Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 10

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter ten
“Who are there”old grandpa King ask,

“The girl father told me to tell you that there are the min” Jessica said and old grandpa King felt shock.

“Whattttttt!!! Wait the min?……..

“Wait the girl father i don’t really…..?

“Actually the man daughter is with him”

“This is fire smelling at our Home!!We are doom!!Grandma sera cried confused.

“Why could there be here after all this year”Grandma sera said sadly,

“Would you continue asking yourself question you can’t find answer to?”old grandpa King ask ,

“So what did you think i should do”She shouted rudely,

“Suit yourself!!”Old grandpa king snap,

Old grandpa King walk into the Sitting room and clear his throat,

“Long time no see grandpa” Manuel said smiling,

“How may i help you?”He ask,

“I think you should sit down and just relax we need to settle some issues Grandpa” Manuel said

“Well you are welcome to my home so what brought Manuel min to my home after how many years of forgetting i exist? ”

“It about the contract!! Don’t you think it’s high time the two get should get married?”

“We need to forget about this contract!! If i can remember well me and your father sign this contract and Even if he is here he would say same thing because the two are already grown up”

“I know grandpa but am sorry to disobey your words, there have to get married as soon as possible,i am damn sure your grandson is matured enough, explain everything to him sir”Manuel said,

“That would be very hard”

” I know but try explaining everything to him, meet,
my beautiful damsel Kira , Baby meet Grandpa king he is your father in-law,

“Good day sir nice to meet you”She said smiling,

“Ok we need to leave now”

“Well there is nothing i can do atleast you want your daughter to marry Ace which was a contract me and your father once sign, it fine by me i would talk to him so we could start planning their wedding” Old grandpa king said smiling,

“Awwwwwwww tnx so much grandpa i really really appreciate”Kira shouted happily,

“Thank you sir we need to leave right now”Manuel said checking his wrist watch.

Ace chuckle staring at Kira’s picture, he continue staring at it trying to think of the best thing to do right now,

“I would just play along with her i need to know their real Boss”Ace said and chuckle,

Ace brought out the necklace and smile staring at it this was the only thing he could use to prove to his Angel that he was the one she has a one night stand with,

He wish he could see her right now and confess his undying love to her,

His phone vibrated and he checked to see it a message from one of his boys,

“Wow finally “He said frowning,

“What could have happened between Donald and the min find out everything and also i want you to put a spy inside Donald house”

“Ok sir”

“Now it time for the show”

Naomi stare at her swollen face and hiss angrily, “who could despise her so much to the extent of doing this to her ,

She could not even finish her drip before the doctor chase her out and now every single hospital are giving her silly reason,

“,Who could be the one doing all this” she muttered smaching a flower vase angrily

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