Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 12

🎩Young Master’s
Weakness 👠
( Heart of ice) 🌹

Episode 12

” Master ” Irish called out immediately she opened the door sweating

Instantly she shot two bullet at the maid standing close to Xavier

” It’s been poisoned” Irish shouted which made Xavier eyes widened in shock as he was about taking a spoon

Xavier stood up from his sofa and walked outta his room immediately with with Irish behind him

” Call Don immediately” Xavier said in anger

” How the hell did they all get in ” he asked Irish who stood beside him

But she didn’t give him ant reply
Ashley walked in , suprised to see some dead bodies and two men tied up with guns beside them

” Baby ,,what’s going one ?? Xavier are you alright? Ashely asked running towards Xavier

She tried to touch his face ,but instead he turned his face a little Making her a bit angry ,, but unable to show her anger

Were they tryna hurt you ?? And who the hell are these people,,,who sent them . Ashley asked

” That’s what an tryna find out .Xavier finally replied her

” Where the hell is Don” Xavier asked getting more furious

Master Damian sat on a long brown sofa ,,tall with his phone close to him

He actually could feel that any moment from now ,he would receive a call from Chris

He had his legs crossed and smirked

Chris would fail and come begging him soon ….this thoughts made him happy

5…4…3….2..1 master Damian counted looking at his phone

And just immediately his phone rang

His face brightened up

” I need your help Damian,, Xavier’s gonna kill me ” Chris muttered in fear

” Come over ,let’s talk ” Damian replied and finally ended the call
Don walked in ,,Irish sighting him smiled feeling a bit shy

She made a cute expression with her face

Trying to avoid looking at him directly

” Master ” don called bowing his head

” Take them,and make sure to find answers” Xavier said

” Xavier are you really hurt ? Tell me ,are you really okay ? Ashely asked with a worried voice

She entangled her hands with his ,,,, resting her head on his shoulders

Kira waited patiently for Lisa and soon Lisa arrived,she got in only to meet Kira sitting down staring at nowhere in particular

” Hey ,,are you okay ? Lisa asked while Kira only nodded

She dropped the food she had gotten

Come on , follow me ,,let’s go out for a walk .Lisa said

Kira looked at her ,,at first feeling scared to go out

Lisa walked towards Kira ,, she took her hands and smiled ,,,as they both got out ,,they walked sideways with each other

” Any lead on the girl ?? We really need her ” Xavier’s said to don who stood behind him

We still haven’t found her yet master .some of our men are still on the lookout for her , we’ll get her soon . Don replied

Get a visa immediately you find her ,,, she wouldn’t stay here ,,all we need from her are answers ,, .Xavier said

Don nodded looking at him with a suprised face

Sir ,it’s about the lady you asked me to …..

” That’s isn’t important right now Don” Xavier cut in immediately

” Come on ,,let go ” he said

Hey you still wouldn’t tell me your name ,,or who you are or at least about your parents

Kira remained silent for a while

I need to know ,I won’t hurt you ,
Okay ,you just gotta trust me pls . Lisa begged

” Am Kira ” her tiny voice muttered which gave Kira a shocking expression

Did you just talk to me ?Lisa asked

In the same dark room where Dean was being tortured,,two men were being tied to a wooden chair with hard chains

And besides they wouldn’t die like Dean did ,,not until he finds the answers he needs

Xavier and Don walked in and besides him Ashley stood her hands still entangled with his

Just then his phone rang

” Sir ,,we found her ,,”

” Follow her ,make sure not to loose her , else you’re all.dead ” Xavier uttered putting on his black jacket

” Don ,,Irish ,,let’s go ” he said

” Baby,,,I’ll be waiting here for you ,,come back okay ” Ashley said

But instead Xavier ignored her while Irish kept on giving her a deadly look

Xavier , Don and Irish walked out immediately
” Kira , you got a nice name ,,but tell me ,what really happened to you ? Why were you like that ,.Lisa asked

And your parents,or any siblings,do you know their whereabouts?

” They’re all dead ” Kira said

Lisa gave her a surprising look

Really ?

She bent down reaching Kira’s size and gave her a warm hug

You’ll be fine okay ?

A black cat kept on following them as they walked

” Come on let’s go back ,,you must be hungry.lisa asked

” Yunno ,,I also lost my parents too ,not only that ,,also my older brother when I was younger , Maybe about your age ,I understand,I really understand what you’re going through,, you’re feeling broken ,,and I felt that way too when I lost my brother, you’ll be fine ,,you just need to grow up okay .Lisa said

She lifted herself up and held Kira’s hand

” Let’s go back ”

Kira nodded holding Lisa’s hands too

As they both turned to leave , Xavier’s car halted a little farther from where they were


To be continued……..

Next episode gonna be hot
Wait for it ………

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