R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 16


(?She is an introvert… He is a player ?)

By, Mha Rhy



“This” he replied and pulled her more closer to his body before slamming his lips on her.

Yerin was shock, she wasn’t expecting it but all the same she responded to the kiss,

He bit her lower lips and she gasped giving more entrance to dip his tongue in

Yerin moaned softly as he feasted on her lips

Yerin was Suprised that she was responding to his kiss willingly not for the revenge which confused her as different thought lingered in her mind

“What the hell is wrong with me?
” I can’t probably be falling for him? She thought
” No it can’t be, it’s all for revenge” she concluded in thought.

Few moments later he broke the kiss, and Yerin felt empty

V caressed her lips softly and stared at her eyeballs

*Thanks for the beautiful mistake

“You are welcome mochi” Yerin smile and pecked his lips

“Let’s go, I’ll drop you off at your house, V said with smile offering his hand.

” Ok, she said taking his hand with smile on her face.

V dropped Yerin at the front of her house before driving off.

Yerin sighed softly as she watched him drive off before turning back only to see her Mom sitting on the ground crying

“Mom, Yerin called loudly running to her

” Yerin! You are back? Mrs Lee asked standing up immediately before pulling her into hug

“Where were you? You made me worried” Mrs Jang sniffed
” Am sorry Mom for getting you worried

” It’s okay as long as you are back,Mrs Jang disengage from the hug

” Mom am sorry for snapping at you earlier,

“It’s nothing daughter I should be the one to say sorry after all am the one that hide the truth about your father from you, forgive me daughter, Mrs Jang begged

“I understand Mom, am sorry again” she said hugging her mother

I love you Mom, Yerin smile out tears

“I love you too daughter” Mrs Jang sniffed.



” Good morning Mom, Yerin greeted her Mom weakly who was having her breakfast

“Good morning daughter_
Mrs Yerin couldn’t

” Yerin are you okay? You look pale”

“Am fine Mom,am just weak

“Weak? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?

“No Mom,am sure I’ll be fine after some rest,

Truly she doesn’t know why she has been feeling dizzy since she had woken up, she thought a bath could help but no instead it’s grew worse,

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you to the hospital? Mrs Jang asked again

“Am fine Mom,am_

She couldn’t complete her words as she ran to the visitors restroom to vomit

“Yerin, Mrs Jang called walking inside

” Mom, Yerin called weakly as the dizziness worsen

“Yerin, are you okay?

” Am fi_

Yerin couldn’t complete her words as she gave in into darkness.” She fainted”


T. B. C

” What happened to Yerin??



  1. Yerin is pregnant, can’t wait to see the shock on V’s mum face when she gets to know that the girl she has ridicule so much is the daughter of one of the richest man and also that her womb isn’t damaged

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