R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 24


(πŸ’—His Heartthrob….. πŸ’—)

By, Mha Rhy β™₯️

CHAPTER 24β™₯️


Solar walked into Mr Kang inn slowly and fearfully

She met him working on the laptop

“Dad, she called slowly

” I don’t think we are outside so call me formally and if I may ask why are you here? Mr Kang asked

“Mr Kang I haven’t see my grandma since you captured, please can I see her once? Solar said nervously

” You want to see your grandmother??he asked and she nodded

“No you can’t see her yet, Mr Kang replied and continue with his work

” Please Sir,I missed her ” Solar begged almost in tears

“You can’t or do you want me to order my men to kill her? Mr Kang asked mischievously and her eyes grew wide in shock

” No,no” am sorry for asking, solar begged in tears

“Good, get out Na Na” Mr Kang ordered sternly calling the fake Solar by her real name

Na Na bowed before walking out.


In a room two couples were having argument

“How dare you stare at his picture? Do you still want to go back to him? Huh? Tell me Claire?? He shouted

” What rubbish are you saying Kenneth?? Why did you think I want to go back to him after ruining his life” Claire said

” You might want to go back to him now that he is richer”

” Enough Kenneth!! Enough!! She snapped angrily

“If you don’t believe then don’t,I don’t f**kin care” Claire snapped and walked out

” Damn*!!! He cursed punching the wall angrily

“V”!! Ken seethed his teeth in anger



Yerin walked into the amusement park near their Mansion,

She got a call from V’s mom to met her there.

She met Mrs Lee staring at the moving Stars with a smile on her face

“She must love the stars as well” Yerin thought

” I know you are behind me” Mrs Lee said shocking her

“How did you know?? She asked in suprise walking to her

” Of course I know,I can smell your perfume, Mrs Lee replied

” Oh!! Yerin muttered

Mrs Lee tapped the space beside her and Yerin understand what she meant

“You must be wondering why I had called you out” Mrs Lee said as she sat down

“I came to apologise to you” Mrs Lee said and Yerin look at her in suprise

“Huh?? Yerin uttered in shock

” Suprised?? Don’t be” Mrs Lee smile

“I know I have been so bad to you that may made you think I hate you”? But” I don’t hate you Yerin,I don’t,I just hate the fact that you come from a poor background”

” If I may ask,why?? Yerin asked

” I hate pauper because they are they reason for my son illness , that pauper drugged him and made him a nympho

T. B. C

Are we still on track??


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