The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 1

(She Belongs To One ?)

Episode one?

Amanda’s pov:
I held onto my bag tightly as I stared out the window. This is the first time am leaving the Orphanage. I don’t know but it still looks like a dream to me!
One day am there then the next, a beautiful rich woman, Mrs Carol visits and wants to adopt me.

If you’re an orphan, you’d understand how I feel.

19 good years of being at that place, I gave up hope of being adopted.
I thought I would spend my whole life there… But it seems like my fate twisted.

The big hilux entered a huge compound with flowers here and there.
And at the extreme, there’s a huge building just like the white house in America except that this one is painted pink.

My heart couldn’t stop beating loudly.
Amanda, you actually have a family now! And a wealthy one at that!

I was more than happy.

Goosebumps popped out of my skin when mrs Carol stopped the car in front of the mansion.

She hasn’t said a word to me since we met.

The door opened on it’s own and she came down. I did too struggling with my heavy bag.
I turned to close the door of the car…

“Leave it” mrs Carol said coldly walking into the house which was opened by two women standing at the door post.

I nodded perfunctorily and went after her.
She’s too strict.

I entered the sumptuous expensive living room with light bobs and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.
I’ve never seen such for real…

Only in movies displayed for us by reverend sisters at the Orphanage during movie nights.
But I don’t understand one thing though… The reverend sisters got rid of the other girls above 18 years old but i wasn’t one of them.

They let me stay behind at the Orphanage.

*Celesta will take you to your room where you’ll prep for your duties in this house. The rules are simple, stay in your room. Do not interfere with what’s not your business and lastly, do not mingle with my kids. You have no rank in this household. You’re just like the maids. Honor that post or you and I will have a serious problem” Mrs Carol stated before going up the stairs.

The maid standing by a corner whom I now knew to be Celesta, took me to the maid room. It’s a huge room with every bed far from each other. There was wardrobes arranged at a corner and to my suprise, my name was carved on one of it!

Celesta left after watching me for a while.

I sighed.
Mrs Carol have kids?
Then why did she adopt me,?

She have maids and workers,
of what use am I to her,?
Maybe she just pitied me.

Her children…who are her children?

I sat on one of the bed close to the window and dropped my bag on it. The door opened and three women walked in all talking and laughing.

One of them laid on the bed close to mine.
She dangled her feet on the air.

“Hey kiddo, you must be Amanda” she said friendly.

“You know me?” I asked as my eyes beamed.

She nodded.
“Am Taylor, M.C told us about you…”

Oh, mrs Carol is m.c

I looked at the head of her bed to see a poster of a really hot boy with dreamy eyes. He’s so attractive with blue eyes. I was already starting to drool over the hot demi god.

“Do you like him? He’s mrs Carol’s second son. Forget about him, go for his elder brother. He’s cute too and the heir to his father’s empire. He has a girlfriend but if you get close to him, he might notice you” Taylor said.

I couldn’t help but blush looking down at my toes.
How can a boy be this beautiful?
I’ve never seen such beauty…?

He’s mrs Carol’s son?
He must live Here… I want to see him in person…
I wish to view the rest of his body…how attractive it could be.
Bryan’s pov;
?work, work, work, work, work,
when you see me, I’d be work, work, work, work, work….

The music played loudly as I laid on my king sized bed reading the script of the movie I’d be shooting tomorrow.

A knock came on the door and mom popped her head in looking at me…

“Can you study with the music on?” She asked calmly.

I didn’t reply her but just continued reading.
Was she blind to see I was doing just fine before she came??

She sighed and left.

I didn’t care one bit…

It’s short cause of low battery ?. I’ll make it up to you…??

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