The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 9


~By Dolly Writes💅~




(Two weeks later)

“Yeah granny would be happy I gave her flowers” Heedah smiled happily closing the door to my locker.

She was back from her granny’s burial and I was excited, she actually came back last week.

“Maybe I’ll go with you next year” I smiled at her grabbing my notebook and resting it on my arms.

“I’ll love that” she winked and gladly we were having the same class for first period so we were going together.

The bell went off and we headed for class. The chairs in which Karl , Daniel and jasper occupied was empty, I mean it has been empty for the past two weeks, since that night with Karl he hasn’t showed up at school at all and neither has Daniel or jasper.

I shake it off my head, it doesn’t concern me anyway, I have been feeling better since he was away, I mean apart from those two bitches winter and Lydia of which I was going to show pure pepper, I was doing well.

Mrs Wendy came into class as she glance over at Karl seat it was empty, she also look at the other side at the left and shook her head sadly, it was empty as well.

“Who used to sit there?!”. I whispered to Heedah and she looked over to confirm what I was asking before turning to me.

“Her name is Sabrina, she went missing yesterday” she sighed and I stared back at the chair.

“Are you sure she didn’t just wander off?!”. I asked.

“well, that’s the issue, if it was another kid we would have suspected it, but Sabrina can’t do something like that.

“How sure can you be?” I crossed my arms.

“Look Anna, Sabrina is a straight ‘A’ student, and trust me waking up one day and disappearing into thin air isn’t something she can do.”

“Annabella, Heedah is there something you would like to share to the class?”. Mrs Wendy raise a brow crossing her arms and staring at us, we both shook our heads negatively, and she gave a warning look before leaving.

I felt something hit my head more like a force because my head began banging immediately, it might be because I couldn’t get enough sleep yesterday,



“Harder!!”. I screamed and they responded by punching the sand bag, Daniel’s sand bag actually blew open and the sand drop back to the ground.

“Daniel you have to focus your anger on the bag itself and not the sand, hit the bag hard that it wrinkles and the sand remains untouched”. I instruct

Some guards took out the broken sand bag and replaced it with a fresh one.

“I’ll go out for a smoke, I’ll be back”. I informed as I exited the training house.

It’s been two weeks since i last stepped foot inside that school, war was coming something huge was coming and I could feel it.

We had to train and be prepared for it, maybe before I wasn’t sure if Anna had a hand in all of this but now after that night, I am 80% sure she is involved somehow, maybe I have been too slow , calm, soft, and steady with her but now everything is going to change, every single thing, I am the Alpha and I will protect my pack by all means.

A ring comes across my phone and I pick it up slowly. “Any news?”. I ask.

“Someone else is missing from the school, it’s been two days now”. The voice speaks up and my heart goes up to my throat.

“And you’re just telling me now?!”. My tone went up angrily.

All she was to do was to report whatever happens in the school, but now she has to wait for days to report this??

“I’m really sorry, when she was absent yesterday we thought it might not be something to worry about, maybe she was sick or something came up and she couldn’t meet up; But after today we confirmed she was actually missing”.She sighs.

“What’s her name?!”. I growled as my hands folded into a tight fists.

“Sabrina Debong”. She reported and ended the call.

This was definitely a missing case, Sabrina was a straight’ A’ student and wasn’t a type to skip class.

She’d cry all day if she fails to partake in a subject or even miss a class.

“That’s makes it two missing cases”. I frowned my brow, I was going to get them back alive.


I jerk up from my seat immediately the bell went off, thankfully I was having a free period, I felt really drained, I had to go home for a bit.

I stumbled through the hall way and into the locker room , I nearly fell cos my eyes were already really blur, I fell into someone’s soft hands as I slowly look up at him.

“Finn?!”. I called out faintly.

“Anna, are you alright?!”. He asked helping me back to my feet.

I haven’t seen him since last week, yeah because I was avoiding him throughout, i didn’t want him to have problems with Karl and his mind fuck crew.

“Can you take me back to my house!”. I requested slowly and he gave me a questioning look but I pleaded with my eyes, he took out a deep breath and sighed before nodding.

Everything between awkward between Finn and I although, the ride he had questions and I was too tired to answer them. He dropped me off at the front of my house and I smiled at him as I exited.

The house was quite empty seems like mum went out for a bit although she hadly goes out, maybe today is an exception.

I needed some drugs.

I dragged my self upstairs to my room as I brought out the pain killers from the table and took two pills, hopefully it was going to help reduce the headaches.

I sighed deeply as I crawled into the bed, maybe a little sleep will help alot.

I closed my eyes and let the darkness take over.

I was outside staring at the large mirror mum had always brushed my hair when I was a little kid, why was it here though? It’s been ages since it was thrown out.

I walked up to it slowly, I was bare footed, the mirror looked dusty and old more like something that hasn’t been used in ages. Staring my reflection on it everything was blur, I stared around , there where cobwebs.

I could here footsteps down the staircase leading to the basement, and faint laughs from children playing and running around, I cringed at each creak on the old stairs, the footsteps noise became calculated, I walked slowly and carefully towards the noise on the basement staircase, I was scared and I could feel goosebumps all over my skin.

I froze when a shadow flickered and I across and back to the stairs, maybe it’s nothing. I was scared and probably hallucinating, the only light that was present in the basement hall was of the moon. I turned over fearfully when the baby rocking chair behind me started moving itself.

“Who’s There?!”. I screamed about to loose my mind.

“You are one of us now!…” A faint voice came from the basement.

I turned over really quick to catch a glimpse of a girl on a white dress which had blood stains all over.

“Save me!!”. Another voice came from behind, but this time there was a little girl her hair was dirty and her face stain with blood.

She ran towards me as her face clasped into that of a monster, she held my hands tightly and struggle to pull me into the basement, I screamed and fought with her but she was too strong.

Her claws carved a very painful mark on the right side of my chest, blood came out from it . I screamed as more girls on white came to join her and tried to drag me.


“Noooo!!!!”. I screamed as I stood up from my bed in a forceful manner, I was sweating and my heart was beating rapidly.

“It was a dream, just a dream”. I sigh as I hug myself tight.

I felt a sharp pain on my right chest, my mouth gasped open when I saw a mark there, the same mark that little girl had given me in the dream.

Goosebumps walked all over my body, I exit my room and walk slowly to the entrance of the staircase which leads to the basement, it was quite and dark just like in my dream.

“What are you doing here?!”. A harsh voice comes from behind me as I jerk over and my mouth drops open.



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