R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 7


(She is an introvert… He is a player)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️


V car stopped at the front of a shopping mall,

He came out of his car using his sunglass,

He got to the entrance when someone bumped into him

It was a lady

“Am sorry” Solar apologize

V look up to see who it was and a gasp almost escape his mouth, same goes to Solar as she kept staring at V

V cleared his throat and Solar remove her eyes from his feeling embarrassed

“Hmm am sorry again, Solar said embarrassed

” It’s okay,am V and you are?

” Solar, Kang solar”

You mean Kang solar, the ex president daughter? V asked and she nodded

“Wow what a jackpot” V thought with a smile

“Can’t believe am meeting the beautiful ex president daughter” V said dramatically

“Stop flattering me” Solar blushed hitting his arm playfully and he laughed

“If you don’t mind can we exchange contact? V asked

” Why not?. Solar smile giving him her phone a

” Thanks, I’ll give you a call at night, V said

” I’ll be expecting your call as well, bye” solar waved

” Bye,he waved with a smile and she left

V watch Solar leaving and smiled

Mom will be happy to hear this,he thought before entering the mall.


“Mom, how long have I been here? Yerin asked as her mother fed her fruit

The doctor had come to examine her and thankfully she is okay

” Two weeks, Mrs Jang replied feeding her the fruit

“That long? Yerin asked and Mrs Jang nodded

” mom you never told me how I got here,cos I could remember going to my boss Mansion, Yerin said and Mrs Jang heart skipped a beat.

“You fell off from the staircase when your boss sent you to call her son, Mrs Jang replied nervously

“Oh! Yerin muttered

” It must have been hard for you Mom” Yerin said

” It was but now am happy that you are with me” Mrs Jang said caressing her daughter’s face

“I love you Mom” Yerin mumbled

“I love you too daughter” Mrs Jang kissed her hair

The door opened causing them to disengage

“Sorry for interrupting” the doctor said coming in with the therapist

“It’s nothing, Mrs Jang smile

” The therapist needs to check Miss Yerin”

“Ok you can’ Mrs Jang stands up

“You need to go out first” the therapist said

” Alright, Mrs Jang said and pecked Yerin’s forehead before leaving the ward.

Yerin watch her mom with a smile on her face.

“Miss Yerin, how are you feeling now?. The doctor asked

” Good,all thanks to you two” Yerin smile

“We did what was right,so it’s nothing Miss Yerin, the therapist replied

, all the same thanks for not wiping my memory doctor

” It’s nothing,I just hope you won’t think about it too much

” No I won’t, she replied and face the doctor

” Thanks doctor for not telling anyone

” It’s nothing Miss Yerin,

” We will leave then, the doctor said and she nodded with a smile

Shocked that Yerin memories was not wiped??



The therapist was busy instructing the nurse as they were preparing for the therapy

Yerin opened her eyes.

Taking a look at the surrounding, she saw different equipment

“Seems like what she heard in her dreams were true?

Yeah she could hear everything outside her world when she was unconscious including Mr Lee marriage proposal.

The therapist came in and was surprised to see Yerin awake

“Miss you are awakeㅍㅊ? He asked in suprise

I will call the doctor,he added

” You don’t need to call the doctor” I know you want to wipe my memories” Yerin said at once and the doctor stood still in shock

” How… Did… You…. Know? He stuttered

” I heard everything from my unconscious state,

“Oh! The doctor muttered

He wasn’t Surprised cos it does happen to some patient who were between life and death.

“Doctor please I need your help” Yerin said with a pleading eyes

“So what did you need my help for?

“I want you to lie to them that the therapy was successful”

” What! Why?

“Cos I need to make something right, she muttered before facing the therapist

” could you please explain everything to the doctor,if possible Tell him to sedate me for Three days cos I don’t want them to know am awake yet” Yerin pleaded

“What if the memories affect your mental health? The therapist asked with concern

” It won’t,I promise and you know that wiping my memory is not the right solution to what is happening to me, especially when the man who did this to me wasn’t remorseful, Yerin replied wiping the tears coming out.

He knew about the incident, maybe helping won’t be a bad thing to do” he thought

“Ok,he said after the long silent and Yerin smile out tears

Thanks doctor” Yerin said with a grateful smile and the doctor nodded

The therapist left afterwards.


And that was how her memory is still intact.

Yerin thought about everything she heard when she was in coma

Especially the argument between Mr Lee and his son.

Knowing that V wasn’t remorseful made her more furious which was why she doesn’t want her memories to be wiped

And now she wants revenge, she wants V to feel the pains she went through, to ruin his life just like he ruined her’s.

Which is why she has decided to accept the marriage proposal whenever her Mom talks about it.

T. B. C

E shock u♥️?

Yerin wants to revenge😮

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  1. She should revenge this guy needs to be destroyed in a worst way possible maybe that’s when he will realize he’s wrong

    He’s just a stupid , heartless spoiled brat..

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