Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 7

(?His weakness ?)
Written by Authoress Hauwau
Chapter seven
“So have you finally argree to work with me”Donald ask smirking

I would never Argree no matter what you try to do!!”Sarah his wife said angrily,

“You would surely argree no matter what!!”Donald yell hitting Sarah and she bit her lips to stop her from screaming.

“Are you ready to work for me or not!!” Donald yell angrily,

“I am not and would never no matter what you do the least you can do is to torture me and kill me!!”Sarah scream boldly,

“Well you would argree at least for now that useless girl is working for me”Donald said locking his wife,

“Incase you later change your mind i promise you you would be out of this dirty cell immediately”Donald said with a smirk,

Sarah stare at the cell and she regretted ever falling in love with money.

Her loves for money actually cause all this, she broke up with the love of her life just to marry his brother,

Sarah was actually in a relationship With Manuel, their relationship looks really romantic and many felt jealous of their love life.

Donald manipulated Sarah to leave Manuel, he promised to pay her handsomely and also marry her legally, Sarah never knew Donald was only using her as a way of getting Manuel property,

Unknown to Sarah The min, Manuel parents were not Donald biological parents,

Sarah found out quiet late that Donald was just after Manuel property, She disagree after Donald explain his plans but right since that day Donald has lock his wife up inside a dirty cell, and making her go through all sort of pain.

“How do I look”Naomi ask happily,

“Breathtaking ma, stunning,Beautiful, Lovely, Attractive ma”The maids said smiling at Naomi,

“Awwww thank you so much I promise to increase you guys salary this month!” Naomi said happily,

“Thank you so much ma by the grace of God you would be Ace bride before the end of this month”The headmaid said,

“Awwww thank you so much amen amen amen, ok girls I gotta go”Naomi said to the maids walking out of her room.

“Gosh she looks really ugly”A maid said,

“Mtcheeeeeeeeeewwwweee I hate her more than anything, she looks like an abandon monkey”The headmaid said,

“Sir she just left,”A maid said Into the phone.
“Good evening sir” Naomi greeted Ace happily,

“Evening “Ace replied,

“Mmm”Naomi moan loudly eating the delicious food, she could swore A and B restaurant is actually the best ever,

“You should also eat sir their food is the best”Naomi said eating the chicken wings hungrily,

“No am okay watching you eat makes me satisfy just continue eating” Ace said with an evil smirk ,

Naomi felt her face inching her and she tried her best to stop herself from scratching it but she could not herself,

“Ouch my face”She scream crazily startling everyone,

Naomi stare at her face and felt shock seeing how her face looks like that of an ugly girl,

” No ooooo ooooo!!!”she scream loudly,

Everyone stare at her in shock, Naomi ran out of the restaurant feeling ashamed of herself,

She drives crazily ignoring the traffic lights,

“Gosh onion and potato has been added to the food I am screw!!!!”

“I should have ask before eating this how would I be able to face King, and now my face would be like this for more than four month”

“No ooooooooooooo “Naomi fainted staring at her phone in shock

What did Naomi see?

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