The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 8-9

{She belongs to one?}

Story by Eunice Nwodu ?

Episode Eight?

Amanda’s pov:
I sat by the kitchen counter scribbing something on my notepad. I love writing songs that come to mind so I do this often.

Taylor walked in with the head maid.
They have been busy for a while

“You, carry this drinks and go serve the kids outside. And be polite” the head maid said.

“I..I can’t serve them…” I stuttered

“And why is that?” She sneered.

I sighed.
I don’t want to see him – Both Bryan and Royce.

“Let me serve the drinks–” Taylor intervened.
“No, let her do it” the head maid insisted.

I carried the tray with so much thoughts going through my mind.

I would see him again after the crazy ordeal last night.

I can do this…
I got to the garden sight where a big speaker was and music was playing loudly.
I got to where they were.

There was a girl sitting so close to Bryan.
I remember her from school.
What’s she doing here? Is she Bryan’s…

“Cute cheek” one of the boys I didn’t know said with his eyes on me.
When he spoke, I saw his golden teeth.

I dropped the tray on a table at the center.
I tried so hard not to look at Bryan but I did. I caught him staring and he looked away shyly.

Mrs Carol will skin me alive for kissing her son. No, her son kissed me.
Am a mess.

The girl beside him giggled and stood up.
She turned and bent before Bryan and next thing I knew, she starts to shake her butt so hard that I thought it’d break off.

I quickly stepped back as everyone starts to ‘woo her.

?Bryan cum already!
?shake that booty girl!

They screamed.
My heart raced as Bryan didn’t do anything but just stared.
Oh goodness…

“That’s enough” he said relaxed.

The girl stopped and got on her knees facing Bryan.

She touched his pants zipper…
Oh mama.

“What the!! A blowjob with that!” Another boy said.
What’s a blowjob?
I glanced at Royce who was looking at them emotionlessly.

She unzipped his zipper and got her hands on his penis. ??
Bryan stopped her immediately and zipped back up.

“Don’t be naughty” he said to her and shot me a stare.
I ran back into the kitchen.
I felt so angry and strange… So jealous!
Why did he let her dance for him like that?

Minnie walked into the kitchen.
She looked so hot in her crop top and bum short.

I wish am classy and civilized to dress like her.

“Are you okay?” She asked me.
Why is she asking me that?
I nodded.
“Am good thanks” I replied.

“That girl is Ashley, Bryan’s crazy fan and admirer. I mean it when I say she’s crazy, a psychopath” she said.

I nodded.
“Stay away from her. She’s a psycho” she said.
“Why are you warning me against her? Have she hurt someone before?” I asked.
She chuckled.
“She ruined alot of girls life who gets in her way. Academically, love life… Through her connections, she got a girl expelled for writing Bryan a valentine love note” she blurted.

Mrs Carol will kill me if I get expelled.
That’s bye bye to school for me.

Ashley’s pov:
She’s here!
Brittany was right all along.
The girl’s aiming for my man. I saw the way Bryan stared at her as she dropped the tray.
He’s falling…

Bryan is falling for her!
But what does he see in the poor ugly biatch?

I felt so ashamed and useless when Bryan stopped me from giving him a blowjob?
I felt like dying right there.
All because of the girl.

She needs to be warned about me.
Cause I’ll ruin anything or anyone who tries to stand in my way from getting what I want.

But what’s she doing here?

Bryan’s pov:
I felt uncomfortable after Amanda left. She didn’t look quits happy.

What’s wrong with me?
I barely know this girl and am already thinking about her two four seven!

i stood up and left them holding my phones and a bottle of vodka.
I need to get drunk.

Mrs Carol’s pov:
“Tell me” I said facing the window watching Bryan walk away from the garden with a bottle of alcohol.
What’s wrong with him?

“The results are out….positive. She’s her daughter” The doctor said.

I gulped.
I knew it!
This is not good.
I have to get rid of her fast…






[she belongs to one✨]

written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu ❄

Episode Nine?

Amanda’s pov:
I woke up with the maids and helped get breakfast ready. It’s so stressful cause the head maid since to be giving Me more work than I supposed to carry out.
I nearly broke down…
What sort of punishment is this?

I got ready for school and had breakfast with Taylor before I ran off hoping not to miss the bus.
I got outside the gate and to my suprise, Bryan’s car was outside.
He normally goes out with a white Benz with his signature on it with gold paint.

I though he already left for school.
He got down and I felt so strange.
What’s that feeling.

“Let’s go together. Get in” he said and entered the car.
Free ride!
I entered and held onto my bag tightly. He started driving.
I looked back though I didn’t know why I wanted to.
I saw Royce driving out in his blue Ferrari car.

Too bad Bryan’s already taken me.
I faced the front looking at Bryan as he stared at the road.

“Anyone looking for your trouble at school?” He asked after some silence.
“No” I replied perfunctorily.
I really don’t want to die before my time.
I better forget about that Brittany girl that’s out to hurt me.

We got to school in no time and I begged Bryan to stop me somewhere a bit distant from the school but he refused and there, he parked right infront of the school building were folks were crowded talking and laughing.

“Let’s get to class” he said and got down.

I hesitated for a while before coming down.
All damn eyes were on us.
Oh Bryan…

He starts to walk into the building while I hopped after him feeling extra shy and nervous.

We took the stairs totally missing the way to our class and next thing, I realized we were at the VIP class.

Bryan threw his bag on a seat while I dropped mine on the floor.
I could See our class from up here.
It’s just below.

I still can’t believe Bryan gave me a ride and still brought me to VIP with him.
Why’s he acting so nice and strange with me now.
It made me touch my lips, he kissed me.
I still don’t know if it’s a dream or reality.

“Sit” he said and I quickly sat down a seat away from him.
“Come close” he said and I quickly obeyed him.

We were close now.

I brought out my books and set the on my desk.
I knew he was looking at me and gosh was I nervous!

Jade and Phoebe walked into the class below, I know they haven’t seen me yet. They’d scream when they do.

A teacher came in and starts to teach. Surprisingly, I could hear what he’s saying. I guess there’s a soundproof switch somewhere.

I looked among the students and my eyes met with the Ashley girl.
Why is she glaring at me. She looked like she would kill me right this instant.

Bryan cared less but just dropped his right leg on the lap of the right listening to the teacher.

Morning lectures were over and I packed my books.
Oh geez, what now,?
How do I excuse myself?

“Your lunch is on it’s way” he said and I felt like the ground should open already and swallow me!
How can Bryan be this kind?
Isn’t he eating as well?

“Okay, thanks” I said staring at the floor.

Thank God it’s just three hours remaining to school over. Tomorrow, I’ll run to school early so I don’t get to meet Royce or Bryan.

My prayer was answered and school was finally dismissed.

Suddenly I heard something from one of the announcement speakers.

*Amanda Griffin report to the principal’s office*
The voice said.

Oh geez, what did I do?

I stood up with my bag and turned to Bryan.
“I have to go” I said.

He stood up too but not with his bag.
“Go” he said.
I quickly walked to the door but turns out he was right behind me.

The class below can’t see us from here.
He pinned me to the wall with his hands behind my head.
Not again.
He gazed into my eyes for a while.
He drew close and took my lips into his hungrily.

He bit and sucked softly.
I moan into his lips.
Butterflies danced around in my tummy.

He held me by my waist and pulled me close to his body. I shuddered.

What does this guy see in me that he’s able to kiss me?
He starts to kiss my neck.

“Bryan Dickson…please stop” I managed to say cause I could hardly think straight.
He slid one of his hands under my shirt rubbing on my tummy as he fed on my lips.

Oh my God.
Is he playing with my feelings?

He pulled away when we ran out of breath.
“Am sorry but it’s just that I missed those lips…” He said sweetly still obstructing me from moving.

“Okay” I said more perplexed than ever.
“Um…Bryan, are you…okay?” I asked though I know he’s okay

He’s not drunk.
He tucked my hair against my ears.
“Am waiting for you. Be back in five minutes. I want to take you somewhere” he said .

I nodded panting briefly.
He stepped back giving me chance to pass.
I scurried off.
Why’s the principal calling me? Did I do something wrong?

Bryan is moving fast with Amanda coz he doesn’t want Royce to have a slight chance with her?

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