The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 7


~By Dolly Writes💅~




Karl held unto my hands tightly no matter how much I tried to pull my hands away from him, he just held unto it more tightly till we were inside the school hall, everyone kept staring at us but Karl didn’t care and he didn’t even try to hide it, he let go of my hand finally and turned over to me, he bent a little and held my shoulder relaxing on me

“Be a good girl” he winked before turning over to class, I couldn’t even move, everyone was looking at me, whispers was everywhere but anytime I turned over, they’d pretend to be doing something else, great, just great.

I rolled my eyes ignoring the glares and surprising looks from everyone around, Heedah wasn’t in school today so I’d be practically alone for the rest of today, perfect, I sighed.

I found my locker and went to it, Karl was still in possession of my phone, I forgot to ask when he was gonna return it to me, I lied to mum that I had lost it that night, I need to get it back, aunt had gone back to town after dropping me with mum, I had to check up on her.

I let out a low growl when someone stepped on my toe, I drew out my book from my locker to stare at them, two girls stood in front of me, one of them folded her arms and stared at me or glared rather, she had white hair, Winter and Lydia I presume.

“May I need to remind you that you are to use your eyes while walking so you don’t step on others?” I fired angrily, I had enough on my mind than to add these two worms along.

“Why were you with Karl this morning?” Winter furrowed her brows at me, ohh, that’s what this is all about, Karl.

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend why he keeps pestering me?” I crossed my arms, if this girl wanted a piece of mind, I was going to give it to her.

“You wish!” Lydia the blonde girl scoffed.

“Karl will never roll with a piece of shit like you” Winter eyed mean from head to toe, then bumped into my shoulder as she tried to pass, if there was anything I wasn’t going to tolerate, it was bullying from these little wimps.

I turned over and dragged both of them by their hair, I didn’t care if I dropped my books on the ground, someone had to put these two b**tches in their place and since every other person was so scared and lovey doves, I was going to help them all.

“Next time, tell your idiot of a boyfriend to stay the h*ll away from me” I screamed as they both whimpered in pain and I dropped them flat on the ground, everyone was looking, watching, some laughing, Winter and Lydia looked like they were going to kill me anytime soon, lucky for them, my intentions towards their boyfriend was totally blank or I would have really given her something to be jealous of.


I watched as she walked away leaving Winter and Lydia on the ground still trying to get up, Winter is a snake, she should be sure to watch her back.

“Any news of Billy’s whereabout yet?” I turned over to Jasper and Daniel but they shook their head negatively, Billy has been missing for two days now, from the evidence we have, it seems like it wasn’t something ordinary, he was kidnapped and there was claws everywhere in his room, it could have been easily decided that it was another werewolf attack, maybe due to personal reasons, but no, the claws are found on the walk or his room were steep, way deeper than the claws of a werewolf, so certainly, there was a different being there.

“How did it go with Anna? Did you get anything off her?” Daniel asked and sighed

“I kissed her to know if it was the same sensation at Billy’s room but I couldn’t get anything, like something was protecting her aura” I explained.

“What about her mum? Did you get anything off her?” Jasper asked

“No, she sounded pretty normal” I sigh

“There’s gotta be something” Jasper yells out, I take in a deep breath and pat his back

“We’ll fins him, alive” I assured him, Billy was part of our crew, but then a day after Anna showed up, he disappeared or kidnapped rather, it can’t be a coincidence

“Keep a close eyes on Anna, we need all the informations we can get about her” Daniel instructed and I nodded.

“If she acts weird or suspicious, we kill her, we need to get to the root of this to reduce the killing” i sighed, o wasn’t loosing my best friend, I already lost my mum.


Surprisingly, Karl and his lap dogs were no where to be found, happily, rather I mean aside the looks, stares and flares I was having from almost everyone during the classes, it was quite peaceful, or I would say almost peaceful.

I had swimming class next, it was my first time going to a school that actually had swimming lessons, like I love swimming but only at some streams back at California, today was too boring without Heedah, I missed her so much, thankfully she was going to be back tomorrow, I needed to buy a new phone, seems like that alpha a*-**ole had decided to keep my phone forever.

I rolled my eyes as I changed over to my swimming outfit, everyone had their swimming uniforms, the girls in the changing room were giving me crazy looks, I even saw Winter and Lydia but they just snared at me and walked away, nah, that’s wrong, next time they should run and not walk away, that’s how it should be.

I walked over to the swimming pool, I sighted Karl with Jasper and Daniel, his eyes got to mine in no time, I diverted my gaze immediately, he shouldn’t know I was checking him out, he was shirtless, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t amazed, he has my definition of the perfect body, well built abs and perfectly curved too, I couldn’t help but look again, this time Winter was there already touching and worshiping his body, does that girl have no shame at all? For f*cks sake.

The coach blew the whistle for the first performers to start swimming and they did, we all watched and cheered happily, the second batch contained Karl as their leader, he entered the water in a dive and when he came out, he was all wet and all I could say was “ God!!” In a whisper though, if Karl was hot when he was dry, then now he’s smoky hot, just like as though he know I was looking, he turned to me and gave a smirk before diving back in, I stole a glance at Winter and she looked like she wanted to rip me apart with her werewolf claws, Lydia whispered something to her and then an evil smile appeared to her face, I rolled my eyes and focused on the game, when I stare at where they stood, none of them were there, they should suit themselves.


“No!, no!, no!” I cried out when I reached the changing room, my clothes were gone or rather thorn, everything was in pieces, Winter and Lydia, the other girls laughed as they dressed up and exited the building.

It was time to go, the bell had gone off but I was still in a towel, how was I going to go now? After some minutes, I heard some noise from the entrance hall, I ran to check if any of them came back to help but instead I saw a guy

“Um hi” he said shyly, I recognized him to be that guy with brown hair I had met when I first came.

“Do you…um..need help?” He asked awkwardly and I nodded, he pulled his jacket and wore it on me.


Finn dropped me home and said I could return his jacket tomorrow, I ran into my shower to have a proper bath, I felt filthy and dirty, I was going to return this little favor to Winter and Lydia.

I wrapped my towel round my body as i stepped out of the bathroom and ran into my room, I screamed when I saw a figure standing in my room, not standing actually, sitting on my bed.

“Karl, what are you doing here? How did you get in?” I tightened my hand around my towel, Karl wasn’t smiling, if anything his face looked like he was angry

“Why were you with Finn Mc Clures?” His voice was deep and angry.


Y’all wanna strangle me😂💔
Here u go…


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