The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Prologue

(She Belongs To One 💫)


Being at the Orphanage for 19 good years of her life, weakened Amanda, But her fate changed when mrs Carol, wealthy wife of the billionaire Mark Dickson came out of nowhere and adopted her.

Amanda arrives at the big Mansion where she meets mrs Carol’s two sons:
🌸Royce, The first son and heir to his father’s wealth. Very handsome and a flirt.

🌸And Bryan, The second son and very much cuter and sexier than his brother. He’s famous and a teen movie actor. One of the best models in New York. Girls are crazy over him, more than you can imagine. He’s cold and rude and an introvert.

🌸Minnie, the baby girl of the house. She’s 17 years old and very adorable. She loves fashion and always snooping around.

Amanda has a lower rank in the house and is treated just like a maid thanks to mrs Carol. But she has no idea why Carol adopted her.

What happens to Amanda when she starts to crush on Bryan?
Will he notice her?

Will she stay when she finds out Mrs Carol’s truth behind her adoption?
Besides, what are her reasons?

I won’t say more…

It’s thrilling,
It’s interesting,
It’s romantic,
Crazy erotic… 💜

You won’t wanna miss it.

Your likes will determine if I should post or not

Between this and the fuck Lord choose one

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