R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 17


(?His heartthrob… ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️




Mrs Jang and V paced round the ward with worried look as they awaited for the doctor treating Yerin.

Wondering how V came into the picture??

He came to look for Yerin in her Mansion when he saw what was happening

They had to bring her to the hospital immediately.

Few minutes later the doctor Brayden came out with smile on his face and they rushed to him

“Doctor? How is she? The two asked at once

” You should calm down Ma’am, Miss Yerin is okay” doctor Brayden said with smile

“If she is okay? Why did she passed out??

” The reason is a good one, she is Three weeks gone” the doctor replied

She is pregnant,” he added

” Pregnant?? They shouted

” But how, you said her womb was damaged” ? Mrs Jang said in confusion

“Mrs Jang actually there’s something I need to tell you,” the doctor said slowly

“What is that doctor?? Mrs Jang asked

*The result given to Yerin isn’t her’s, it belongs to another patient,he dropped the bomb

“What?? V and Mrs Jang said at once

” The mixed up was from the lab, Miss Yerin womb is perfectly okay,am really sorry for our carelessness, the doctor bowed

“It’s okay, it’s a happy thing for me, knowing that my daughter will give birth is a thing of joy for me” Mrs Jang said in tears

“Thank you doctor, thank you” V appreciated happily

He can’t believe the woman in his heart is carrying his seed.

“Doctor can we see her now? V asked

” Yes you can, she is awake” he replied and the two enter immediately leaving the doctor..


Mr Lee walked into a big restaurant with his secretary behind him.

He is meeting his business partner who is also his best friend from childhood.

Walking to the reserved seat he met his best friend discussing with his secretary

“Park Min” Mr Lee called

“Lee sun ” Mr Park called happily as he pulled Mr Lee into hug.

” Long Time buddy” Mr Park added

“Yeah Long Time it is, can’t believe am seeing you after a long time” Mr Lee said as he took his seat which Mr Park did the same.

“How have you been Lee? Mr Park asked

” Been good as always, and you??

” Am fine, and Lee,I have a happy news to tell you, Mr Park said

” What is it??. Lee asked

” Did you remember that when we were in Australia,I told you about losing my memories in an accident and I couldn’t remember anything about me, when I finally regain my family, I tried to look for my wife and daughter but and that I couldn’t find them? Mr Park asked and he nodded

“I found them, Mr park said happily

” Wow am happy for you buddy! After a long time you are able to reconcile with your lost family” Mr Lee smile

“That’s the problem Lee,my family aren’t ready to listen to my explanation for leaving especially my wife, she is not ready to give me a chance to explain the reason why I left

“Don’t be sad Min, they will forgive us, just give them some time”

” Maybe you are right, Mr Park sighed

“So tell me about your family, especially your daughter she must be a grown up now” Mr Lee said

“Of course, she is 22 years old” when I saw her last, she is just as beautiful as her mother

“Lucky you,so what’s your daughter name?

” Yerin” Jang Yerin

“Jang Yerin??? Mr Lee asked in shock.


“Daughter” Mrs Jang hugged her daughter


” You got me worried, seeing you unconscious almost took life out of me” but am grateful that you are fine

” Am sorry Mom for making you worried

“Mom how did I get here?

” All thanks to V, he came to our house looking for you when he swallowed

” My mochi ” Yerin smile as V sat beside her

“Thanks for coming at

” It’s nothing” he said disengaging from the hug

*Baby, there is something you need to know” V said

“What is that?.

” It’s a Good news for me” V replied

” Good news? Yerin asked

“Yes a good news”V replied

“Tell me, she said facing him

” Baby, there’s a life inside you” V said

“I don’t get_

She couldn’t complete her words when the meaning of what he said registered in her mind

“Am pregnant?? She asked in shock and he nodded

“Yeah you are three weeks gone,he added

” Am carrying a baby inside me? She asked covering her mouth in shock as

“Yes, our baby” V said tearfully

” But how? I thought my womb was damaged? She said shocking Mrs Jang and V

The two looked at each other before facing Yerin

“Daughter how… Did …. You know?? Mrs Jang asked,it was then Yerin realized what she has done, maybe it’s time to tell them the truth

” Mom I never lost my memories,to be precise my memories wasn’t wiped” Yerin replied shocking the daylight out of them

” What? You mean your memories wasn’t wiped? But how??

Yerin sighed and begins to explain everything, how she was able to begged the therapist to lie about the therapy including why she did that

“Am really sorry daughter for hiding the truth from you and also for agreeing to wipe your memories,I just don’t want to lose you” Mrs Jang said in tears as Yerin finished the explanation

” Am not angry Mom,I know you did it for my sake” Yerin smile

” Thanks daughter” Mrs Jang said pulling her into hug

After some minutes they disengage

Yerin faced V who was looking guilty already.

V?? She called

“Yerin please,I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness for doing that to you_

” Shhhh! Yerin cut off his words pressing her middle finger on his lips

“I know you are already guilty of what you did,I shouldn’t have forgiven you now but I’ll for the sake of our unborn child

“You forgive me?? V asked in shock

” Yes I forgive you” Yerin smile

” Thank you baby,I promise to be a good father to our child.

Mrs Jang watch them with shock Expression,

*When did they become this close?? She thought staring at them

Come to think of it, the doctor said Yerin is three weeks pregnant but the rape incidence is almost two months which got her confused

“Or have they been seeing each other behind our back?? Mrs Jang thought

“Yerin?? Mrs Jang called

” Yes Mom,

“How come you are three weeks pregnant instead of 6 or 7 weeks, cos I could still remember that the incident is going to Two months already? Mrs Jang asked and their heart skipped a beat

“Actually Mrs Jang…. V said itching his ear nervously

” Yes go on, Mrs Jang said folding her arms together

“The truth is I mistakenly banged your daughter the second time” V said at once and Mrs Jang eyes widened

“Ba… Ba… Bang!!!??? Mrs Jang shouted in disbelief.

T. B. C

V is naughty ??.

One more Chapter today.

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