The Boss The Maid

The Boss The Maid Episode 2

The Boss ?The Maid ?

Chapter 2

Richard’s pov

she turned, and start going to the kitchen. I stared at her.

I tried removing my eyes but couldn’t and soon it landed on her butt.

I quickly removed my eyes. what am I looking at? geez!

I finished my food.

I went to the sitting room and turned on the television and watch one of my favorite channels.

Christabel’s pov
‘well, it isn’t my fault I speak bad English’ I thought as I was arranging and cleaning the kitchen.

Am Christabel Desmond, am twenty-three years of age. I just finished my education a year ago and couldn’t find a job, my parents had to push me out to go look for a job to do and not sit at home, I couldn’t go coz I felt tired of looking for a job but soon I decided to try even if it just a cleaner job and that’s how I landed here.
Is not that I can’t speak English, I do speak English fluently, but I decided to keep it to myself and pretend like an illiterate. moreover, I don’t want to lose this job even if it’s small, it really precious to me. That’s all I can say.

soon, I was done with the cleaning and arranging. I came out and saw my boss watching TV but it seems his head is turning left and right.
‘wait! Is he sleeping or what?’ I thought and soon his head was on the couch.

‘I think he is asleep’

‘should I go wake him and tell him to go inside?’ I asked myself.

‘That’s none of my business anyway’ I turned to go to my room, but looked back and I don’t know when my legs carry me to the sitting room.

No choice.

I bent down and looked at his face, he’s so handsome, cute, gorgeous even in his sleep, he still look wonderful.

‘wait, Am I really saying this? what’s wrong with you Christabel? you are now crushing on your boss now?’ I slapped my face so as not to think of those thoughts again.

I tapped him at his shoulder, but I think he is deeply asleep coz he isn’t waking up.

“sir, sir please wakes up” I tapped him the fourth time.

he opened his eyes slowly and looked at me.

“sir, you have go to your room and slept there now” I stood uprightly.

“OK, thanks” he stood up and walks to the staircase, he reached the first stair and turned.

“Christabel, when it’s 2pm wake me up, we are going to the market to buy foodstuffs” he said.

‘wait.. did he say we?’

How can a wealthy man like him be doing in the market, that’s not my business anyway.

“OK sir, but sir how can you goes to market, I can goes alone” I answered and he turned to me completely.

“That’s how I do, sometimes I go by myself and that doesn’t have effects on me and moreover, you don’t know the types of things I want, so don’t complain any further cause am really tired right now” he replied.

“OK sir, no offenses, as you wishes I will does” I smiled at my incorrect English.

“This your English is really making me mad, I really need to sleep ” he turned towards the stairs and to his room.

I rested my back on the couch as I sat down.

‘life still goes on’ I thought and changed the channel.


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