Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 4

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter four
“Good morning everyone” Ace greeted entering the Dining room,

“Morning”Everyone answered happily,

“Morning grandson you should sit down here” Old granpa king said smiling happily,

Ace sit down and stare at everywhere in awe,

“What could be happening the dining room looks more beautiful than normal like a celebration is taking place ” Ace observe,

“So what would you love to eat first we have…..” Grandma seran said smiling happily,

Ace stare at his parents to see there also looks really excited,

“When you knew you already found her you should have explain to everyone of us about her we would have understand you are just been patient!!” Old grandpa king said smiling happily,

“So when are you introducing her to us” Grandma sera said smiling,

“Who” Ace ask confused,

“Your love of course!! Jessica already explain everything to us don’t you dare pretend!!”Grandma sera said.

“What did you explain to them” Ace shouted angrily and Jessica shiver in fear.

“Erm, erm Actually it was not really what you think I was..”

“Speak up right now if not you would hate yourself” Ace said Coldly,

“I told them you are inlove… I actually saw the way you were staring at the necklace and….”

“I was staring at a particular necklace and what you would think of is telling everyone am in love!!”Ace shouted,

“Am sorry big bro” jessica said in tears,

“Give me the necklace right now!!”

“This is it”

Ace stands up immediately”i am off”.

Jessica felt really scared knowing Ace is already mad at her,

“Am sorry big bro I should have not conclude on my own” jessica said feeling scared that Ace is mad at her.

Kira phone rang and she checked the number she shivered in fear staring at the Caller,
“Hello” She said feeling scared.

“I told you to get me the documents as fast as possible why are you taking long” .

“Am trying my best but I can’t find it” Kira said.

“I Want you to get me all the documents as fast as possible if not consider your secret leak!!” The man on the other line said and kira shivered in fear,

“I promised to get it soon..” She promise.

“Gosh! Kira you are dead!!”Kira scream mentally,

“So how have you been doing you know it been long though”Master Lucian said smiling happily,

“Everything has been good”old grandpa king said smiling happily,

“Grandpa i need to go to saloon”Naomi said hugging master Lucian,

“Good morning sir”Naomi greeted old grandpa king ,

“Morning beautiful damsel” old grandpa king said smiling,

“King this is Naomi my grand daughter”Master Lucian introduce,

“Wow like seriously Naomi is now a beautiful damsel” Old grandpa king said surprised.

“Thank you so much sir”Naomi said happily,

“Grandpa i gotta go” she said smiling happily,

“Yes finally Ace king is mine!!!” She scream crazily

“I need more drinks” A drunkard scream crazily,

“Hey! Pretty lady give me more drinks i promise to pay you by the end of next month” He promised staring at Alisa.

“Sir i think you should settle your old bills before ordering for another drinks” Alisa said staring at the half dead man

“You dare ca ll me a theif i need to call the cops right now” he slutter,

“Sorry sir let me take you to the restroom so you can puke there” Alisa said holding the drunkard hand,

The man entered the restroom and lie down on the floor “sweet home am back” He shouted smiling happily,

“Thanks you so much for bringing me to my mansion pretty lady I need to take a good rest” The man said and he slept up immediately,

Alisa chuckle staring at the sleeping drunkard ,

“This place is actually full of different drama no matter how unhappy you are there must surely make you smile”She said smiling,

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