Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 6

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter Six
“Are you really sure Ace would agree to this blind date”Grandma sera said worriedly,

“That is it!! you know how smart he is let just pray he agreed” Old grandpa King said,

“How about you trick him about meeting a business partner but the business partner would turn out to be Naomi”Grandma sera suggested,

“Oh my God i never knew my wife is still smart”Old grandpa King said happily,

“And what are you trying to say that I am no longer Smart!!?” Grandma sera said fuming in anger,

“You should know i am just trying to pull your leg,”old King said smiling happily.

“If you dare try to..”

“Good evening everyone” Ace greeted bowing,

“Big brother”Jessica shouted hugging Ace,

“Hey leave me alone”Ace shouted staring at Jessica,

“Big brother i am sorry please forgive me” Jessica pleaded sadly,

“Get down right now jessica”Ace shouted getting angry,

“I said am sorry stop getting mad at me you know how much I hate myself when you get mad at me!!!” Jessica said crying,

“I am not mad at you bunny, can you get down now”Ace ask,

“Yessssssssssss thank you so much moi diva”Jessica scream happily.

“Ace you need to meet up with a business partner by tomorrow, you dare not send any of your guys this message, i want you to be the one there by 2pm, i would send the venue to you right now”He said happily

“Ok grandpa Ace said walking upstairs
“Grandpa are you serious!!” Naomi scream in shock”

“Anything for my beautiful princess”he said smiling,

“Oh grandpa thank you so much i love you” naomi said happily.

“Gosh I need to go to the best saloon ever i need to make the most beautiful but simple hair, I won’t want my ace to see me as a fake gjrl she mutterd running out of house.

” Let me order the most beautiful but simple gown ever” Naomi said typing on her phone

“Finally Ace is finally mine i think I need to post on all blog” she said happily,

“Let me quickly snap some pictures it really good to be beautiful”Naomi said,
“Dad i want something from you promise me you would fulfil my wish”Kira said in a pleading tone

I promise,

“,Am actually thinking of settling down i want to get married to the love of my life but he don’t know me and i don’t know erm you can actually erm…..”Kira slutter,

“What are you trying to say?” Her dad ask confused,

“What am trying to say is that i want to get married to Ace king, I am inlove with him and I would want to spend the rest of my life with him!!”Kira said in a sad tone,

“Ace king” Wait that name Sounds familiar.

“Let me show you his picture dad he is damn hot”Kira said happily,

“Dad this is him look at how Handsome he looks”Kira said happily,

“Wait the King ….. we once make a deal together, my grandparents make a deal that The king first grandson would get married to the min first grand daughter and that should be your senior sister Alisa”

“Dad! but she is not your daughter anymore”Kira said angrily,

“Don’t you know it a contract, it was an unknown contract sign many years ago before I could even think of coming to this life”

“Ok but the king won’t find out about me being the second daughter, best dad please do it for your beautiful damsel”Kira said in a pleading tone.

“Ok, ok you know how much I love you you win”

“Wow finally Ace is finally mine” Kira scream staring at his pictures.

“His lips looks so small and a little curvy how would it looks like when he kiss me, awwwwwwww am such a lucky girl”Kira said imagining all kind of things

“Here comes the one and only Kira king KK!!!”
“Find out naomi allergy I want her to eat it tomorrow at the date or whatever I would sent the address to you I want a clean job”Ace said into the phone,

“Ok boss”

“Well leave the min family to me, there might have any information about my Angel, I can’t wait to see them we need to be fast before it too late because she is out there going through nothing but pain” Ace said and he hang up

“Well let see how the beautiful Naomi everyone is screaming about her beauty turn into an ugly peacock”Ace muttered with an evil smirk on his face.

“Grandma and grandpa you guys should continue planning the so called date and Business partner can’t wait for tomorrow drama” He said coldly
Wahala be like wetin again 😹😹

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