R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 21


(πŸ’—His Heartthrob…. πŸ’—)

By, Mha Rhy β™₯️

CHAPTER 21β™₯️

BLOOD OF JESUS?!! Mrs Jang shouted while

Sun ho felt angry with the insult but decided to keep his cool cos of Yerin

“You fool, Yerin smacked him hard on his head

” Ouch!! Why will you hit me,I only said what was on my mind

“Shut up pervert! She snapped angrily before facing sun ho

” Am sorry sun ho,he doesn’t think before saying anything and thanks for checking on me, my dad and my fiancee are here to take care of everything, Yerin said with a smile

“Fiancee!?? He uttered slowly in shock

“Yeah thank you alot,as you can see we were going somewhere before you came,so excuse us” he said and dragged Yerin to the car who tried to wiggle out of his hold but he gave her no chance

Mrs Jang drive with Yerin and V, while Mr Lee and Mr Park

Sun ho watch them leaving with disbelief,

“His fiancee???

The cars stopped at the front of Mr Park Mansion

They all came out at once

“Wow!! V and Yerin mouthed at the gigantic castle like Mansion

Though Lee’s Mansion is big but Mr Park Mansion is thrice bigger

Mrs Jang couldn’t hide her amusement as well, she marvelled at the large Mansion.

“Welcome Ma’am

” Welcome sirs ”

The workers greeted at once while they muttered a thank you
They all settled at the living room, Mrs Jang sat beside Yerin and V on the big couch, while Mr Lee and Mr Park sat on a different couch

“Do you need anything?? Mr Park asked Mrs Jang

” I don’t need anything , she snapped

*Ok,Somi Like I said it was never my intention to abandoned you and my daughter,

“But you did, you said you will come back but

*Yes I know, and it’s true,I really planned to return home but I couldn’t because_


(Sorry dearies, his explanation will be Story for another day, don’t have much battery on my phone, am sorry again)


Sun ho barged into his room angrily,he can’t believe that the woman he loved has been taken by another man

He picked a stick of cigarettes which was lying beside his left over alcohol and lightened it,

He started smoking furiously,he poured some alcohol into the glass cup which was on his table and gulped it down at once

“That scoundrel!! How dare he insult me?? Sun ho seethed his teeth in anger as he puffed out some smoke

“He had the order to touch what it’s mine”! I’ll kill him!! I’ll destroy him” he growl tightening his hold on the glass cup and it shattered into pieces resulting to his hand bleeding

He stared at his bleeding hand and smile

Then he did the unexpected,he started licking his blood

“Taste heavenly” he mumbled as he continue licking it.


V and his dad walked into the living room at once and met Mrs Lee pacing around

“We are home” V announced” it was then Mrs Lee notice their presence

“Where are you too coming from?? Mrs Lee asked with concern

” From Uncle min’s place” V replied and left for his room

” Park Min will be coming here with his family tommorow,he found his family” Mr Lee said

“Really?? Min found his family?? She asked and Mr Lee nodded

” Wow!! I can’t wait to meet his family especially his wife maybe I can be friends with her” She said happily and Mr Lee almost scoffed out

” Yeah friend! If only you know you are about to get the shock of your life” Mr Lee thought and left


” Is the food ready?” Mrs Lee asked as she inspected the dishes laid on the dinning table

” Yes ma’am” the cook replied

“Good” you can go

She heard some footsteps on the stairs and she smiled seeing

“Good morning Mom”

“Wow are we having occasion here??

“Occasion?? No, Mrs Lee replied

” Then why all this dishes? Mr Lee asked in shock

“I prepared this for Min and his family” Mrs Lee replied happily

“If only she knows that they are someone she knew, V thought shaking his head

Few minutes later they heard a car honk

” They are here” Mrs Lee said happily arranging her dress properly

Few moments later they heard some footsteps

Mr Park came into view first,

“Welcome Min” Mrs Lee smile

“Long Time Mia, how are you?, Mr Park hugged her slightly

” Am fine and you? Mrs Lee replied

“Good as always, Mr Park

“Where is your wife and daughter?? My husband said you have found your

“Yes I did, and they will be_

He didn’t finish his words when he saw them

“, They are here already” he said as Mrs Jang and Yerin came into view

Mrs Lee eyes grew wide in shock

“Mia meet my loving wife and daughter, am sure you know them

“Hi Mrs Lee” Yerin smile

Mrs Lee couldn’t believe her eyes, it was like she stopped breathing entirely, she blinked her eyes repeatedly to check if it was her imagination but no,it wasn’t

“It was f**kin real”

V saw how she kept staring like a statue and smile

“Hey Mom are you still alive??? He asked

” No, Mrs Lee muttered and passed out

” TouchΓ© mom has fainted” V shouted.

T. B. C

Mrs Lee 😁πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜…


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