Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 14

?Young Master’s
Weakness ?
( Heart of ice ) ?

Episode 14

Master Damian kept pacing round his house ,as beads of sweats fell from his head ,he really needed something to keep him calm

Vivian walked in immediately all dressed in an exposing outfit

She walked towards him

” Hey baby ,what’s wrong “Vivian asked a bit concerned
Damian don’t tell me this is about Xavier again,why the hell are you so scared of him

He isn’t even a match for you yunno ,

Before she could utter another word he came closer to her claiming her lips immediately

Oh mine . you’re such a bas ass ,then what’s up with the moody face . vivian asked

Ohhh,it’s not darling just got some work to handle ,. damia replied

He took his phone and dialled Pablo’s number

” Pablo,I gat another job for you and this time like before,make sure to do a great job ,don’t worry about the cash ,I’ll make sure to pay you more .just make sure to kill every last person there ,do not leave any witness my men ,kill the all , including Xavier ”

Darling,,you’re doing a great job ,,,,. Vivian said

She brought her hands close to his chest ,,,I came here to have a great time with you ,,,so make it worth it okay ..she uttered biting her lips

She brought his hand close to her boobs ,,making him feel it ,,

You’re so naughty,and I must say it keeps turning me on . Damian said

Irish ,Xavier and Don kept on fighting,,each of them kept on dodging bullets

” Don’t come back for me ,,,don’t come back for any reason okay ,,,I’ll make sure to come find you later ” Lisa said and finally Kira nodded one last time

She let go of Lisa’s hands ,,,

Since it was dark ,kira walked through a narrow path ,,,she would hardly be seen

As she got a bit farther away ,,she started running

” Don’t look back ,, promise me ” she remembered Lisa’s word

Wanting do bad to look back ,she couldn’t,,so she only kept on running

” Why is everyone trying so hard to save her ,her mom ,her brother,and now Lisa ,,how special is she anyway,and what does she really mean to all of them ,,,is she worth their lives “Kira thought as she kept on running

Tears freely dropping from her eyes uncontrollably as she ran

The sound of two bullets being shot were heard
Lisa kept on closing her eyes through out the fight

She wouldn’t dare open them ,,, hearing gunshots scared her to the bone

” That’s the last one master “Irish said with blood on her hands and face breathing heavily

” Where’s the girl ,,? How the hell did she escape”Xavier asked sighting only Lisa

He turned to look around but everywhere seems empty and quiet

” Seriously?? What the hell did you do ,,if anything happens to her ,, I’ll make sure you die with her ” Xavier said holding Lisa’s chin

Feeling a bit bold Lisa looked up at him

” Why do you care ,when you wanna hurt her “she muttered
She gone ,and you’ll never find her

Xavier looked at Kira furiously,, landing her a really hard slap which got her face Turing

While Irish in Don gave him a shocked look

Lisa only remained quiet ,, enduring the pain

” Kira’s the last surviving person in that family, and the only one who would know the person behind everything,,,,”Xavier thought

After looking around for 20 minutes still no sign of Kira Xavier angrily turned to Lisa

” Bring her along ,,she ain’t going no where till we find the kid ”
” Yes master ” irish muttered

She held Lisa’s hand lifting her up

As they all walked heading towards the car ,, Pablo fired two gunshot

Lisa screamed so loud closing her eyes ,while Xavier ,and Don moved away

Irish still with Lisa held her tight ,,taking her towards another direction

“,If you don’t wanna die ,just follow me “Irish said taking Lisa towards the car

Xavier and Don kept on shooting,but instead nothing happened

” He’s a tough one ,,I’ll distract him ,,while you shoot when the time is right “Xavier said

” No master ,let me”
” Just do as I say “Xavier cut in immediately

He came out running towards another direction

Pablo sighted him ,,,he smiled with happiness ,,,then fired one shot ,,two shot ,three shot ,four shot at him

Everywhere became quiet for a while ,and instantly Don came aiming at Pablo ,he immediately shot him in his leg

Xavier groaned painfully on the floor ,, hearing his , Don in a hurry ran towards him

” Master “he called trying to take a look at him as one of the bullet Pablo had shot hit him

Pablo also in pain ,,, took his gun and in a hurry ran away bleeding seriously

To be continued……..

Swears this chapter got me so focused on it ,, reading each line ,,,fear could be written All over my face

See ya all later ……..


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