R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 25


(? His Heartthrob…. ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️


Yerin walked into her room with a smile on her face

She can’t believe that Mrs Lee has finally accepted her


You mean a pauper is responsible for V’s illness? Yerin asked

“Hmm,his former girlfriend Claire,I would have loved to tell you the story but I can’t V should be the one to tell you, Mrs Lee said and Yerin nodded in understanding”

*So Yerin forgive me,am only doing that cos of what happened to my son in the past, Mrs Lee begged

“It’s nothing Mrs Lee though your words hurt but it’s fine now”

” Thanks, you are so kind hearted , Mrs Lee said and Yerin smile

” How is my grandchild doing? Hope he is not disturbing? Mrs Lee asked

” He is not disturbing,he is well behaved” Yerin replied with a smile

“Thanks for forgiving me Yerin even though I don’t deserve your forgiveness

“It’s okay Mrs Lee, Yerin smile

” Thanks, and you should stop calling me Mrs Lee, you are my daughter in law to be

“Ok Mrs,I mean Mom

” Good girl, she patted YERIN’S hair and she laughed

We should get going now, Yerin said and Mrs Lee nodded

” Thanks for coming Yerin, she said as they walked to the entrance

” Goodnight Mom”

“Good night, she replied as they parted.


She smiled remembering how Mrs Lee laughed with her

She was about to lie down on her bed when a call came into her phone

She checked the caller and smiled

It was V calling.

” My mochi, she said with a smile

“Seems like someone is Missing me” V teased

“Too cocky, she uttered and he laughed

” How is my baby doing? He asked

“Fine, you??

” Same, Yerin are you free tomorrow night

“Yes, why?? She replied

” I want to take you out for a dinner and I have something to tell you, V said

” What is that? Yerin asked

” I’ll tell you at the dinner,so are you free?

“Am Free, Yerin replied

“Good, then I’ll pick you up at 8pm tommorow, V said

*Ok, no problem,

“Goodnight baby. V said

” Goodnight mochi” Yerin smile before hanging up.

” I don’t know why I miss him so much” she thought laying on the bed.


V Smile at his reflection in the mirror,

“I look handsome”

He wore a white Crazy Jean with Yellow polo shirt pairing it with white sneakers,

He used a small silver earring on his left ear and silver wristwatch.

“Am good to go” he muttered and walked out of his room.


V’s car stopped at Park’s Mansion and he came out whistling.

Walking into the big living room he met Mrs Jang watching movie with Mr Park cuddling each other

“Oh what a lovely sight to behold” he said and they look back to see him

Mrs Jang hissed before facing the TV

” Welcome son, Mr Park smile

” Thanks Dad, V replied walking to Mrs Jang front

“Is mother in law angry with her lovable son in law

“F**k off!! Mrs Jang snapped and everyone eyes grew wide in shock

” Mom you just used an ungodly words” V teased

” It’s all because of you!! She shouted

“What did I do?? V asked dramatically

” Shut up!! Mrs Jang snapped running to the market while Mr Park and V burst into laughter

“Dad where is my baby? V asked after laughing for a long time

” Am here” Yerin replied from the stairs and he look up, his eyes widened seeing the sight in front of him

“Wow,he blurted out staring at Yerin with mouth open

Yerin was dressed in yellow short gown and paired it with silver heels,

“Wow! Daughter you look beautiful” Mr Park said

” Thanks Dad” Yerin smile and face V who was still in daze

“Let’s go, she said

” Huh? Yeah let’s go” he stuttered and offered his arms

” Mom we are leaving, Yerin announced

” Don’t expect us tonight cos we are planning to spend the night in an hotel to f**k! V added smiling

“Get out of my house!!! Mrs Jang shouted from the kitchen and everyone laughed


V and Yerin came out of the car holding hands

” Welcome Mr Lee” Welcome Ma’am” the manager leading them to their reserve seats

“Thanks, Yerin muttered

The two sat down facing each other,

*Here is the menu” the waiter said putting the

“I’ll go with steak and wine”

“Same with her” V added and the waiter bowed before leaving

Few minutes later their orders were brought and they were served

Soon they were done eating,as they were both sipping their wine

“You know you haven’t told me the reason for the sudden dinner, Yerin said

“You are so impatient, V smile

” I know,so tell me” she pouted

Ok” he said and cleared his throat nervously

V stands up from his seat and move closer to Yerin

In a blink he was on his knees,

“V what are you doing? Yerin asked in suprise and V did the unexpected

He brought a small box from his pocket,he opened the box and it revealed a shiny diamond ring

V?? She called in suprise

T. B. C

V! V!

Anticipate for the next chapter ?

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