyer who knew how to read people.

“No, you were asking without asking, very loudly,” I said irritated but he just smirked.

“Hunt, as in the man behind Hunt Jewelers?” He asked piecing it together.

“The son,” I corrected.

“So he’s another one of your lovers? Or a one night stand gone wrong. Or did you pass over him for someone more interesting?” He said casually.

“It’s quite the talent you have,” I hissed. “Of always coming to the wrong conclusion.”

“Ok, then enlighten me. Who was he and what was he doing at your apartment?”

I went silent for a while. I didn’t know if I should tell him the truth or not.
“He’s my ex fiancee,” I whispered after some time.

Nathan seemed shocked at my revelation. His mouth opened and closed a few times and his fist tightened on the steering wheel. After a while he finally managed to ask.

“What happened? Why did you’ll break up?”

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