Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 13

? Young Master’s
Weakness ?
(Heart of ice )?
Episode 13
The smirk on Damian’s face continued growing wide
He crossed his leg with happiness and a glass of wine waiting for chris
Then his phone rang

“Sir, we found her, we found the girl” a really Dee masculine voice said on phone

“What, bring her to me immediately, if GE proves stubborn kill her and make sure you leave no trace or evidence ”

“Sir, Master Xavier is also here”
Damian stood up immediately
“What the hell, do not let him have her, kill her immediately else you’ll be the one to take her place now!! ”
“Yes boss ” the man replied with a fearful voice.

Damain threw his phone on his couch immediately roughing his hair

“If Xavier gets the girl first, he would be in big trouble”

Damian’s men stayed a bit far watching Xavier and his men also getting prepared to attack.

“Kill the girl when any opportunity comes, we have no use of her ” the leader said
Don, Xavier and Irish walked out of the car heading towards Kira and Lisa

Sighting them, Lisa immediately made Kira stay behind her,
Kira shook, frightened on seeing Don’s face, she had seen him the day her mother died and they were also after her

“It’s them, it’s the bad men” Kira muttered to Lisa.

Xavier stared at Lisa, recognizing her face,

“Huh, you again ” Xavier muttered silently to himself. He stared at her with a curious look on his face, his eyes explored all parts of her body, her curves, her boobs and her bad ass
Xavier could not only but imagine himself on bed with her

His mind, Braun and heart kept on compliment her beauty, her hips, her curvey red lips, lost in staring at her, Irish couldn’t help but feel disturbed by Xavier’s silence

“Master” Irish called him in a very low voice
Xavier trued disagreeing with all parts of his body about the beauty of Lisa, but the mire he did, it only became clearer to him that he’s deceiving himself
Even Don looked at him in confusion
Looking at him, Don couldn’t even blame hua master
Lisa is one hell a really beautiful lady to just pass by
And the more his master looks and get attracted, the more he knows that she would be in real danger

At a distance, from another direction, 5 men all in black, tall, hefty walks towards them, each of them holding a gun

“What the hell is going on here? ” Lisa asked with trembling voice seeing everyone of them with guns
Kira hugged her, this time, her face worsened
“We won’t hurt you, promise just hand over the little girl ” Don said to Lisa in a rather calm manner

“What,? Why would I hand her over to some set of dangerous people with guns, That’s it, i’m calling the police ”

Immediately she said those words, Xavier fired a shot and instantly one of Damian’s men fell to floor bleeding to death
“Oh my God ” Lisa screamed holding Kira so close to her
She trembled hearing the gun shot

“If you don’t wanna end up that way, then hand over the girl to us you fool ” Xavier retorted
“Pls what do you want from her ” that was Lisa’s trembling voice
Don’t let him have the girl, kill them all, one of Damian’s men muttered

Don, irish and Xavier separated immediately while Lisa and Kira scared still stood at their exact position

Irish ran closer, dogging 3 bullets from one of them, she held a plank and immediately hit it on his head

With the man on the floor, she placed her leg on his head smirking
“You old fool ” then immediately, she shot at him

They were actually two aiming their bullets at Xavier, so he kept on hiding beside his car for cover

Another immediately aimed at Kira and Lisa before he could shoot, Irish ran over very fast

“Go down” irish shouted and even without thinking so fast, Lisa held kira’s hand and bent down immediately covering Kira’s ears
Before thy could both open their eyes, the man had fallen beside them in his own pool of blood
Lisa looked at irish and this time, she recognized her

“You, it’s you” Lisa kept on uttering
Irish smiled at the fact that Lisa recognizes her

“I thought you would never ask” Irish said and walked away to go the down some other men

Xavier from his hiding place came out, immediately he did, he fired one bullet at one of them making him fall immediately, while the other’s quickly ran towards another direction

With all the chaos going on, Lisa quickly bent down to Kira’s size
“I’ll distract them, Kira right? ” she asked of her me again

“Just make sure you run, run very fast and promise me you won’t look back, you don’t need to worry about me, I’ll be fine and once they free me, I’ll come look foe you okay? ” Lisa said

Kira nodded her hard with tears

She turned to leave, but just before then she pulled Lisa in for a tight hug

“Thank You ” kira muttered with a low voice almost like a whisper.


To be continued…

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