The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 7

?……She belongs to one……. ?

written by Eunice Nwodu ?

Episode seven?

Amanda’s pov:
“I don’t like any of them” I replied short of words.
She scoffed.
“Even a blind man knows you’re into Royce” she blurted.

My heart starts to race.
This girl is surely going to cast me.

“I’m not..” I interpolated.
“Then what were you doing in his room? Don’t you see the way he looks at you? Don’t tell me you find that ordinary” she said with an eye roll.
I was dumbfounded.

“Here’s the thing. In case you don’t know, Royce and Bryan aren’t in the good terms. They argue like cats and dogs but you haven’t witnessed them fight yet cause Bryan has been quiet and busy this days.

“Royce screwed Bryan’s ex girlfriend Stacy while he had a girlfriend. So Bryan hates him so much. But one thing’s for sure, Bryan is cursed and I don’t think he’ll ever be happily Inlove with someone” Minnie enthused and sighed.

There’s so much to know.

“You don’t understand, I don’t want any of them” I said perplexed.

“The only way out is to find a boyfriend from school…I can help you out. Free services” she said grinning.

“I don’t think I want to be in a relationship yet” I admitted taking my books cause I was done braiding her hair.

She twirled and turned to me.
“Am sorry to say this but, if you don’t find someone else apart from them, then you’re stuck in the middle and trust me, you won’t like that part” she shrugged and walked to the door.

I left her room and went to the kitchen to help make dinner.
Later in the night , I felt uneasy and just wanted to come outside and receive some air.

Everyone was asleep and the mansion was damn quiet.

I took a flashlight and turned it on using it to find my way to the huge and spacious gallery I saw earlier when I arrived at the mansion.

I came to a dead stop when I met someone standing there his hands on the railing.
He was facing me..
A handsome broad back on a black pyjamas.

I took some steps back retreating so he doesn’t notice.

“Hi” I heard and I froze.


He noticed I was here.
Bryan just hi’ed me??

“H…hi” I stuttered.

“You can stay, am going in anyway” he said turning a bit and am able to see his lovely face amidst the darkness.

I nodded and walked slowly to the gather. He’s still here, he didn’t leave.

“How’s your head?” He asked coming close.

“It’s fine” I replied with my heart racing.

He didn’t say anything for a while.
“Why are you here?” He asked.
I went numb.
“When are you going to leave our house?” He asked…

I can’t tell him I was adopted by his mom, can I?

“I’ll leave soon” I replied as beads of sweats appeared on my forehead.

“Why?, Won’t Royce miss you when you go?” He asked.
Written by Eunice Nwodu ~
Why does everyone think Royce and I are together?

“.I don’t really know–” I replied stepping backwards.
He was coming close bit by bit.

“No, you should know.
Have you met his girlfriend?,
How can you be comfortable being with him when he has a girlfriend?” He asked.

Oh yea…
He’s angry.
But why?

“He’s just helping me with my homework” I admitted.

“Are you sure?” He asked coming close.
The gather stopped my retreat.
He bent a bit and drew close. He had his hands in his pocket.
Our faces were inches apart.
He came more closer and our lips met. He kissed me slowly.

My eyes were wide open and I just blinked like a lost goat..

Is he Perharps drunk?
Oh God!
His lips are just as tasty as they look.

Bryan Dickson is kissing me.
Can today get any crazier?

He stopped and gazed into my eyes. Deep.

“Bring your homework to me. I don’t want to see you close to him under no circumstance. No going into his room from now on, okay?” He asked and I nodded sheepishly.

Am so failing my exams.
Is Bryan a teacher?
maybe he’s on drugs.

“Am sleepy. Can…can I go now?” I asked sheepishly.
Do I need his permission?

“Goodnight” he said and left.
Oh God,
I think am dreaming??

~~~~~~~~Next day ?~~~~~~~~~

Ashley’s pov:
My driver parked infront of the Dickson’s mansion and i alit from the car.
Today is going to be just crazy.

I wore a mini hot Flay skirt that brought out my hips and butt.
Bryan has never invited me to his house. Can this mean he’s falling for me inch by inch?

I was allowed in after thorough check up. A maid was waiting for me.
I love Bryan!!

“Miss Ashley, I’ll take you to were they are” she said and I nodded.
She led the way.

We got to the large decorated garden.
It was the three billionaire kids.
Minnie, Royce and my love, Bryan.

They were wearing casual outfits and music was playing from the speaker.

A girl with red hair was playing with the big gold chain on Royce’s neck while Minnie was taking selfies.
And my Bryan was busy with his phone.

There were four other expensive looking kids relaxing on the lounge chairs each enjoying the music.

Some were eating and drinking.
A house party.

TBC ??
Bryan wants to spoil our Amanda ??
What’s going to be Ashley’s reaction when she sees Amanda at the mansion?
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