R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 20


(? His Heartthrob… ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️




Ma’am!! Ma’am!! Ji hyun called shaking her body

“Get me water, Dr Brayden ordered and Ji hyun poured water into a glass cup giving it to Dr Brayden

Dr Brayden sprinkled some water on Solar face and her eyes snapped open

She spranged up immediately and face Ji hyun

“Ji hyun tell me it’s not true?? Solar asked in tears and Ji hyun nodded slowly

“Am doomed!! She cried slumping down

” My life is ruined,I shouldn’t have done what I did today,I shouldn’t have followed Eun ha advise’ Solar cried

Dr Brayden watch her with pity but with troubled heart

“What did she mean by Eun ha advise?” Dr Brayden thought


Eun ha smile happily as she saw the news about KANG’S warehouse which got burnt.

She dialed a number on her phone and the person pick up at the first ring

? ma’am, the guy answered

? You did a great job there, She smile

? Thank you,

? Hope you didn’t leave a trace behind? She asked

?No I didn’t, I made sure to clear every evidence” he replied

? Good And the warehouse??

?It was burn to ashes” I made sure of that,” he replied and she smiled

? Well done, you will receive your balance in one hour, she said

? Alright ma’am,he replied and she hanged up.

“So sorry sis, dad made me do this to you”

“I mean how could dad give you all the properties not bothering to leave anything for me just because am not his real daughter” that is called stinginess

” So If he can be so stingy so it’s not a bad thing to give him the taste of his medicine” ion mind being greedy as well”, Eun ha smile wickedly


Dad?? V called in shock

Yerin bit her lower lips as she realized that she had just called Mr Park Dad.

“Somi, Yerin, are you okay? Mr Park asked

” What are you doing here? Mrs Jang asked angrily

“I came here immediately I heard about it, hope you aren’t hurt anywhere? He asked with concern

” As you can see, we are fine so please leave, Mrs Jang said sternly

“Am not going anywhere without you and my daughter, where will you go now??

” We will find somewhere to stay, after all Yerin and I have been surviving without you so leave, Mrs Jang shouted

Mr Lee knew it was time for him to interfere

“Mrs Jang I think you should calm down first, Min is right, you should follow him

” Mr Lee do you know him before? Yerin asked

” Yes he is my best friend from childhood and am also aware of the reason he left 20 years ago, so please just hear him out” Mr Lee begged glancing at Yerin to help him

“Mom let’s follow him and hear him out please, Yerin begged

Mrs Jang sighed out,
“Ok, am only following because of them” she said and they smile

” Let’s go then,cos I need to hear the reason as well, V said holding Yerin’s hand.

They all turn to leave when another car drove in

The car came to an halt in front of them and the door opened revealing sun ho.

A smile crept up on Yerin’s face as she saw him

“Sun ho, Yerin called with smile

“Yerin are you okay? I saw the news, sun ho said hugging her

V scoffed looking at them angrily

“Who is he to hug my baby like that?? He thought glaring hard to sun ho

V eyed sun ho from head to toe and almost laugh out when he saw that sun ho was shorter than Yerin,

Yeah Yerin had more height than sun ho

“Am sure his c**k is as small as he is” V thought laughing inwardly

He was brought out of his thoughts when he felt a tap on his hand

It was Yerin.

“Yes, he said facing Yerin

“Have been calling you for a while but you weren’t responding, what are you thinking about?? Yerin asked with concern

“I was thinking if his d**k is as small as his height” V blurted out before he could stopped himself

” Blood of Jesus!! Mrs Jang shouted

T. B. C

Oh My V ???

Eun ha is not solar sister


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