Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 8

(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter eight

“Gosh onion and potato has been added to the food I am screw!!!!”

“I should have ask before eating this how would I be able to face King, and now my face would be like this for more than four month”

“No ooooooooooooo “Naomi fainted staring at her phone in shock

Who could have done this to her!!? Who could despise her to the extent of ruining her reputation?

It already on the social media how she walk into the restaurant looking breathtaking and how she left looking ugly.

“Sweetheart please stop crying”her Grandpa said worriedly,

“Grandpa was it a dream I actually went out with my Ace or was i just issuanating,?” She ask ,

“It was not a dream it really happened”He said sadly,

“God I am dead like how would I cope I just want to die!!” Naomi scream loudly,

“Hey bunny I know how you feel but I promise you you would be fine”He assured,

“I can never and would never be fine look at how ritating I look!!” She scream,

“Miss Naomi please you are screaming and disturbing other patients I would want you to kindly low your voice right now!!” The doctor said angrily,

“Who do you think you are to tell me not to scream all because of some useless set of people, just look at my face you can’t look for solution to my problem and all you do is Command me to stop screaming!! How dare you?” She scream angrily.

“Do I look like I care about your Wasted face!!”The doctor said rudely

“Whattttttt How dare you!!?”

“I want you out of my hospital this minutes you look like a spoil unwanted food yuck! You disgust me alot”He said in an irritating voice.

“I promise you this your stupid hospital is going down soon!!” Naomi said angrily,

“Gosh I never knew she is going through that kind of thing look at how she looks really ugly” grandma sera said angrily,,

“So Lucian want Ace to get married to his sick daughter”Old grandpa King said angrily.

“What if it was on her wedding day this actually happened what would you have done”Grandma Sera ask.

“I would have use chilly pepper to remove all those nonsense from her face”He said seriously.

Ace chuckle watching the video, He knows by now Naomi would be after her spoilt face, he already sent a message to all the best doctors,he won’t want any of these doctors to treat Naomi.

Now his family are regretting,There knew how much he hated the opposite sex,apart from his families he tried his best to keep alot of distance away from them.

His next plan right now are THE MIN FAMILY.

Kira stare at the video and laugh wholeheartedly, if it was that she was not interested in Ace she would have try everything to make him hers but she is interested and Naomi has to step down for her

Kira and Naomi has always been worst enemies right from College, even though there share similar characters there still despise each other.

There were known as the School hottest girl and the most beautiful student.

Kira smile knowing this is actually a battle .

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