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The Boss The Maid Episode 6

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Chapter 6❀

Christabel’s pov

‘He has completely run mad though he still look cute in his madness’

I locked the door behind and move closer to him, but he moved back.

“Sir calm down, if your madness reaching market, it not curable oo” I said as I moved closer to him again.

“Christabel, are you sure you are okay? what the meaning of this? ”

He moved back again.

“oga, waited let me tie your hands and legs first, so that you will not spoil things” I showed him the rope.

“Who told you that am mad? you even have the guts to enter into my room without knocking” His eyes were red.

“sir, I thoughts you have mad, that’s… ” he shut me up.

“How dare you! you even bring rope to come tie me down, you are really crazy Christabel” He spoke furiously this time.

‘I know am crazy, right now I should be expecting the word” you are fired”

“Am sorry sir, please forgives me” I pleaded.

He scoffed.

“You know what?” He asked.

“What sir? ”

“You are fired!!” he yelled.

‘Told you I will be expecting that’

I looked at him and he did the same.

our eyes came in contact for some seconds, I broke the contact and stared at his masculine body. His just too handsome even his lips are tempting me to kiss them.

“When you are done drooling, you get out of my room”

Drooling? no I wasn’t or maybe I am’

“Sir, I does not knowing the meaning of drooling” Even if I knew it.

“I don’t think you have to know it dullard” he half yelled.

He just called me dullard! it’s not his fault, I know what to do’

“Sir, thou shall not call people dullard” I folded my arms.

“So you want to beat me right?” he asked.

“And what if I do? There’s nothing you gonna do” it was then I noticed my words.

‘is he not even embarrassed that he’s wearing only boxer’

“Did I just hear you well? I mean your English sounds good ” he smiled.

“Hmm… sir, I watches television yesterday, so I learning it from there” I quickly replied.


“oh! maybe you should continue watching movies, you can learn English correctly from there”

“Thanks for your concern”i smiled.

He arched his brow.

“From the television too sir” I quickly said.

“OK, don’t forget you are still fired, so go pack your load”

‘so he still remember’

“OK sir, but let me stay here till tomorrow please” I begged.

I still need to take revenge before I go.

“Hmm.. OK, at least before you go tomorrow, my mom is coming tomorrow so you have to cook before you go” he replied.

“Sir, but am fired”

‘What rubbish! he fired me and still asked me to cook for his mom. Gosh! ‘

“You don’t have choice and is either you are out of this house now or you stay here and cook for my mom tomorrow morning before you go, now choose one” he smirked.

“OK sir, I chooses to stay here and cook before I goes home tomorrow morning” I replied.

‘Best way to revenge’

“Good, now get out of my sight”

I walked out of his room.

Richard’s pov

“Arrgh.. this girl is really getting on my nerves, how can she bring rope to come tie me down coz she thinks am mad”

When she came in without knocking the door, my heart nearly Jump out of my body. I was only wearing boxer so I had to build up courage.

Next morning..

I woke up with the help of my alarm.

I walked to my bathroom, took my bath and went downstairs in my black suit.

I saw Christabel setting the table in the dinning.

‘But, I haven’t tell her when my mom is going to come’

“Good morning sir” she greeted me.

“Good morning, how was your night?”

‘Why do I even care about her night? whatever’

“it was fine sir” she replied.

we heard a knock at the door.

‘I knew it was my mom’

Christabel went ahead and opened the door and there she is ‘my mom’

She walked in smiling at me.

“Good morning son” she said walking towards me.
“Good morning mom, hope your driving wasn’t stressful?” I asked.

“Oh no my son, and who is this beautiful girl? ” she pointed to Christabel and I could see her smiling.

‘she’s more beautiful when she smile’

Gosh! I can’t believe I just said that.

“Mom, she’s a maid but she’s going today coz I fired her already ”

“oh my! what did she do that you fired her, she’s too beautiful to be sacked”

“seriously mom!” I arched my brow.

“of course, can’t you see she’s beautiful and you know beautiful girls like her makes a good wife” my mom winked at me.

“Darling, what’s your name? ” she turned to Christabel.

“My name is Christabel MA” she answered.

I scoffed.

I thought she was going to reply “my names is Christabel”

“Wow! what unique name you got dear” my mom smiled.

“Thanks ma”

“Good, I would like to know more about you”

“Hmm… yes ma”

she looked at me.

“Mom, I will be going to work and you, don’t forget you are going today” I quickly said and took my suitcase.

“Well, she’s not going anywhere” my mom folded her arms.

“What!? mom” my eyes widen.

Christabel too was shocked.

“She’s staying son, aren’t you tired of firing maids at all”

And suddenly, I wish she shouldn’t go again.

“okay, mom, she’s staying just because of you”

What a fat lie!

I was only gonna miss her.
“Good son, that’s why I always love you” she pecked me.

“Mom, I would be leaving, am late already” I said.

“Won’t you eat before You go? ” pointing to the food.

“Nope, mom I will take my break fast at the office” I walked to the exit.

I can’t imagine how Christabel is going to speak with my mom in those illiteracy words.

I bit my lower lip to avoid laughing out, what’s gonna be my mom’s reaction when she finds out she’s an illiterate.




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