The Boss The Maid

The Boss The Maid Episode 4

The Boss πŸ’žThe Maid πŸ’•

Chapter 4 ❀

Christabel’s pov

At the market.

“Arrgh… it’s crowded today” I said silently as I come down from the car.

“Buy your pepper”🚺 A woman shouted.

“We sell yams, sweet potatoes here”🚺 Another woman shouted.

“Here’s your fresh vegetables”🚺

“We sell groundnut oil, palm oil, okro, locust beans here”🚺

Different traders were advertising their goods .

soon, we walked past them and entered into the interior market.

“Oga Richard, you no buy beans today?” A woman in her forties asked.

“hmm.. not today, I still have at home” he replied.

“OK..but your wife fine oo” she just threw the bomb πŸ’£.

I looked at him, I think he’s speechless.

I wanted to talk but I kept quiet coz I don’t want to fuck up with my illiteracy words.

“erm… MA, she’s not my wife, she just my maid” he finally answered.

“oh! But you two were wearing the same colour of clothes, well at least if you are not his wife you would be his girlfriend.

it was then we both looked at our clothes and truthfully, it was the same colour.


what’s happening?

He looked me and I quickly brought my face down.

“MA.. we would be leaving.. bye” he quickly said and dragged me.

“You never told me we were wearing the same colour of clothes” he snarled.

‘Hey, calm down’ I said within.

“sir, I does not knowing”

“God! people will think we are couple” he said still dragging me till we reached the meat seller.

“Customer, you don come! Am coming make I bring your meat” he went into his shop and came out with a polythene bag.

“So, how much is this?” he asked.

“This one is just #4000 Naira and as you can see it’s good” The man whose look is like an aboki.

“What!? you saying this one #4000, and you thinking we will buying it, this small one that does not reach #500” I half yelled.

The man was giving me a ‘who are you’ look.

“Christabel are you okay? I wasn’t complaining about the meat” my boss shouted.

“sir, this man is a robber, his robbing your money and you does not knowing. see oga, gives him #1000 he will collect it” I answered.

“Now I know you are stupid, sir am sorry for the disturbance” he apologized to the man.


he was about giving the man exactly the #4000 coz I counted it with my pure eyes. I collected the money from the long neck man and counted #1500 and give it to the man.

‘Am crazy right? of course I am ‘

I put the remaining balance into my pocket and take the meat from the counter.

He should be thankful that I gave him #1500. I turned and looked at the man and my boss they were super speechless.

“Sir Richard, this your wife is….. ” he shut him up.

“She’s not my wife, she’s just my maid for God’s sake” he said almost angry.

“hmm… And you both are wearing the same colour of clothes” The man replied.

“it was just a mistake”

“OK, if you say so, but she’s crazy, I mean giving me #1500 for this meat. well it because you are my customer, I will accept but don’t bring her here again” The man answered and take a quick glance at me.

‘Now I know, this man is a thief, just because he’s rich.
‘ I will do anything to make me go alone another day, then we shall see’ I smirked.

we bought everything we needed and I feel happy going out with him to the market, he got so many customers calling him here and there and also calling me his wife or even girlfriend.


we entered the car and drove quietly.

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