The Boss The Maid

The Boss The Maid Episode 3

The Boss 💞 The maid 💕

Chapter 3❤

Christabel’s pov
Exactly 1:30pm, I quickly went to my room and changed into a comfortable yellow short sleeves and a blue jean trouser, then put on one of my slippers and combed my hair.

I came down when I was done, I looked at the time it was 1:46pm, I went to the kitchen to check if I could see any shopping bag and luckily, I found one.

‘Thank God’ I muttered.

I went to the sitting room and dropped the shopping bag on the couch and climbed the stairs to go call my boss.

In the room.

I knocked the door, there wasn’t an answer, so I opened the door and entered, his room looks superb, I wish this could be my room.

my eyes landed on him, he was still sleeping on his king size bed comfortably.

“sir please wakes up”

he moved to the other side of the bed, I thought he wanted to stand up but he slept back.

‘which kind of sleep is this’

“sir, please wakes up, it already 2pm” I said, and looked around and saw the time 1:56pm.

‘He’s still sleeping, I know what to do’ I said within.

I went to the edge of the bed, and removed the duvet that covers his legs. I dragged his legs a little out of the bed. arrghh… his body is too heavy!!
I went for his head too and raised it up, then his whole body.

Gosh! I had to use my whole strength.

‘I just hope am not trespassing my boundary’

“sir, it’s 2pm already”

No reply, his eyes were still shut while he was sitting on the bed.

A thought struck my mind. I rushed downstairs to the kitchen, took a bowl containing water and walked back to his room.

“sir, if you don’t wake up, I think this will do” I said silently.

I deep my hand into the water and splashed it on his face, he jerked and cleaned his face with his left hand.

‘Good, I think his waking up’

“urrghh!!.. what the h…” I cut him off by pouring the whole water on his head.

oh! my God

‘God, what have I done? I will be fired in the next minutes’

‘All I need is to start packing my load’

“Am sorry sir.. I thoughts you… ”

“Will you shut up?” he barked angrily, his eyes was now wide open.

“You thought what” he asked still angry.
“sir, I thoughts you wanted to sleeps again” I answered quietly.

“And so? you don’t have the right to splash water on my face talk more of pouring the whole water” I was shivering like a hen that just got drenched by the rain.

“sir, am a sorry, please forgives me” I went on my knees.

‘I should have wait a minute more, though that serves him right’

‘he should have wake up while I was using my whole strength on him but God, my job is at stake’

” I don’t have your time now, when we come back from the market then, I will know what to do with you” he said and walks to his bathroom 🛀.

I quickly stand up, went downstairs and wait for him.

soon, he was done and I could see him approaching.


he’s so handsome in those yellow shirt and blue trouser with a lovely blue sandals.

He took his car keys while I took the shopping bag and we both head out.


Oya who is noticeable what am noticing?😂



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