The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 12

[She belongs to one?]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya
Episode Twelve?

Amanda’s pov:
I rolled back to the person beside me and felt his warmth. Who is this person?
Is it Sam, my bestie from the orphanage. We shared a bed together. Wait, am I back to the orphanage?

I quickly forced my eyes open.
I was in… Bryan’s room!
I turned to see him right by my side Our face too close.
I was actually smooching on his body while I was unconscious.

“Good morning” he said.
I yawned a little.
“Good morning Bryan. Am sorry for barging in last night. I didn’t mean to” I said helplessly.

“It’s okay. I liked it.” He said.
I smiled and took my lips in.
“What time is it? We should be in school” I jibed panicky.

I sat up and so did Bryan.

“It’s okay if we stay at home. We don’t have any homework, do we?” He asked.
I remembered the principal’s homework. I need to submit it. I need to be in school!

“No Bryan. I can’t miss school. How do I get to my room and change without anyone seeing me leave your room?” I asked.

“Relax and come with me” he said Nonchalantly..
“If your mom sees me, she’ll–” I paused.
geez, do I want to get into a bigger trouble by telling Bryan about his mom’s threats?

“She’ll do what?” He asked keenly.
“Uh…nothing. Let’s go” I said so scared.
He took my hand helping me get off the bed.
He still didn’t leave me as we left the room.

Only God knows how scared I am at the moment. Bryan walked fearless.

“Manda” I heard a soft voice call and turned.
Who’s giving me a nickname?

He was all dressed up in a cool bad boy kind of outfit with a gold chain fixed from his side pocket to the back.

I don’t even know what to say.
“Good morning s-Royce” I said quickly correcting myself from calling him sir.

Bryan just rolled his eyes.

“Drop by after school. I want to talk to you” he said and went into his room kinda jamming the door.

What’s wrong with me? Why do I have to suffer from the confusion among the two brothers?

I need to end this… Whatever I have with them.

Bryan got me to my room safe and left leaving me to prepare for school.

?Mrs Carol’s pov?
Mark walked into the room with big bulgy eyes. Seriously, it’s time he be honest with me.

“And what’s your excuse for not coming home last night and not picking my calls?” I asked anger eating me alive as I stared at him.

“Am sorry C. My phone was smashed on my way to office” he replied bringing out his smart phone which the screen had cracked severely.

“I went to CIA do to visit a sick business partner. He didn’t attend the meeting so curious, I visited him and spent the night at his guest house” he said.

I sighed.
“You better not be lying to me Mark. Cause the day I figure out you’ve been cheating on me, I’ll slice of your balls and feed it to the dogs” I threatened and left him looking ‘suprised.

?Amanda’s pov?
I was in Bryan’s car with him as we quietly rode to school. I took the little time I had as an opportunity to finish up the questions in the exercise.
Bryan asked and I told him it was just a trash note.

“I don’t want you to see Royce” he said and am forced to look at him.

So that’s what has been eating him up and he refused to talk in the car.

“He means no harm Bryan” I said founding it absurd.
“yes he does” Bryan said throwing his face away
I shifted close to him
“Stop being moody” I said.
He looked at me and smirked, then he grabbed the book on my lap. My punishment!

I tried to collect it but then I let it be.

“Why did the principal give you this?” He asked.

Confession time?

“I broke the rules. I went to VIP class without authorization” I replied.

“That’s nonsense. That’s no rule like that at all” he said.

We were already in school.
“Am going to go have a word with that principal” he said and got down.

I also came down rushing after him as he walked fast and furiously inside the school building.
Most eyes were watching.

“Bryan please stop!” I tried to calm him down but too late.
He barged into the principal’s office and surprisingly, Ashley was there with her friend Brittany.

The principal was shocked to see Bryan with me.
Let the ground open and swallow me?

The wars are just starting.
What’s Carol’s move to eliminate Amanda?

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