R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 26


(? His Heartthrob…. ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️


(NB: I don’t know how proposal is been done so don’t mind how awful my proposal might look)

V?! Yerin called in suprise standing up from the chair

“Yerin I know am not the perfect man for you, but am ready to become perfect just for you

“So will you honor me by becoming the future Mrs Lee,my missing rib and the cure to my illness, he asked bringing out the ring from the box

“V, Yerin called in tears

” Don’t say no Yerin, You are the only woman I have ever loved after my ex left me” V said almost in tears

“Who said am saying no, Yerin said sniffing

” So is that a yes? He asked slowly and she nodded in tears

“Put the ring on my finger, she said and he did as told

He stands up with a smile on his face and pulled Yerin closer to himself

“I love you baby” V said capturing her lips into his

“OMG!! They heard a farmiliar voices behind them which cause them to break their kiss

They look back and was Suprised to see their parents

“Mom! Dad! They called at once

” How come you are all here?? V asked in suprise

” Oh My son has grow up” I need to announce this” Mrs Lee said ignoring his questions and dialed a number on her phone

” Sincerely V, you impressed me” Mr Lee said

“Congratulations Daughter, Mrs Jang hugged Yerin

“Thanks Mom,she replied

” I can’t wait my daughter will be getting married soon” Mrs Jang said almost in tears

“Believe it mother in law” in few weeks my baby and I will be married” V said and kissed Yerin cheek

“Thank you Victory” Mrs Jang said emotionally

” I should be the one to say that,cos despite of my wrong doings you still accepted me, thank you so much mother in law, thank you” he muttered

“Come here son, Mrs Jang said opening her arms widely for a hug which V accepted as they both hug.

“Awwwn” the rest said watching them with admiration as they laughed disengaging from the hug

*Family hug” Mrs Lee shouted and they all hugged at once


Na na just finished showering and decided to turn on the TV

“The Lee’s heir Lee V proposed to his woman and it rumored that they will be getting married soon” the reporter said and her eyes widened in shock

“Noooooooo!!! Na Na screamed out loudly


Eun ha eyes widened as she saw the news

“What the hell!!! She cursed loudly

“That b***h!! She dares accept his proposal??

“I’ll kill her,no one can get married to V except me” she shouted furiously


Hana was busy washing the dishes when she heard her mom calling her

“Mom am here” she said walking to the living room

” See this, her mom replied pointing to the TV

Hana face the TV and her eyes grew wide in shock seeing the news about V’s proposal to Yerin.

Soon her expression change to an angry one

“That witch!! How could she be so lucky with Rich guys??

” First it was sun ho and now it is the Lee’s heir,I hate her!! She thought balling her fist in anger.


Sun ho threw the remote to the wall angrily after watching the news about V and Yerin engagement.

“That mother f**ker!! How dare he propose to my woman?? He seethed his teeth in anger

I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him” he shouted breaking the flower vase as it shattered into pieces.


Claire stared at her phone in shock,it was the pictures of V proposing to Yerin

“No,No” she muttered shaking her head in disbelief almost in tears

“He can’t possibly get married to another person,no he can’t”

” I still love him” Claire shouted in tears throwing her phone angrily to the wall as it shattered

” He is mine and I won’t allow another woman in his life” I won’t” she screamed.

T. B. C

Enemies are boiling

Oppression everywhere


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