R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 27


(?His Heartthrob…. ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️




“You told me Solar and V were close that I even thought he will be able to help to help my company, how come he is getting married soon? Mr Kang snapped at his PA

” Yes they were, I even trailed her to the Lee’s Mansion, and I saw how she was welcome” his PA replied

“Then why is he getting married to another woman??! He banged the table angrily and his PA flinched in fear

” Forget about it, call solar for me” he ordered and his pa bowed before walking out

Few minutes later Na Na walked into his office

“You called for me” she said simply and Mr Kang chuckled

“I thought you were smart but it seems I was wrong, you are the most foolish lady I have ever seen” he said shaking his head

“If I may ask what have I done? Na Na asked in confusion

“How did V ended up slipping off your hand? Mr Kang asked angrily

“How… Did.. you.. find out?? She stuttered

” Is there anything about your life that I don’t know?? Mr Kang snapped

“Anyways I don’t f**kin care about what might have happened all I know is that you must get him back and it’s must be today, since his dad will be handing over the company to him at his party” understand?? He shouted and Na Na nodded in fear.



Everywhere was booming with music as different business men and women were present at the Lee’s party

Soon later V came downstairs looking handsome that got both girls and women drooling

“He is hot”
“I just need a night stand with him”
“If only he did not have girlfriend, I would have seduced him
“His girlfriend is really lucky to have him”

V smile listening to the comments, truly he is lucky to have Yerin as his girlfriend, nope as his future wife” time with her as been awesome and he prays no one comes in between them.

He walked to where his dad is chatting with his business partners including Mr Park and Mrs Jang

He greeted everyone and they responded

“Congratulations in advance son” Mrs Jang said hugging him

” Thanks ungodly Mom” V teased and everyone laughed as Mrs Jang smacked his shoulder playfully

“Ouch Mom! He whined and they all laughed.

Moment later Mr Lee walked to the stage.
Attention everyone!! Mr Lee said to the mic getting everyone’s attention

“I welcome you all to my party” he said with a smile as everyone clapped

“As you all know the reason for the party, after my 30 years on sit, I have finally decided to hand over the company to my son, Lee V” he said and V walked to him

*Hi everyone, thanks for coming to the party, V said and they all clapped

“And lastly, there are two reasons why I hosted this party, Mr Lee said as everyone

“Firstly, handing over the company to my son and secondly” My son’s engagement” my son will be getting engaged today” he announced and everywhere went wild

*Ladies and gentlemen welcome my future daughter in law, Park Yerin” Mr Lee said and the light shone directly on Yerin who was climbing the stairs looking beautiful and sexy

She was cladded in armless white tight gown which stopped at her knee revealing her flawless smooth legs,paired with black heels and silver earrings and necklace. Her curves were so obvious cos of how fitted the gown is.

“Wow she is beautiful”
“Eye catching,I see the reason why V choose her
“Heard she is the richest business man daughter, Mr Park
“They both look perfect together

V couldn’t take his eyes off her,
“My baby is looking more beautiful than before” he thought with a smile

Yerin walked to where they were standing,

V offered his hands which she took as they stand beside each other

“You look beautiful” he whispered to her hearing and she smiled

“Thanks mochi, you don’t look bad too as well” she mouthed

” Let’s the engagement begins” Mr Lee announced

“No engagement will take place here!! A farmiliar voice said behind and everyone looked back

And it turns out to be Solar, she begins to walk to where V and Yerin were standing as people begins to comment

“That’s the ex president daughter”

” What is she doing here??

” What does she meant by the engagement won’t take place? ”

Different comments kept going but solar cared less as she face V

“You can’t get engaged to anyone except me” she said sternly

” Solar what the hell are you saying?? V asked angrily and in confusion

” The hell that you aren’t going to get engaged to this woman here” she replied pointing fingers at Yerin who in return glared at her

“V how could you do this to me? After proposing to me and promised to get married to me, after making me fall over heels with you, is this what I get back?? Solar asked in fake tears

” What the hell!! Everyone said in shock

” Stop lying woman” Yerin snapped

“Lie, you think am lying? Solar sniffed

Then check this video” solar said and a video was shown on the big screen

Everyone eyes widened in shock staring at the video.

T. B. C

Wahala no dey finish

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