R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 19


(? His Heartthrob… ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️



“Jang Yerin!!! Mr Lee asked in shock

” Yes Jang Yerin, Mr Park replied

“do you know her ?? He added looking at the shocked Mr Lee

“I know her very well more than you can imagine,


“She is my daughter in law to be” Mr Lee replied and Mr Park eyes widened in shock

” Your.. daughter in law” ? Mr Park asked

“Yes, she is V’s fiancee” he replied

” Wow, what a coincidence! Can’t believe my lost daughter is your daughter in law,it seems like fate wants to strengthen our friendship” Mr Park smile

” You are right buddy,I find it hard to believe that Yerin is your daug_

“Sir, Mr Park PA interrupted them

” What happened Chris?? Mr Park asked

“Sir, Mrs JANG’S house caught fire, Chris replied

“What!! Mr Lee said in shock
” Where is my wife and my daughter?? Mr Park asked loudly

” They are safe, Thankfully they weren’t in when the incident happened, Chris replied and they breathe out in relief

“Let’s go then, Mr Lee chirped in

“Yeah!! Mr Park said standing up from his seat picking his jacket which Mr Lee did the same as they both walked out of the restaurant immediately.



“I won’t be able to give birth again?? Solar asked with her lips quivering

“Am sorry Miss Kang” Dr Brayden said pitifully

“How… How… How could that be possible?? I only had seven abortion?? She shouted as tears found it way out of her eyes

“Miss Solar_

His words were cut off when Solar secretary barged in

“Ma’am,her secretary called panicking

” What is wrong ji hyun?? Solar asked standing up

“Ma’am, the warehouse… The warehouse..

” What happened the warehouse?? Solar asked getting scared

” The warehouse caught fire” Ji hyun replied loudly

” Fire?? Solar muttered before blacking out falling to the ground.

“Ma’am!? Ma’am!!

V’s car stopped at the burning house of Yerin’s.

Mrs Jang was the first to come out of the car, before Yerin and V

Tears escape her eyes as she stared at her house

She slumped down on her knees crying more loudly,


“How are they going to survive now?. Mrs Jang thought

She felt a hand on a shoulder and she looked up only to see Yerin with tears on her face

Yerin pulled her up and pulled her into hug as they both cried on each other shoulder

“Mom, everything is gonna be alright” she said soothing Miss Jang back

V watch them crying with pity on his face,

“Who could have done such a thing,he knew it wasn’t coincidence but a planned work” and he will surely find the person behind the work

He was brought out of his thoughts when Two cars came to halt drawing their attention

He recognized one of the cars as his dad’s car

Truly to his words Mr Lee came out of the car

His eyes grew wide as he saw Mr Park coming out of the second car

“Samchon (uncle) he whispered in suprise

” Somi, Mr Park called walking to where they are

” Dad!! Yerin called

“Dad??? V called aloud in shock.

T. B. C

Law of karma ?, such a pity for Solar ? ?

Yerin called Mr Park Dad ?

Good day Mha Rhians ♥️..


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