The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 4

(She belongs to one?)

Episode four?

Amanda’s pov:
I sat with Jade and Phoebe as they talked nonstop about Bryan.
They’ve been talking since and aren’t tired.
I wonder if this is their daily routine.

How can someone love Bryan this much?
“Amanda, you’re kinda quiet. Don’t you know Bryan?” Jade asked.
I shook my head.
“I don’t” I lied remembering mrs Carol’s instructions.
‘Don’t let anyone suspect you live with us’.

“He’s not in school today but you can still manage this” Phoebe jibed and pointed at Jade’s shirt.
I nodded with a wry smile looking at Bryan’s cute face.

He’s so adorable.
I don’t know why am this soft spotted for him. Maybe cause I’ve never actually liked someone to want to be with them my whole life…

A tall slim woman walked in and everyone sat properly.
Wait a minute, this school doesn’t look so sumptuous as I thought.
Why would billionaires attend such school?

Then I remembered it might be by choice.
They must have wanted to go to a lively school.

Lessons started and went on for hours. Each teacher faster than the last.

“Why are all the teachers in a haste?” I asked Jade when the last period was over.

“Oh, the exams are coming up soon. In two weeks” she replied perfunctorily.

Oh my God!
And am just joining them..
How will I cope?
I’ll have to meet Royce later.
He’s my ticket to not failing.

I nodded and packed my books into my backpack. I suddenly felt pressed.
I turned to Phoebe.

“I really need to use the restroom. please which way do I go?” I asked.

“its at the end of the hallway, first door” she said.

I nodded and left the class hurrying up and following her directions.
I went into the restroom and quickly eased myself.
I came out with my bag on my shoulders.

I headed to the class, no Jade, no Phoebe. I left school alone walking to the bustop. A car stopped beside me and the windows came down.

A man was at the driver’s seat.
“Get in, we’ll drop you off” she said.
I entered the backseat and we zoomed off.


I put on my maid uniform and got to work.
I was asked to clean Bryan’s room cause he wasn’t around and won’t be returning tonight.

Surprisingly, am so happy!!

Those butterflies returned to my stomach as I entered his room.
Sweet holy Mary,!

The room was large, I mean large.
There was a big but messy bed at the center of the room with white spotless duvet.
There were paintings on the walls – paintings of a beautiful woman.
Who was she?

I shut the door behind me and got to work. I started with the soft bed and then the bathroom.
The walls were neat but I still scrubbed them so Bryan will be pleased.

i didn’t want him to have any complains at al..

Bryan’s pov:
I was super tired and stressed out with today’s shoot.
But am glad the movie ended early today.

There were dozen messages from my classmate, Ashley.
She can’t stop texting me.
I get she’s crushing but she’s too pushy and demanding.

I’ll just get home and have some sleep. The Benz stopped infront of the house and the door was opened.
I got down leaving the guards to bring down the luggages.

family was having dinner when I walked past them straight to my room.

I opened the door and went in shutting it, locking it to be precise.
I removed my slippers and and approached my bed taking off my rings and freeing my body off all the accessories.

I took off my shirt, shirtless…
Next, I removed my belt and took off my pants leaving just my brief boxer.
I went to the bathroom and got the greatest shock ever!

The girl was wiping the mirror.
She was startled and the stuff she was holding fell on the floor.

I was too tired to notice there was a f++king girl in my bathroom!

She covered her mouth with her hands.
I quickly grabbed a towel and tied around my waist.

“You again? Seriously, what are you doing in my room?” I asked sternly.

“Am cleaning…
“Am sorry, we…I thought you weren’t going to be home today” she stammered.

I scoffed.
What do I do with this girl?
Why is she everywhere??

“Leave. Leave right now” I ordered calmly.

She quickly bent down to pick her stuff on the floor but she hit her head on the sink.

Such clumsiness.

She stood erect holding the hurting place. Her face was already red. She covered her face with her hands sobbing.

She tried to leave but I stopped her.
I went to the cupboard in my bathroom and took some cotton and a bottle of spirit.

She took it from me.
“I’ll manage. Thank you” she said carried her things. She ran to the door and tried to open it..
I assisted her and unlocked it and she rushed out.


Amanda’s pov:
I sat on the bed sniffing and sobbing as Taylor helped rub the spirit on my wound. It feels so bad to be disgraced like that infront of Bryan.

I have to learn how to hate him cause the more I like him, the more I keep dragging myself to the mud.
And to do this, I have no choice but to get closer to Royce…

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