Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 9

(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter nine
Donald chuckle staring at The min family pictures, there were all smiling happily staring at the camera.

He stare at Manuel parents and chuckle

“May the two of you soul rest in hell”He shouted staring at the picture hatefully.

He won’t stop not until he ruined all the min generation

He is ready to take everything that makes them happy, How could there be so cruel?

There turn him into an orphan and still takes everything his biological parents work for.

If not that the min are cruel and pretender how would there take away his happiness and still pretend to love him by adopting him.

His phone rang and he smiles seeing it Ronald his life saver, yh he believes Ronald as his life saver .

If not Ronald he would still be living with the min thinking there actually loves him without knowing the bitter truth.

“Hi ronald long time, where have you been it been a long time I heard from you hope all his well? Donald ask worriedly,

“have the girl get the document?” He ask ignoring his questions.

“No but she is getting it soon”Donald said,

“Don’t you think she is taking time to get the document, you know the first thing we could do is to get the document and finish her as fast as possible?”Ronald ask angrily,

“She is getting it soon you know she need to be very careful” Donald said confidently.

“Ok I would be patient”he said calmly,

Ronald laugh staring at a particular picture with pure hatred.

Ronald is one of the most wanted criminal and he is very good at manipulating people

He could turn two friends into enemy without any of them knowing

“I once warn you!you were playing with fire but you think you won’t get burnt, i promise you your two kids would be the one to kill each other.

Ronald laugh happily knowing soon he would be the richest man on earth , he just needs to be patient till those two fools bring the document,

“It just a pity The min family would be the one to face the pain “He said drunkingly .

Alisa stare at her flat tummy and smile happily, this is her fourth month and she could feel her baby ,

“Hey Bunny what up with the smile?”Mina Alisa neighbour ask staring at the smiling Alisa.

“Come and see my baby it jumping happily i think i need to go for exercise, He is begging me “Alisa said happily.

“What are you serious right now!! He is begging you to go for exercise?”Mina ask stunned

“Yes ,Hey baby momma promise to go there right now,!!” Alisa said childishly.

Alisa Walk into her small apartment smiling happily,

She yawn tiredly staring at her little apartment,

“Gosh i might go to work late today”Alisa mutter running into the bathroom.

“So i think what we need to do right now it to be patient and wait till he finally decide to bring his girlfriend home.

The king’s knew how much Ace hate females right from childhood,

Apart from his family he hate anything that has to do with a female, he has always tried his best to avoid them

“I hope you won’t dare try to pay Lucian any money!!”Grandma sera ask angrily,

“Of course i won’t dare try that!!”Old grandpa king said,

“Grandpa and grandma someone is here to see you guys”Jessica said,

“Who are there”old grandpa King ask,

“The girl father told me to tell you that there are the min” Jessica said and old grandpa King felt shock.

“Whattttttt!!! Wait the min?……..

“Wait the girl father i don’t really…..?

“Actually the man daughter is with him”

“This is fire smelling at our Home!!We are doom!!Grandma sera cried confused.

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