Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 2

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter two
“Good morning everyone”Ace greeted grumpily,

“Morning”The families replied.

It as always been a rule for everyone of the king family to Eat breakfast together before anyone of them could leave to their various work,

Who would dare disobey old grandpa king order!! He is known for his strictness and Even his grand children could vow not to dare disobey his words,

Old grandpa King as always believe his strictness and hardwork has makes him acheive alot of fortune and he always feel grateful to God for meeting a super wonderful and hardworking Woman,

Seran king is also feared by all even at eighty she still looks like a mother of fifty, Many believes Old granpa king and grandma Sera are actually fit to be a perfect couple

“Ace pray for us”Grandma Seran commanded closing her eyes,

“May the lord protect everyone of us and may he bless us as we eat this food”Ace mutter coldly and all the family said Amen,

“Ace How old are you this year?” Old grandpa king ask and ace sigh

“Twenty eight”He replied getting angry

“I want you to get married!!at what age did you plan to settle down,What exactly is your problem? You are old enough to be a father, i want to see your fiancee or girlfriend before the end of this month if not…….”Old grandpa king threaten,

Ace lost appetite and he stands up immediately this is actually one of the reasons he loves living alone.

He has alot of mansion but his Stubborn grandpa would never argree if not he would have leave The king mansion for long.

“I would think about it granpa am off to work”he mumble bowing

“You should eat a little of …” before old Grandpa king could finish his words Ace walk out of the dining room angrily

“Drive” Ace commanded Lucas,

“Yes Boss”Lucas said bowing.

Naomi stare at Ace king picture and found herself drooling,

“He is too cute to be human” she said staring at his lips,

“I can’t wait to have you to myself” she whispered smiling happily,

Naomi is actually master lucian granddaughter, Master Lucian is also a rich business tycoon and he is a very close friend to old grandpa king,

In terms of riches, you can never compare this two together, Old granpa king is more successful in everything more than Master Lucian.

Naomi was greatly spoilt by both her parents and grandparents, She is well known for been a spiolt brat

Her families could do anything to make sure she get everything she wants.

Everyone know Naomi to be a rude, arrogant, spoilt and proud peacock.

“I want him and I shall have him”She said walking out of her room

“Granpa please i need your help”Naomi said entering her granpa, Master Lucian king size bed.

“What is it honey”He ask staring at her beautiful granddaughter,

“Is old granpa king first grandson married” she ask worriedly,

“No honey why asking”

“I WANT HIM” She said in a pleading tone.

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