R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 22


(?His Heartthrob …. ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️


Solar was pacing round the living room with fear, Mr Kang her dad will be returning today, and it has been reported in the news that his plane has landed.

Sincerely she is very scared,her dad is a very strict and unkind Man,

She heard the driving in of cars and she needs no soothsayer to tell her that it was her dad

Mr Kang came into view walking angrily towards her,

Solar gulped down nothing as she saw him in front of her

“Welcome da_

She couldn’t complete her words as Mr Kang landed a hot slap on her face

“Dad!! She called ultimately in shock staring

” You bastard! Mr Kang shouted and grab a hold of her hair

” Ouch! Dad it’s hurt! She cried and winced in pain

“It’s hurt? Of course it should be! How could you be so careless about the warehouse that all the goods we’re burnt entirely,he shouted furiously

You are just a useless as your dying mother” Mr Kang added and Solar got angry

” It’s not my f**kin fault, she snapped angrily, she hate the fact he mentioned her Mom

“How dare you raise your voice at me?? Mr Kang shouted

” It was a mist_

“Strip!! He ordered removing his shirt

“Dad, am sorry” she begged in tears knowing what is going to happen next

” Strip or else you know what I can do!! He said angrily

Solar got what he meant and begin to undress quickly with tears in her eyes, not like it’s their first time

Mr Kang stared at her body lustfully and licked his Lower lips

“Your body looks more enticing than before,he said

“Lay flat on the couch” he ordered as he removed the last piece of clothes on his body and his nakedness came into view

He walk closer to her and straddle over her

He raised her legs up spreading it apart which gave him more view of her region

“Nice” he commented blowing air into her openings and she shivered

He rubbed her region and she moaned

Then he dipped three of his fingers and she moaned in pain

He removed his fingers and brought his d**k closer to her region

“Dad pl_

She couldn’t complete her words as Mr Kang plunge in

“Mommy!! She screamed out in pains cos of how big he is

Mr Kang groaned in pleasure as he begins to move inside her

“Please, she begged in tears but Mr Kang ignored her

Solar kept crying as he b**ged her mercilessly,h

Soon he released into her, before she would have complained about him releasing into her but not anymore, not now that she couldn’t give birth again and it’s all because of him,

Yes he is the sole reason she became wombless, all the pregnancy belongs to him,

*Clean up” he ordered and walk away nakedly to his room

Solar kept crying as she watched him leaving

“Mom” she muttered crying loudly.


Everyone was settled at the dinning room eating,.

They were busy chattering among themselves

Mrs Lee wasn’t joining the chat cos it’s still a shock to her that Mrs Jang and Yerin are min’s family

“Like the hell!! The girl she thought was nothing but a pauper turns out to be a Billionaire daughter” and this baffled her a lot

Mr Park notice that Mrs Lee was lost in thought

“Mia are you okay? You’ve been quiet ? Mr Park asked in concern

Mrs Lee was about to reply when V chirped in

” Mom has been tongue whipped, V chirped in and Mrs Lee gave him a murderous glare before facing her food

Mrs Lee stabbed her meat angrily not in the mood to eat anything

” Mom take pity on the poor meat, the meat is crying already,he mocked only to be pinched on thigh by Yerin who was sitting beside him

“Ouch! He winced silently and look at Yerin with a questioning expression

*Stop it, she snapped silently glaring at him

“What?? He mouthed back rolling his eyes

A mischievous plan came into his mind,as he stared at Yerin who was eating already

“Since you disgrace me the last lunch at your house,I can do the same as well” he thought smiling mischievously then He started caressing Yerin’s thigh and Yerin stiffened in shock

She look at him and he winked

Yerin slapped off his hand from her thigh but V wasn’t ready to stop as he moved his hand further into her legs touching her private part earning a loud moan from her

“F**k!! Yerin moaned loudly before she could stop herself as everyone stopped eating at once

“Did I just hear a moan? Mrs Lee asked

” Yes you are right, My baby and I are planning to f**k each other right here and right now on the dinning table,


T. B. C

V sef ????

Solar and Mr Kang??


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