The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 5-6

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Episode five and sixπŸ’›

Amanda’s pov:
The next morning was fast and annoying. The maids left me to do the dishes and believe me, there was a lot.

This feels like the Orphanage.
Am usually asked to help do the dishes and I always agree.
Am not used to turning people down.

I walked to school this time around cause there was no sign of Royce anywhere.
Besides, it’s not like he’s my driver or anything.

I attended classes with Jade and Phoebe by my side. The teacher hadn’t come yet so Everyone was scattered around the class talking and laughing.

A man with huge glasses came in and everyone started to adjust which felt like a deja vu since it happened yesterday.

I brought out my books and dropped them on my desk.
I looked around..
Where’s Bryan?

“Looking for someone?” Jade whispered to me.
I nodded slowly.
“I was expecting to see Bryan today” I replied despondently.

Phoebe chuckled.
“He’s up there girl. VIP class” she snorted and I looked at the back.
I drifted my eyes up and gasped.
Oh my goodness!

There’s a place above us…
Glass was the thing demarcating us from there.
Bryan was sitting there…
Staring at me!

He looked at me coldly like he was expecting me to look away first or something.
I took my eyes back to my book and gulped.
He’s up there. Watching me.


Brittany’s pov:
I watched the new girl stare at Bryan. How dare she?
So the new biatch is trying to have a shot with him..

I turned to Ashley.
She’s been my friend since childhood and the center of attraction.A Hugh school diva. She’s gorgeous and has thin lips.
PS, crushing on Bryan for a long time now.

She was applying her lip gloss on her lips.
“Guess who I caught staring at Bryan?” I asked.
She arched her brows….
“Who would dare?” She asked already sounding angry.
I pointed.
“New girl and let me shock you, Bryan was looking at her too” I jibed smirking.

Ashley frowned.
“That’s it. The b–ch just marked herself” she said angrily.
Am going to use Ashley to avenge that girl for proving tough yesterday.

Amanda’s pov:
School was over and boy was I glad.
I can’t wait to study with Royce today. Failing my exams would be the end of the road for me.
Why do I have to come at such times?

I stood with Jade outside the school building where everyone was at hanging around. She said she’d give me a ride home again so we’re waiting for her driver.

I start to hear gasps and I quickly looked up. It was Bryan with two huge men in black suits. Everyone was staring and admiring him as he walked kingly to his ride.

I can’t believe I live with this guy…
Such an honor.

But am nothing but a mini maid to him.

I quickly slapped myself trying to snap out of the thoughts.
I remember telling myself to maintain a distance from him.
For mrs Carol and for my sake.

He stopped walking and turned looking around for a second and then he approached his Benz which was already opened and entered.

I start to feel my heart aching a little.
The show is over*
They drove off and everyone starts to chatter and gossip.

Did I say the show was over?
Minnie, Bryan’s baby sister walked out with a man in suit walking after her and carrying her backpack.

She entered the Pink Porshe car herself and jammed the door and everyone starts to talk more.

School celebrities..
It feels so bad to be nothing.
Not even a sister to someone…

I went home with Jade afterwards…


I gulped as I carried my books to Royce’s room. He insisted I come to his room or no tutoring.

I got to his door and knocked…quietly.
I got no response so I knocked again very scared of being seen.
Where’s Royce,?
I jusr saw him a moment ago.

I heard footsteps behind and before I could scurry away, Bryan showed up.

He had his hands in his pocket.
I didn’t know what to do…
geez, what will he think?
I hope he won’t even get the slightest hunch am dating his brother already.
He shot me a stare and went into his room.

Thank goodness!
The door opened and Royce showed up.
I went in in a jiffy.

I turned to look at him.
He only had a towel tied round his waist. Water droplets were dripping down from his hair.
Why can’t he Bryan?
Friendly and cool.

“Drop your books on the bed. Give me a minute to change, mm” he said and entered through another door in the room.

I sighed and sat on the bed.
Why do I have to end up like this?
Among strangers 😭 😭.

πŸ’—Bryan’s pov:
Anger was all I felt watching her stand at his door.
First, he screwed my first girlfriend, Stacy and now he wants to have another innocent girl.

He just loves making me mad!!!
He has girlfriends. Numerous girlfriends but still he’s a flirt.
I can’t believe Amanda would fall for his tricks. I thought she’d be smart and clever.

I angrily poured everything on my table.
geez, why am I eating myself up like this?
I don’t care for that girl.
Why am I so mad?
If she wants to be used, she can proudly offer herself on a platter.
But… πŸ‘Š
Why is Royce like this??

I opened the door and stared at Royce’s.
She’s behind that door…
maybe she’s screaming in pleasure right now.
I walked to the door and tried to see if I could hear their conversation or moans but it was quiet.
Looks like the door is soundproof.

I need to talk to mom and know why and where she brought the girl from.
She can’t be here.
I don’t want her here.

Amanda’s pov:
“…4..5, time up” Royce said and collected my paper.
He gave me a question to solve under a minute.

I hope I did well…
It’ll be embarrassing if I failed.
But the questions are much more complicated than the once they teach us at the orphanage.

“Nice work, but….the method you used in solving it is just crazy… You got the answee right but you totally created your own formula” he said laughing.

I could feel my cheeks turn red.
“Okay, I’ll keep trying to perfect the formula. It’s almost time for dinner… We’ll continue tomorrow. Thanks” I said feeling nervous.

He nodded and I grabbed my books and walked to the door. I felt like turning to look at him and I did…
He was staring at my behind.

I quickly left the room and shut the door.
I stared at Bryan’s door.
I bit my lower lip.
Does love at first sight exist?

Ashley’s pov:
I called Bryan one more time. I won’t eat till I hear his voice.
Why is he too hard to get?

I felt like the happiest girl in the world when he picked up.

“Bryan…” I said into the phone wishing he was here with me…
“We never met at school. Tomorrow’s public holiday. Can…can I come over or should we meet somewhere,?” I asked.

I can’t believe am asking a guy out on a date.
“No, am busy” he said coldly.
“Please Bryan, I won’t cause any trouble. I just want to be there with you.please”I said my heart breaking.

Why is he like this?
So cold and tough.
“Okay” he said and hung up.
Oh my God,!!!
I just got a VIP invite to Bryan’s house!!
Am so happy!

Am so going to twerk for him and give him a blow job. Whatever he wantsπŸ’Ÿ

Amanda’s pov:
I was walking to my room with my books when Minnie showed up.
She’s such a fashionista πŸ‘’πŸ’„πŸ‘ πŸ‘—
She’s always dressing cool and pretty.

“Can you braid hairs?” She asked sternly.

I nodded.
She motioned me to follow her to her room.
She sat on a seat before a mirror and handed me a comb and brush.
I collected it and started to work on her hair.
Am just like a maid in this house.
It’s just fate.

“So, which of my brother do you like more so far?” She asked giggling.
Why is she asking?
“Tell me or you’ll be in big trouble” she said.

Forgive me for the delay. I was busy with a paperwork.
Hope it’s long enough.
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Love you allπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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