The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 4


~By Dolly Writes?~




My heartbeat increased, at this point I couldn’t even open my eyes, I shut them tightly closed, it may be a dream and by the time I’d open my eyes, I’d probably be in my bed still sleeping.

“Hello Doll” his voice, that name!.

I opened my eyes widely, I stare up to Karl’s punishing and angry eyes, he still had his large big hand clasped over my mouth tightly.

“Let me go you monster!” Okay that came out as a muffle than as an actual word.

He chuckled, the idiot actually chuckled, he was actually enjoying this, he loves being in control, doesn’t he?

I shivered again when more boys surrounded us, two actually, Jasper and Daniel, they gave us space but still guarded the place, i was trapped, oh God!

“Look at me!” He commanded, although his voice was low, but the power with which he commanded is hundred percent visible in his tone.

I couldn’t look at him, not with his hand clasped over my mouth like that, sadly the street to our house looked abandoned, maybe once he lets go his hold on my mouth, I’d scream my lungs out and I hope someone hears.

He lets go of my mouth slowly, I’m still rethinking, what if no one hears? Then what? They’d find my dead body tomorrow and I’d be the unfortunate new girl who came into town, challenged the Alpha, who is also a***ole by the way and died a miserable death?

No thanks.

“You scream and I’d make sure that’s the last thing you hear tonight” he glared, he wasn’t blurting, no he was dead serious.

He scares me, bold or not bold, Karl King scares me, he has always scared me.

“What…, what do you want from me?” I stammered, I don’t know if he heard it because I can barely hear my own voice, but he isn’t supposed to see me weak.

“What did you do?” He folds his arms, his voice is calm and quiet but very deep, an outsider would find it rather welcoming but no, Karl is more dangerous when he’s calm, he’s a monster, one that lures his victims.

I lift my chin to look at him, did I mention this guy is madly tall and has broad shoulders, my entire body trembles.

“I don’t know what you are talking about”

“Ohh, Doll I think you know exactly what I’m talking about”. He folds his arms and stares down at me, maybe if I walk away calmly they’d let me go.

I started to move through the small corner that wasn’t blocked by his huge body but that is a bad move because he’s just getting started with me.

Karl covers up my space trapping me in the small wall that was left, I couldn’t see anything other than him, yeah, that’s how close he was to me, I stepped back slowly, my heartbeat increasing, every step I take, he strides with me, he comes forward, my hand shivers and I can feel my throat completely dry, I hate myself for being this afraid in front of him.

I hate myself for making him see the weak side of me, I gulp as my back hits a wall, a dead end, now I was finally trapped, way to go Anna, way to go!.

Now, there is literally no chance of escaping.

“Look, just let me go okay?, Then I wouldn’t have to call the police or anything, we go home and everyone will be happy, “. I crossed my arms and tried to show boldness, but that was a bad move because he smirks a little that it’s almost invisible before his face gets completely emotionless, he slams his hands on both side of the wall trapping me in.

Son of a b*tch! I’m imprisoned! Just like he did when we were kids, I’m sure his friends were there, all watching, he was Alpha anyway, no matter what happened everyone will always bow to him.

Anyone he hates would be his target and the target of everyone else, and now, I knew my fate was finally sealed, for doom by the way.

“Apologize Doll” he commanded . “Then I might spare you for not obeying me”

who the f**k does this goat think he is?

“Are you crazy??” I shot at him, he raised an eyebrow immediately

“Do you think just because you’re the Alpha everyone will bow down and worship you?”

He stares at me for a bit then laughes, the jerk is laughing, I’m being f**king serious

“Not everyone, but you will doll, you will bow down to me and you will do it willingly, I’ll destroy you, that’s a promise”

If I say I wasn’t scared I’d be lying but I’m done being the victim.

I’m done playing weak, I’m tired of running, he destroyed my entire childhood.

If it were the old me, I would have done everything in my power to avoid contact or confrontation with Karl and stay as far away as possible from him, but now? To h*ll with him and his stupid Alpha title, he needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around his spoilt Alpha a*s.

I frown my face and fold my arms over my chest in defense
“No!” I’m not going to apologize to him, he scoffs before tilting his head to stare at me

“You know, I think I’ve been too patient with you doll, who do you think you are?”

“Just human who demands to be left alone in peace” I fired back at him, he laughed again but his face changes to an angry one

“You…….”, he points at me. “Are not human, I don’t know what exactly you are but when I find out, we’d know, that’s only if you ain’t dead by then”

“You are crazy” I curse at him, this guy was worst from when we were kids, he was f**king worse.

“Apologize now, I won’t repeat myself again”

“No,” I mimic his tone. “I won’t repeat myself another time”

I didn’t expect it, I swear to God I didn’t expect it, he held my neck fiercely.

Karl has never touched me, I know he made my life a living h*ll back then when we were kids, but it didn’t involve any physical touch.

it was more like mentally, plus he always had his dogs to do his bidding, immediately my phone begins to ring, it was in my pocket, his eyes flashed to the phone, then to me and cocked his head, I quickly grabbed the phone, it was mum, I wanted to answer and scream, I wanted to tell her to call the cops, Karl noticed and began dragging the phone with me.

One hand in my throat and the other one struggling with the phone which was still ringing, he’s not cutting off my breathing, no, he just hold my neck to keep me in check, we struggled for few seconds, he’s so strong , I placed my phone close to my chest.

Funny how I thought the fool had boundaries, he tried taking it not minding coming in contact with my breast, while trying to block him, I quickly unbuttoned the first button of my red flowered shirt and threw my phone into my bra, I exhaled deeply, at least I was happy he didn’t come in contact with the phone.

Karl’s dark eyes stares at me , “You really had to make everything worse, didn’t you?”

I glared at him, “What do you mean?”

He stares at my breast and then back at me . “You really think that will stop me?”.

I shivered a little, the lust in his eyes are incredible and scary.



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