The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 8


~By Dolly Writes💅~




“Why were you with Finn Mc Clears?” He asked, his voice was deep and angry, you could certainly feel the rage from them, I furrowed my eyebrows and crossed my arms across my chest.

“What are you doing here Karl?” I glared at him, he has no right to be here, I don’t care his stupid title or whoever the f**k he thinks he is, but this a**-ole shouldn’t be here, certainly not in my room.

“Answer my question” his voice increases, I wasn’t going to be scared of him, he’s going too far, he invaded my privacy.

“No, you answer mine” I stand my ground, a smirk appears at the corner of his lips, I was still dripping wet, and pardon me if it slipped my mind to mention my towel was fr*-king short, unlike the one I wore at the girl changing room which covered my whole body, this was a mini towel that stopped right under my b*tt, yeah you can imagine, the fact that I was in nothing but a towel makes everything worse.

“Ohh wait” I stare at him when realization hit me

“You ain’t jealous, are you?” He scoffed like I was going too far

“You think so highly of yourself little doll”

“Why again would you be here asking I was with a guy, and what if I was with him?, so what?, what if I kissed him?” I spurted out but realized it was a bad idea because immediately his brows furrowed more, if he was angry before, then he’s definitely enraged now.

He stood up from the bed and walked slowly towards me, yeah, I’m a tough girl and all, but this particular situation actually needed me to go back, I moved backwards slowly in fear until my back hit the wardrobe, his eyes were glaring in both hatred and pure lust how can someone hate this much and still be lusting over them, is that even possible?

When he got to where I was, the way he stared at me, like he wanted to rip me apart and f*ck me at the same time, it was hard to read, actually Karl was hard to read, he’s always so good at hiding his emotions that it’s difficult to know what he’s thinking or what his next action would be.

I refuse to let this f*ol intimidate me, bullies are stronger when you give them what they want, they are stronger when you let them sense your fear, I straighten my body and return his glare.

“Are you ready to tell me what you’re really doing here Karl?” I crossed my arms again, I was going to threaten him by involving my mum and the police, but this is Karl we are talking about, none of those work on him.

“We need to talk” he eyed me as he maintained his distance a little, like he’s standing in front of me with his hands in his pocket, but he’s not too close to me.

I relax myself a little just because now he’s acting more like a human being than an actual goat he has been displaying these past few days.

I didn’t even bother asking how he came in because the window behind him was literally open.

“Unless you are here to apologize for taking my phone, which of course I’m still expecting and for being a total a**-ole to me, then I don’t see any other talking we should do” I blurted all at once, I ain’t sure I took a breath while doing it.

I gasp when I feel his hard body pressed against mine, damn! How did he move so fast, I didn’t even notice it, I rolled my eyes remembering I was dealing with a psychotic Alpha werewolf.

“Me?, apologize?” He scoffs as his body presses against me

“That would never happen doll, I am Karl Wolverine and I do not apologize to nobody” he glared, okay, that statement made me angry, enraged in fact, what the actual f*-k!!.

“Maybe you can leave my room then” I glared hard at him

“I have nothing to talk about with you” I turned to leave but before I can even shift my body to walk away, Karl turned me back and pressed me to the wall of my wardrobe, my back was pinned to the wooden wardrobe, thankfully it was built with hardwood, If not, it wouldn’t be able to contain the hard bang from Karl.

He lifts his right hand and runs the tip of his finger on my exposed collarbone, it came in contact with water that was still glued to my body after the shower.

“Everything about you Annabella, is weird” he spoke, but his entire focus and concentration is still on my collarbone as he traced it slowly with the tip of his finger.

“What do you mean?” I stared up at him, trying to act like his hand on my skin had no effect on me, but who was I kidding?

“My powers doesn’t work on you, the day after you appeared, two people went missing and one person died, Anna if you have…..”

“Are you trying to say all these are my doings?” My eyes widened rapidly, okay this guy was certainly insane.

“You know, I used to think you were a fool before, but now I think a fool is an understatement for what you really are” I screamed so hard at him.

His brows came together as a frown in annoyance

“Watch your mouth little doll, don’t test my patience” his eye color completely changed, he was angry and I caused it, but it was his own stupid fault anyways, why was he gonna say that to me? If his friend got missing, what the f*ck does it have to do with me.

“So you wanna swear on your life you know nothing about all these?” He cocked an eyebrow.

“How the f*-k am I to know your friend Billy went missing?” I glared at him angrily, he stared at me shocked

“What?” I raised an eyebrow

“I didn’t tell you Billy was missing, how did you know?” The anger in his eyes came, but that was true, how did I know?

A knock came in my door. It was mum, she said she heard voices and wanted to know if I was fine, I went close to the door, before I could open, Karl was gone, nowhere to be found.


Things didn’t go as y’all expected right?😏

What do u think is happening?, long comments please😁😁❤


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