The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 6


~By Dolly Writes?~




Okay you’ve gotta be kidding me!

“You didn’t tell you had more friends aside Heedah” mom stared at me in surprise, she knew I was never the type to make friends, but of course now she’d be happy I was actually making friends.

“Umm, that’s because…..” I gave an awkward smile as I approached the couch where Karl and mum sat.
“Karl and I just got to meet yesterday, isn’t that right Karl?” I turned over to smiling, but of course making him understand he was in big trouble or was i?…..

“Definitely, you see…, your mum and I were just talking about how good you have been at school lately” Karl gave one of his evil smile, I swear to God, I’d kill this guy myself.

“Mum, we have to go now, don’t wanna be late for school” I could feel myself shaking and I prayed mum didn’t notice it, I grabbed Karl’s wrist and began dragging him out slowly, I didn’t want mum to suspect a thing, I didn’t want her to be involved in all these, she didn’t recognize Karl, thankfully, it’s not like I did either, not until I heard his name and his title though.

“What are you doing here Karl?” I glared at him, folding my arms tightly when we were outside the building, his car was right in front of the house, a black Lamborghini.

“I came for you, but your mum seems pretty great too” he smiled staring at the house

“No!, look here fool, you are going to leave my mum out of all these, do you fr*aking hear me?” I lowly growled at him, he just smirked.

“Do what I want, then no one gets hurt little doll” with that he left for his car dangling the keys in his hand, I stared at him angrily, he really wanted to control me what the f*ck does he want from me? Did he know I’m the girl from his childhood and maybe he wants to make my life a living hell because of that?.

“Are you coming?” He turned over when he saw I wasn’t following him.

“No thanks, Heedah is picking me up” I pointed out to him.

he laughed before giving me the hard face again. “You know, you’re really a bad liar”.

oh shit! How did he know I made that up?

“W…what?” I stammered as he raised an eyebrow

“Heedah goes for her grandmother’s remembrance every 15th of this month” he rolled his eyeball as he walked towards me, I couldn’t move because that would mean getting too close to the house and it might alert my mum, when he reached me, he held my hand in rough manner and dragged me to the car, I pulled my arm off his grip and gave him a death stare before entering the car myself, but wait a second, how did he know where Heedah would be?

Now that’s strange.

“Where are we going to?” I asked looking outside the window, he was the last person I wanted to see

“Relax darling, you’ll see” although I wasn’t looking at him but certainly I know he’d be smirking.

“Normalize calling me by my name, and my name is Annabella” I growled

“No one cares” he increased the acceleration of the car making me hold unto the dashboard tightly.

“Karl, can I ask a question?” I said slowly facing the dashboard

“You can, but it doesn’t mean I’ll answer” he replied bluntly without even looking at me.

Once an a***ole, always an a***ole, I rolled my eyes and relaxed on the seat, my skirt went up as I relaxed, it was already short, but this time around it displayed more flesh from my thighs, okay this is bad, this is certainly bad, my head screamed at me because when I looked at Karl, his eyes were off the road and they were on my laps, then his eyes came up to my face, but it was filled with lust, he quickly packed the car on a side of the road.

“What are you doing?” I stared at him, I couldn’t even pull the skirt back because he’d feel like I was too weak or something, I could feel the fear in my own voice, was I scared of Karl?, scared is an understatement, I am terrified of him, I have always been, I just got better at hiding it now.

“Are you trying to put up a show for me doll?” He faced me, like literally his entire body to my direction

“What?! No!” I splurt out

“Well, guess what?, someone thinks otherwise” he smirks, I don’t know how or why but my eyes go down his trouser, it widens when I saw a bulge there, he was hard and h*rny, oh God!.

Shivers went through my legs to the middle of my thighs, I don’t know why, but I sure was getting wet, why was seeing him h*rny having this effect on me?

“You want me, don’t you?” He brings up his right hand to my chin, I could swear that as soon as he touched me, everything got worse.

“yes!.., no!, no!,no!, I don’t, what the f*ck” I screamed as I jerked myself back to reality, what was I thinking?

Karl chuckled a little, there was something in his laugh this time around, it sounded, I dunno, genuine I think, or maybe not, because a smirk came right after.

“How many times do I have to tell you that you’re a pretty bad liar?” The smirk remains on his face as he stares at me, I fight the urge to look down, it felt like his eyes were prying into my soul, I didn’t expect what happened next, I didn’t expect it, not at all, his lips clashed into mine, Karl Wolverine was kissing me, my brain went numb, not because of the kiss but the effect it had on me and the fact that I was kind of enjoying it.

Don’t ask me what I’d do back because I certainly don’t know what came over me, I just know that I was kissing him back, the f*ck!! It hurts me that I was enjoying it, every bit of it.

Karl placed his hand on my thigh as he kissed me passionately, he trailed his hand upwards slowly to my inner thigh, I was longing for it, I was longing for his touch, I was f*cking wet, he paused and stared up at me, he studied my face, I was breathing rapidly

“Calm down doll, don’t worry we’d have more fun than that, but you’d have to give it willingly” he winked at me and faced the road as he ignited the car.

“You just stole my fr*aking first kiss you fool” I glared at him angrily, not sure if I was angry because he stole my first kiss which I was saving for my loml whenever we meet, if we’ll ever meet or if I was angry because he stopped.

“Don’t flatter yourself doll, you ain’t no virgin” he rolled his eyes and focused on the road, we were already late for school.

“Yes I am, you fool!, and my lips were too before you took it away forcefully and without my consent” I glared at him, he cocked his brows at me

“A kiss you enjoyed and even returned, you’re gonna act like that wasn’t the best you’ve had”

“Don’t flatter yourself” I rolled my eyes and looked out the window so he wouldn’t see how red my cheeks were.

“You ain’t a virgin” he repeated before focusing the steering once more

“Suit yourself” I mumbled under my breath, why would I care if he believed or not.

He pulled over at the school’s parking lot, we were late already but surprisingly everyone was at the school entrance hall as if waiting for us, Karl’s car was tinted so they couldn’t see me, I didn’t want them to see me with Karl, no! no!!

“Why are they here?” I shrink into my seat as I stared at them

“I’m the king of kingsboy high, why won’t they be here?” He rolled his eyes like that was the most stupid question he has ever received.

“Oh, alright Mr King, if you may, you can go out, I’d join you after your puppets has left” I eyed him

“Umm, no!” He said. “You’re coming with me” he blew a kiss at me and he released his seat belt, I stared at him in shock until he pulled his car door open and went out, he was coming to my side of the car, I can’t be seen with Karl, it will ruin my entire high school, the news will be everywhere, no, no!!

Too late because Karl opened the other door for me and raised his brow

“It’s either we do this the easy way or the hard way” he cocked his head to the left.
“Which would it be doll?”

I sighed , “Fine!!, stay far away from me as possible” my heartbeat increased when I stepped out of the car, everyone brought their phone and started recording, I kept my face down.

Karl has a smirk in his face as we approached the crowd, I wasn’t expecting what happened next, I’m sure the crowd wasn’t either, Karl took my hand into his as we walked, I tried to drag it out, he was making things worse, he was creating false impression, gasps came from the crowd.

“What do you wanna accomplish from all these Karl?” I whispered to him but in response he winked at me.

What the h*ll!, my high school is ruined



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