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The Boss The Maid Episode 11

The Boss πŸ’žThe MaidπŸ’•

Chapter 11 ❀

“Act like my girlfriend christabel ” And I stared at him.

I was dumbfounded. ‘Really? ‘ I asked myself.

The girl came closer to us and I could sense she’s dangerous but am more dangerous than her.

“Hi sweet heart ” she said ,trying to hug him but he pushed her away.

‘Wait! This must be his ex-girlfriend! of course she is! for richard to say “act like my girlfriend ” as something to do with her.

Richard glanced at me and she did the same. I need to act fast.

“Honey, who’s she? ” I asked even if I was nervous.

“Oh! she’s my ex-girlfriend I told you about” he played along.

But seriously, richard didn’t tell me about his ex-girlfriend, oops, have forgotten we are pretending.

“Seriously richard, don’t tell me you have another girl in your life? Have you forgotten me? it’s me linda, your first love ” She was crying but I knew they were fake.

‘I felt like slapping her, her legs like chicken laps’

“Well, you left me and went back to that jerk you called your ex-boyfriend, but now as you can see I got the love of my life ” he smiled at me.

‘ I never knew I had someone who can pretend too like me’

“Seriously, you call this bitch the love of your life? is she prettier than me? ”

He laughed.

“You might be prettier but she’s more beautiful than you, you are not up to her beauty ”

‘Did Richard just say am more beautiful than her? christabel stop all this, he’s just acting sweet in front of you’

“Sweet heart, it like we are not going shopping anymore, let’s go inside ” I said, and looked at her, she’s damn angry.

“Stop there, who are you to take richard from me? ” she blabbed.

“Blah blah blah, I took him away from you? of course not! you were the one who left him heartbroken and as you can see his happy having me ” I glanced at richard, and he was smiling.

“You heard that linda, so go I don’t want to see you in my life again” he yelled.

‘So the girl’s name is Linda ‘

“No am not going anywhere, as you can see am here with my luggage, so am moving in ”

‘Richard’s eyes was wide open.

“Linda, don’t you dare! ”

“Of course am daring you ” she took her luggage and before I knew it she’s inside.


Am smelling danger, I need to stay away from her but not from Richard.

“Christabel, I need to tell you this, it’s about linda ” he said, walking towards me.

“Don’t worry, I already know about her, your mother told me everything ” I blurted out.

He arched his brow.

“My mom? okay, but there’s one thing which my mom didn’t know about her, she’s dangerous I mean she can kill anyone who step on her toes ”

‘What? But how can you date a killer?’ I better not say that loud.

“Now I see, she’s the girl I dreamt of last night, trying to kill me with a gun ” I said.

I just need to tell him.

“Huh? you mean she’s the one in your dream? ” I nodded.

“Please stay away from her, and I will do anything to protect you from her, coz seeing you as my girlfriend makes her more dangerous”

Seriously, richard wants to protect me from his ex-girlfriend ,this is serious.

Before I knew it, he hugged me again!.

l placed my head on his chest well, feeling the warm embrace.

Sometimes being short is good!

Richard’s pov

I withdrew from the hug, and we went in.

‘Now am wishing to hug her day by day ‘

we saw linda in the sitting room watching the TV, with a glass of juice in her hand. she saw us, and I could see she’s furious.

I should have stop her from coming into the house but she’s too fast.

“Baby, go inside am coming ” I faced christabel and she went upstairs.

I still have to fight the feelings am beginning to have for christabel, she’s making me fall in love again.

“Linda, can you please pack your things and leave this house now ” facing linda.

“No richard, I can’t leave, you have to forgive me for what I did to you, am sorry” she pleaded.

“Have forgiven you since you slept with that guy and broke up with me ”

“Then accept me back as your girlfriend, that girl can’t make you happy the way I do make you happy ” she said, and getting closer to me.

she bought her face closer to mine and try to kiss me but I pushed her away.

“Linda stop this, and where is your luggage? ” I asked.

“Well, I kept the luggage in our room ” she smiled.

“What? how can you keep your luggage there?” I half yelled.

” I don’t see your so called girlfriend’s property in your room, so I kept mine there ” she smiled again.

“I give you 15minutes, to go upstairs now, take your luggage and get out of this house ”

“Am not going anywhere, am here and am here to be with you forever, no one can take what’s mine” she shouted, her face was red.

“oh, but you left what’s yours and someone else took it”

“you see that bitch you called your girlfriend, am gonna deal with her so badly, that she will regret having you, am gonna pack my luggage but am not leaving this house. This house is gonna be hell for the three of us ” she threatened and walked out in front of me, and went upstairs.

‘Gosh! this house is not safe for christabel, I know what linda can do. she can kill, I really need to be around christabel.

I can’t let someone kill my happiness.

Linda’s pov

I will make sure that girl regret having richard, I need to find some information about her. she’s really a dead meat.

christabel’s pov

I just hope that girl don’t try anything around richard, cause I will show her the stuff am made of. Am not only crazy am dangerous too.

one punch πŸ‘Š you land in coma.


Keep it rolling guys . Love y’all 😍😍😍

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