The Boss The Maid

The Boss The Maid Episode 7

The Boss ? The Maid ?

Chapter 7 ❤

Christabel’s pov

“What!? so you mean you had to pretend like an illiterate?” Richard’s mom asked.

she was too shocked.

“Yes ma” I answered.

I had to tell her the whole truth, she’s like a second family to me. I haven’t even call my parents since yesterday, I will call them when am through talking with richard’ s mom.

“oh my God! you know what? I can give you a job” she smiled.

“What! ma? ” I can’t believe my ears.

“yes, I can”

“Really? I will be so grateful MA, thank you ” I knelt down in front of her to appreciate.

“it nothing dear, I can’t just stop admiring you, you are beautiful and also a good girl ”

“you will make a good wife material ” she added.

‘where’s she heading to? ‘

“Hmm.. thanks so much ma” I answered.

my cheeks were hurting already. Too much smile!

“you welcome dear, am sure by tomorrow you will start work”

“huh? so fast?”

“Yes, in fact you can work in my son’s company” she smiled again .

I smiled too. “Thanks, once again ma”

‘I’d love to work in Richard’s company and of course, he’s gonna see hell’

Richard’s mom stood up and went upstairs.

I was wondering if I had gone yesterday, this opportunity would have pass me by.

Mrs Williams pov

‘Getting to know her was easy, she had to pretend like an illiterate. That’s was a funny idea.

I had to offer her a job so she can stay here with my son. I think l have to plan something before I go tomorrow.

my mind drifted back to her(Christabel). I smiled.

she’s beautiful, has an innocent face, kind even her meal taste delicious.

I just wish my son could open his heart to fall in love again.

I need to tell Christabel about him and maybe she could help me make Richard fall in love and I wish he could fall in love with her if possible.

I lay on the bed and slept off.

Richard’s pov

‘All I do was smile while typing my laptop all along’

my employees were marveled when they saw me smile, joke and laugh with them.

‘They were surprised coz it been long I smiled last’

I thought of my mom and christabel, how will mom react when she finds out that the beautiful girl is an illiterate.

How I wish she wasn’t an illiterate, thinking of her really made my mood change for good. she’s the one behind my smile.

I can’t keep it in coz am beginning to like her. And liking her is gonna be the final cause I don’t want to fall in love again. Never!

I returned home when I was through negotiating the deal with Mr Kingsley, I opened the door and met no one at the sitting room.

I heard voices laughing and giggling upstairs, seriously! I hope christabel haven’t killed my mom with her English. I climbed the stairs and noticed it was from christabel’s room, I placed my ear at the door.

“wow! you look beautiful when you were a teen” my mom’s voice spoke out.

“Thanks MA, actually that was when I graduated from secondary school” christabel’s voice followed.

Am sure she just learned that from a movie.

“And this?” my mom asked.

“This was when I graduated from University, and I came out first class”

wait! Am sure I heard something! university and first class?

Different thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn’t stand it so I opened the door.

“Son,you are back, welcome ” my mom walked towards me and hugged me.

“Yes mom” I replied not taking my eyes off christabel who was too shocked to even greet me. she kept scratching her hair.

‘what’s itching her? ‘

“So you were pretending all this while? ” I asked.

“Hmm…yes.. si…r, am so..rr.. y sir” she stammered.

“I think I will leave you both here to talk” my mom left.

“So you are a graduate right?” I asked her and she nodded.

“Then why do you pretend?”

“I couldn’t find a job after my education so I had to stoop so low when I started working as a maid” Her face were covered with sweat.

I can’t express how relieved I am right now, so she’s pretending all this while. she’s indeed crazy.

“bring your credentials to me in my room in the next 10 minutes, you are starting work in my company tomorrow” I stood up and went out of her room.

Christabel’s pov

I experienced the most shocking scene in my life today, I can’t believe he caught me.

But that was really a blessing in disguise. I grin.

Am starting a better job tomorrow!

I walked to my wardrobe and began looking for where I kept my credentials, it was God who really make me take my credentials along.

I packed all the pictures on the bed which I was showing Richard’s mom in to my wardrobe back.

Richard’s mom had already told me about him. such a pity! my poor crush doesn’t want to fall in love again.

I got to his door even if it not 10 minutes yet, I knocked the door.

“Come in” he half yelled.

“Here are my credentials sir” I forwarded it to him and he collected it.

“But I told you to come in the next 10 minutes” He asked.

“Yes sir, but… ” he cut me in.

“it’s okay, go get me a glass of water” he requested.

“okay sir” I went downstairs and saw his mom watching a nollywood movie, she turned and gave me a wink and I smiled.

I told her about the job her son was going to give me a job, she gave me a thumb up, I got to his room and met him smiling on my credentials, I gave him the water and he drank it up.

“Your credentials really impress me christabel” he said, and looked at me.

of course, my credentials is an impressive one.

“You are starting work with me as my PA” he smirked.

“Huh? P. A? ”


Awwn…. guys I’m so impressed and Happy with you all ’cause you’ve really changed for good.
Please keep it up and I will also never disappoint you.


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