The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 2

{She belongs to one?

Episode Two?

Amanda’s pov:
I was on my bed just watching the maids converse and laugh.
I prefer the Orphanage to this place…

This place is too boring and big for me.
When I look at my future…I view nothing at all.

I feel so useless and stranded.
What’s mrs Carol’s plan for me? Why did she bring me here?

I stood up and left the room.
I really want to see the whole house.

I went up the stairs walking fast and sneaking around cause I know if Mrs Carol sees me, am as good as dead…

Royce’s pov:
“Oh yeah…more! Royce….” Kimora bemoaned with her hands on her butt cheeks.

I was f–king her in a doggy style. That’s the way I want it…
Especially with her.
My loaded girlfriend, Kimora is obsessed with me.
I don’t care if all she needs is my money but as long as she doesn’t deny me her honeypot, we’re good to go.

“Oh geez…” She cried as we hit climax.
The pleasure flows in and I threw my head backwards.

I pulled out and pulled up my pants.
She quickly fixed her pantie and adjusted her skirt.

“that was naughty Royce. You keep getting better and better each time, don’t tell me you’ve been practicing” She said brushing her hair.

I rolled my eyes.
“Are you saying am cheating on you?–”

“No no no! Am sorry, hope you’re not offended” she said rubbing her hands on my chest.

I removed her hands and grabbed my keys.
“I’ll drop you off, let’s go” I jibed.

“Oh, okay” she said with her tiny voice which irritates me.

I wore my white slippers and put on my two golden rings.
We left my room with her clutching onto my arm tightly.
I scoffed.
Am starting to get tired of her..
But getting rid of her won’t be easy.

We bumped into someone, geez, she hurt me with her arm.
What’s wrong with the maids in this mansion!
I glanced at the girl…
Oh, I don’t think she’s a maid..
She doesn’t look like one.

“Oh my God, am so sor–”
“What’s wrong with you? Are you blind?!!!!” Kim yelled angrily interrupting the girl.
She placed her hands on her mouth and I could tell she’s scared.

I held the girl and pulled her to my side while Kim stared glaring at her.
“Kim, go wait in the car” I said still holding the girl.
“but Royce baby…”
“I said go to the car, I’ll join you” I cut her off.
She squeezed her face and left.

I turned to the girl.
“And who are you?” I asked the girl.
“Am…Amanda” she replied as tears came down her cheeks.

“Hey stop crying… You hurt me with your arm, if you look closely, you’ll see the bruise” I said pointing at my lip.

Amanda’s pov:
I wiped my tears and looked at his face.
Am so dead…
There’s a small red spot on his lip.

“Am so sorry, what…What can I do to fix it” I stuttered.
“A peck” he said and pointed to his left cheek.
I came close and pecked him.
Anything to save myself from mrs Carol’s trouble.

He smiled.
“Am Royce,. See you later pretty” he said and left.
He’s so good looking.
Mrs Carol’s first son.
Just like the boy on the paper..
What’s his name again? Bryan.
I wish I could see him.


I sat down on one of the chairs close to a girl younger than my age.
I hated the dress I was wearing.
Mrs Carol bought it.
It’s dinner time and she invited me to come join her family for dinner so she could introduce me.

I didn’t want to look at him, I was too shy too.
Bryan was sitting opposite and he has never said a word
Why is he too quiet and cold?
Unlike his brother Royce who can’t stop looking at me.

Am so happy I finally get to see Bryan in person. He’s so hot and charming just as I thought.
His brows is nicely long and has a slight cut at each middle.
Am drooling over someone I barely know… How absurd.

“I want to introduce someone new to us. She’s Amanda and she’ll be staying with us. She’ll start going to your school from tomorrow and I want to make something clear… She’s not in anyway one of us. She has no place in this house. A nobody so treat her as one” mrs Carol stated and I jusr bowed my head in shame.
Why is she being too straight about it?

“She won’t go to school with you and nobody should know she lives with us… Infact, your name would be changed” she said and my eyes beamed.

“From now on, you’ll be Amanda Griffin” She said and I didn’t know when I nodded.

“Okay ma’am” I shrieked.

I looked up to catch Bryan staring at me.
How embarrassing.

Royce wore a smile and he winked at me.
Okay, what does that mean?

Bryan didn’t stay long and he left.
I ate the tasty meal with a wry smile.
At the Orphanage, we had beef stew almost everyday which makes me sick!
I should be grateful mrs Carol has taken me away from there.

Though am now like one of her maids, I’ll still go to school and eat good food and sleep on a strong bed.

I finished my meal and thanked everyone before leaving the dinning.
I lost my way.
Believe me when I tell you the house is huge..

I walked into someone and clumsy me made us fall!!
I was lying on his body struggling to hold myself.
I looked up and my eyes met with Bryan’s!!
Oh heavens.
Am screwed.??

How’s Bryan going to react?
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