The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 2


~By Dolly Writes?~



I pointed shockingly at him, what was he doing here? Okay that question is stupid, he could be here for any reason, but I mean, I wanted to avoid the j**kass completely.

“You guys know each other?” The middle aged man who sat in front of us asked with a crooked brows, he was confused.

“No!” I splurtted out

“Yes” he eyed me and crossed his arms before facing the principal again
“We had so much fun at the locker room before coming here, she couldn’t get enough of me” he smirked

The motherf**cker actually smirked, I was too stunned to speak, what the f**k was he saying?

“No sir, he’s lying, I wouldn’t do anything like that” I pleaded with my two eyes wide open from shock.

“It’s fine dear, don’t mind Karl, he’s always a j**ckass, he’s just playing with you” the man in front laughed and I took in a deep breath, the last thing I needed was for the principal to think I was a slut or something, I glared at the idiot sitting in front, he had a smirk on his face, the nerve!.

“So, umm…, you must be Annabella” the principal gave me a warm smile and I nodded my head slightly

“Welcome to King’s Bury High” he gave me a note book and a key
“That’s the map of the entire school so you don’t get lost, and those is the key to your locker, every other thing will be there”

I nodded and smiled while I tried to walk away it finally hit me, that guy’s name, he was called Karl. I turned back to take another at him, this time he looked back and our eyes actually met, he still had the evil smirk on the corner of his lips.

It’s him! The monster that tormented me for years!
Fear creeped into my body, goosebumps all over my entire skin, I had to leave, at that instant, I turned over sharply and pulled the door knob, then pulled it open before rushing out, I had to run, I needed to be far away from him.

I felt my hand spin when I bumped into something real hard, what the f**k is wrong with me and bumping into things today! I sighed.

“I’m so sorry, are you alright?” A soft voice asked, I wanted to scream at her but when I actually looked up, I changed my mind, she held out a hand to help me up, I grabbed the hand and dusted myself afterwards.

“Thank you” I smiled, she was carrying a wooden box that seemed filled up and she was dark skinned, maybe African.

“I’m Heedah” she gave me a warm smile still looking behind me, probably because I was doing same too, I still had goosebumps on my skin, or maybe I’m mistaken, any other person can be Karl.

“Umm..Heedah, if I may ask, who is Karl?” I asked calmly helping her put back the books that had fallen off the wooden box.

“What about him?” Her voice changed into a sharp harsh tone almost impossible to detect, I stared up at her as I stood up slowly, why would she react that way?

“I’m so sorry” she sighed taking the books from me and replacing it in the box

“I shouldn’t have sounded that harsh” she said

“No, it’s fine” I faked a smile, it was kind of weird seeing how she reacted.

“Well, Karl is the Alpha’s son which makes him the Alpha, his dad is retired and now takes care of the school as the principal.

My mouth flew open, she just confirmed it, Karl is indeed my childhood tormentor, my plan was to stay away from him, I don’t know how effective that plan will turn out to be now, I already got on his bad side.

“Ohh” I gulped

“I don’t know why you are asking though, but Karl is bad news and it’s best to stay as far away as possible you can” she instructed and i nodded

“You don’t have to tell me twice” too bad, I already got on his bad side, way to go Annabella, way to go!

“Seems you are new here” she gave me a soft smile staring at the cloth I was on

“Yeah, moved into town today” I noted

“Would you like me to show you around? I know almost everywhere in campus” she smiled and I nodded.

Karl’s Pov

“Dad you don’t get it! My powers didn’t work on her” I arched my brows in confusion, this haven’t happened before.

“Why will you try to use your power on her Karl, that’s misuse” my dad sighed tiredly, I know he’s trying to say maybe she’s human and that’s why my powers didn’t work on her but that wasn’t the fact, human or no human, my power always work.

“Or maybe because it didn’t work because she’s neither human nor wolf, she might not even be a witch” I rolled my eyes, Dad and Mom has already been convinced that aside witches, wolves and humans, there weren’t other species and I was going to prove them wrong, that girl is not ordinary.

“Remember this is not the first time your powers has been withheld Karl, it might not be a big deal” he sighed, after dad gave up the alpha role to me as his only child, he decided to take over as the school’s principal to keep himself busy.

“Enough about Anna, she’s new, maybe you should let her enjoy the school, don’t you think?” Dad laughed a little

“She kicked me in the f**king balls, she’s definitely gonna pay” I smirked and I’d also prove you wrong by discovering the exact creature she is.

“By the way, Mrs Hurdy sent a report to me, are you giving her hard time again?” He rose an eyebrow

“What? No! Does she have any evidence I did something to her?” I crossed my arms

“Karl…” he gave me a questioning look, but I mean no evidence, no issue.

“Yeah, whatever, maybe you should return to class” he placed his hand tiredly in his forehead

“Sure dad” I let out a groan before leaving, time to find out who that girl really is.

Anna’s Pov

“Thank you so much for your help Heedah, I will be sure to call you after History class” I smiled broadly at her, she has been really kind to me by showing me around and explaining in details, not much changed though but it was still strange a bit, I tucked my phone into my backpack after we exchanged numbers.

I walked into the class, the bell has gone off and most students were on their way to their different classes, Heedah had already dropped me off at the class entrance, I scanned the room closely and my heart skipped a beat when I saw him, yes, I mean the devil who wears a handsome face, he was with three other guys, they were too focused on each other, probably gisting, thankfully his attention wasn’t on me, who knows, he must have forgotten about me already, I took in a deep breath, Annabella, you are the baddest bitch ever, you got this!

I walked majestically to the empty seat in the far end of the class, far away from that monster, I might be bold but that doesn’t mean I had to put myself into a situation where I had to see him.

I sat on a chair which had a locker in front, don’t ask me what happened, I have no idea, I just know that I mistakenly looked at his direction and there he was, his eyes glaring into mine, his entire focus on me, I almost jerked out of my seat but had to control myself, he should never see I’m scared of him, it’s gonna give him more power I faced forward immediately pretending i did not see him.

A shrilling sound came from on top of my locker, the locker became hot immediately that I had to remove my hand from it, something was happening, words were appearing on it, I gasped watching closely to understand it, my hand clasping my mouth tight, I stared at it and this time the words are clear


I couldn’t breath, I turned to Karl and a smirk appeared on his lips, an evil smirk,

He knew….



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