The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 3

{She belongs to one๐Ÿ’ซ}

Episode Three๐Ÿ’›

Amanda’s pov:
I quickly got to my feet in a jiffy.
“Am so sorry, please for–”

“Such clumsiness, were you born blind?” He asked as he stood up.
First day and am getting into so much trouble.
I shook my head.
“Am so sorry” I shrieked and ran out like usain bolt.
I didn’t even know where I was going.
How could Bryan be so mean?

I admired his great looks but he’s just a heartless gorgeous guy..
Royce is way better than him but still am no longer mad at him.
Though he spoke to me badly, I still feel not so offended.
I think am going insane.

geez, let this day end already.


I woke up early and got ready for school. A rich school to be precise…
Mrs Carol atleast bought me clothes.
Am guessing the clothes are from her cause I woke up and saw two big shopping bags next to my bed.

“Uh..Taylor, can you please tell me the way to my school” I said to her when she stepped out of the bathroom.

“Oh, you’ll walk to the bustop, it’s a bit lengthy from the mansion. Anyways, you take a bus and stop at Thomas highschool” she said.

I nodded.

Thomas highschool.

I hope the school is just like the one at the Orphanage.

I left the room and headed to the kitchen where my breakfast was. There are so many maids working at this mansion…
What do they do?

I finished eating and left getting myself ready to work all the way to the bustop. I saw a white van with Minnie, Bryan’s younger sister inside driving out. She must be going to school.
I got outside the gate walking past an open roof car parked close to the gate.

“Hey Student” I heard and stopped.

I turned back to see Royce in leaning on the car with his car keys flinging on his finger.

I tucked my short hair behind my ear and walked slowly to him.

“Good morning sir” I said wishing he won’t talk about yesterday’s crazy event.

“Don’t call me that. Am not old…” He grouse coldly.

I nodded.

“Get in. I’ll drop you off” he said going to the driver’s side.

But mrs Carol warned me to stay away.

“Please Si–Royce, you really don’t need to worry about me. I’ll manage” I stuttered.

“Don’t even try” he said and entered.

I looked around before entering his cool red sports car.
I’ve never entered such before.

He started driving.. Quite fast.

“So, how old are you?” He asked.
I gulped. Why does he want to know!?
“19+” I replied.
“22”he said.
I nodded.

Whenever am with him, I run out of words!

“I think you’ll be in Bryan’s class. But he won’t be in school today…he has a shoot or whatever” He said not sparing me a glance.

I felt like jumping.
Thank God I won’t see him at school probably through out the day!.
But do I really don’t want to see him??

“Are…are you done with school?” I asked, my voice shaking.

“Dad’s wealth gives me reasons to quite school” he replied.

How can he be so open?
Telling me stuff like this…
He barely knows me..

“Okay, chat time is over. See you at home after school and come to my room later with today’s homework. I need to know if you’d be needing extra lessons” he said.

“But–” I quickly shut my mouth
I came out of the car.
“Thank you so much” I said.
He didn’t say anything but zoom off.

He’s too kind but does he mean the part where I come to his room with my homework??

I went into my new school afterwards with a facial expression.
I got to the whole way.
Working amongst students looking like bloating goat! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

I don’t even know from where to start from.
Three girls walked past me talking and something fell from one of their bags. I picked up the purse and called their attention.

“This fell off. Becareful with your things” I said perfunctorily handing it to one of them.

“Wait, are you telling us how to handle our things?” The blonde one sneered coming close to me.

“No, i…” I stuttered.

“A newbie. No wonder” the other one said glaring at me.

Oh geez, who are they?

“Lick my shoe and I’ll pardon you” the blonde one said and her friends giggled.

Lick what??
They must be bullies.
At the Orphanage, there are no bullies cause we all treat one another as siblings.

“How can I lick your filthy shoes? Do you want me to die of bacteria?” I asked.

Her eyes beamed.
She smirked and tried to slap me but out if nowhere two other girls stood before me defending me from the three Devils.

“Any problem Brittany?” One of them asked the blonde one.

The three girls shot me a stare before walking away leaving jusr me and my two saviors.

They faced me.
“Those girls gave you the eyes…You need to watch your back from now on” the black skinned girl said.

“Newbie, am Phoebe and this my bff, Jade” the fair one said and I shook hands with them.

I looked closely at Phoebe’s T shirt, it had Bryan’s hot photo printed on it.
She must be his super fan.

“C’mon, let’s go to class” they said and I nodded.
Turns out we were classmates!
Can this day get any better?
I have friends now…
Am progressing fast.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

As promised.
Who do you think bought clothes for Ama?
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