R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 23


(πŸ’—His Heartthrob…. πŸ’—)

By, Mha Rhy β™₯️

CHAPTER 23β™₯️

BLOOD OF JESUS!! Mrs Jang shouted

“Hallelujah” V responded

*V now am reconsidering the fact that am giving my daughter to you” you are too ungodly for my liking” Mrs Jang said and V frowned

The rest tried to muffled their laugh

*You can’t do that or else I’ll kidnap your daughter and elope with her, and you know what that means?

“It means you won’t be able to see your grandchild when she gives birth, V said and Mrs Lee eyes grew wide

” Grandchild??!! Mrs Lee screamed in shock

” Yes grandchild,my baby is three weeks pregnant, V replied

” Pregnant??! Mrs Lee shouted

” Mom you shout too much, are you campaigning?? V rolled his eyes

” But… But… the doctor said she won’t_

” The result is for another patient,my baby’s womb is perfectly fine and okay

“And you said three weeks

” My mochi and I f**k the second time ” Yerin said smiling knowingly

“YERIN you too!??? Mrs Jang asked looking at her daughter in

“Gosh why is mother in law Scream making me horny, V teased standing up immediately


The two ran out in laughter

” Calm down wifey” Mr Park said to his wife who was breathing heavily

“Shut up!! She snapped and they all flinched in fear.


In the dark cozy room, the sound of ventilator machine was beeping loudly at different angles

A man walked in wearing a hoodie to cover his face and turn on the switch, and the light came on

The man stared at the three bodies laying lifelessly on the bed, breathing with the oxygen,

It was crystal clear that they were all in coma,

“Am here again beautiful” the Man said huskily and remove his hood

And it turns out to be Mr Kang.

He walked to the old younger woman who is at the age of 45

“Wake up soon honey and let’s finish our unfinished business” he seethed his teeth in anger before walking to the older woman who was at the age 76 and smirked

“I hope you are enjoying your sleep, and don’t worry am taking good care of your granddaughter,

“I mean she satisfy me on bed and I make sure that she is well taken care of,so put your mind at ease old woman” he said with a mischievous smile

Then he finally moved to the younger lady, who is probably 23 and smile sadly

“Am sorry princess,I know I shouldn’t have pushed you from the stairs but you saw everything and I can’t take the risk of exposing myself

“Forgive your wicked father,my darling daughter Solar” he smirked before kissing her forehead.

He stands upright, and stared at them

“I’ll come to visit soon” and with that he left the room making sure the door was locked properly.

T. B. C

V and Yerin πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
Who is the real solar??
What is Mr Kang added


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